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3 Creative Hacks to Makeover Your Old Dresses

No need to hold a garage sale for your old dresses! These creative hacks will help you turn your old dresses into refreshing looks.

Do you need some new outfits to go to some important events? No need to worry. You can still wear your old ones. Just do a mix and match or add a little touch here and there. Your dresses will turn into new fancy ones with these creative hacks. Besides, you can also keep your money safe in the bank account.

1.        Let the Lace Do the Makeover

Let the lace do the magic. With a simple lace touch, you will get new makeover garbs. Choose the color of the lace that matches the outfit. Cover up the skirt of the dress with the lace.

Another worth style to do is by hand stitching the lace on the hem of the outfit. The dress will look stunning and refreshingly new.

A simple long dress can look attractive and trendy thanks to the touch of white lace under the shoulders that wrap around the body.

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The dress that was used to look more luxurious thanks to the addition of dark lace accents in the middle, lower ends and sleeves.

Image source

This old milky white dress looks stylish with lace accents. It doesn’t have to be expensive for a successful dress makeover.

Image source

Additional lace around the shoulders and some parts of this dress, your look will instantly become fabulous.
The gray sleeveless short dress accented with lace on top and sleeves looks very cute.

Image source

2.        Use Simple Pins and Tucks

Another creative hack you can try is by using simple pins. These pins will turn your outdated apparel into such an eye-catchy fashion.

Use a long dress to turn into a knee-length or shorter one. Match the length that suits your taste. You can use several pins and tucks by grabbing a small piece of the fabric of the skirt. The apparel can get back to its old style when you finish wearing it.

Add to the dress dress by wearing a plaid dress wrapped around your waist with knee-length boots.
Decorate dress shirts with belts and leather jackets to make your appearance trendier.
This cute khaki shirt dress with straps around the waist is perfect for summer wear.
Trendy outfit in brown dress and black leather jacket. Pair it with a gray scarf and sneakers to steal the show on a cold day.
You can tie a belt in the dress at your waist to create a more defined definition and silhouette.
You can pair this gorgeous beige dress with boots and a belt to accentuate your slim figure.

Image source

3.        Match with  White Silhouette Outerwear

Outerwear can be a key for a perfect makeover. It is also easy to mix and match with any old dresses you have. Pick a simple midi length of white silhouette outerwear to accentuate the elegance.

Choose chiffon or lace material for the outerwear. These materials give the elegant nuance to the garb. Add a delicate gold belt to fancy up the appearance. Your old garbs makeover will take you to a beautiful place.  

Choose a long white cardigan to complement this summer floral V-neck dress, short leather boots, and a cobalt blue fedora.
A simple plaid short dress looks great with a short jacket and trendy sunglasses.

Image source

The short mini dress that shows the curves of the body is wrapped in a matching colored jacket for a modern look.

Image source

A simple black dress covered in a white blazer looks fashionable with a necklace and sunglasses as accessories.
The white shirt dress is lined with matching color trench coats to create a harmonious and modern look.
The blue print dress looks trendy with a white blazer and high heels.

Image source

This short rainbow dress accentuates the legs which will increase your height. That’s because exposing a lot of skin will make you look leggy.

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Now, you don’t need to waste a lot of money to buy new clothes. These three creative hacks are simple and easy to apply for your old dresses. You also won’t have any troubles to organize your stuff in the wardrobe.

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