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26 Plus-Size Women’s Best Guide to Select Perfect Clothes

Find out how to stay fabulous by selecting the best clothes for plus-sized women. Dressing up according to your body type is the key to walking confidently.

How to be well-dressed can be one of the benchmarks to assess the beauty of a woman. For plus-size women who are struggling to find the right clothes either for daily wear or some special occasion, read more these simple guides to mix and match your style.

Know Your Body Type

Your body type determines which style is perfect for you. Certain styles that look stunning on an oval-shaped body might not suit pear-figured women, vice versa. Learn the style that will make you look good on your body type and simply choose outfits to match.

If you are curvy with a less defined waist, you are likely an apple or a circle shape.
If your hips are wider than your shoulders, you are likely pear-shaped.
If your shoulders and hips are fairly balanced and you have a defined waist, then you are likely an hourglass shape.
Creating looks that complement your shapes doesn’t have to be a guessing game.

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Show off Your Best Features

Set aside the body size issues; select clothes that help you to show them your best features. What is the part of you that you are most proud of—it could be your face or your curve. However, whatever it is, be brave to flaunt those attributes.

Plus size casual outfits are inexpensive although they have adorable prints and cuts to hide your curves.
An urban rap-style outfit is the next big thing to add to your wardrobe like this black dress.
Being plus size, it is always challenging to carry tight jeans. Always choose dark denim jeans and buy the perfect size jeans that are stretchy.
All you need to do is choose denim jeans that are suitable and comfortable for you. Being a big-chested woman, she prefers to wear straight size jeans paired with a V-neck top.
Turquoise dress with a belt is one way to get over your big body.

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Layer Up with Tights

Tights are the least expensive piece that can give you a royal look. You can add a bit of personality by wearing a colorful pair, or add an extra layer to warm by wearing a textured pair under your skirt.

Black sequin top, leather leggings, nude shoes, and a light black blazer for the party.
Black leather leggings, white wrapped top, white long blazer, snake pring shoes and black bag.
Black top, black leather leggings, nude shoes and a red feather duster plus a red bag to complete your plus size outfit.
Black top, black leggings, black leather jacket, flat gray pattern, and a black bag that looks a bit more tomboyish.
Black top, black leggings, black heels, dark blue bag and purple cardigan with belt for a big look.
White t-shirt, black leggings, gray bag, white sneakers, and red cardigan for a casual look.

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Mix Up Accessories

What is inexpensive and super easy to find than good accessories? For plus-sized, some accessories probably wouldn’t suit you. Instead of chunky accessories such as studs, bulky scarves, and short necklaces,  you better go for long and lean types, such as long necklaces and drop earrings.

A sweater dress looks like a sweater and is just as comfortable, but is meant to be worn as a dress to make it longer and more snug.
Darker colors are generally more suitable for plus size women as they make your figure slimmer and smoother.
Try pairing a long trench coat with dark jeans, knee-high boots, and a light, fitted sweater for a look with a more professional finish.
Wearing a cowl-neck sweater, for example, will draw attention to the top of your chest and bust. This focal point prevents your breast shape from getting lost when wearing a loose sweater.

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Develop Your Fashion Ideas

When you can’t find what you want out there, seek inspiration to develop your fashion ideas, and be a trendsetter. You know nothing can stop you when it comes to feeling amazing.

The denim look is all simple and stylish, and can be worn with cute boots or trendy shoes.
Rock a faux suede skirt with matching shoes and voila you will look trendy.
While a pink maxi dress is a true pop color, it’s the fun shoes and earrings that really complete the look.
If you’re only doing one thing to up your fashion game this fall, buy a classic leather jacket.
Light t-shirts, tie-dye t-shirts, black jeans, and pump basic shoes are the perfect way to keep it casual yet classy.
A jumpsuit is an ideal outfit for calm, cool fall days.
Wear high-waisted trousers, simple buttons and a thick cardigan and you’ll feel chic.

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Finding clothes that fit perfectly on your plus-sized shape can be frustrating. So, explore your creativity, and seek as many resources you can to get more selection, including better prices.

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