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28 Best Fashion Ideas for Tall Ladies: What to Wear

Embrace your high posture with these fashion ideas. See what tops that look great on you, bottoms to complement your height, and single pieces suit you best.

After looking at models walking on the catwalk, having a tall figure is totally a blessing. With that great shape, a challenge also comes in between. Tall girls need to be careful when they’re choosing their outfit’s color, pattern, and garments. To learn how to compliment your height, here are five stunning fashion ideas for you.


1. Longer Loose Shirts

Basically, everything oversized looks great for tall girls. You can rock longer loose t-shirts that will make you not only feel comfortable but also look more dazzling. Marrying them with large bags will look good on you.

For the daytime, pair an oversized white blouse with long black leggings. Step up the look with polished accessories, like berets and accents.

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Any oversized dress when paired with a fitted bottoms will give you a stylish look.
You can style an oversized shirt with leather pants and a belt. Finish your look with trendy white tennis shoes.

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Blouses with flare sleeves can also be an inspiration to tall women. Pair it with a mini skirt so that your legs look beautiful.

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2. Tops Over Bottom

Purchase tops that are over your bottom and don’t tuck in your long tops. However, if you need to tuck in your blouse, pair them with a jacket or blazer. Blazers with waist will also make your figure looks more proportional.

The casual look of these pants has everyone drawn to a slouchy and oversized top.

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This outfit looks gorgeous and chooses to accentuate her height with skinny jeans, and by creating a long vertical line with the sleeveless jacket.

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Make a small cuff at the hem and wear it with the heel to make it look intentional, not flawed.

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1. High-Waist

To create an elegant and feminine look, high-waisted wide-leg pants are the fashion ideas you are looking for. Combine this item with ruffled top or bell sleeves.

These white high-waisted trousers look stunning with glossy green pump shoes, a white-black striped crop top, and a green umbrella.
Try this fabulous look consisting of a sky blue t-shirt in a colorful pattern tucked in wide black trousers in the center.
Marsala’s pussy-bow blouse is tucked into matching high-waisted wide-leg pants.
Wide-leg pants in light pink paired with black top and collarless black bomber with floral motif.
Black wide-leg ankle-length trousers look fabulous against a white top and a blush blazer.

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2. Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans are tall ladies’ fashion ideas best friends. These jeans can make your long legs even more enchanting. Choose stretchy fabrics, and you can also roll up the bottom part of it.

Sneakers are a must with skinny jeans and a sweater. This look consists of a pair of sneakers to match the look.
A pair of gorgeous metallic stilettos paired with these skinny skinny jeans, creating a smart casual style that’s perfect for a dressier everyday outfit.
Look trendy wearing denim skinny rock jeans with a blush pink leather jacket, mini bag, and pink studded heels.
Why not try wearing skinny jeans with black sandals and a fringed jacket for a more stylish look on hot days.

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3. A-Line Skirts

Instead of channeling a mini skirt that can make your outfit appear shorter, A-line skirts are more suitable to accentuate your gorgeous height. A-line skirt with a higher waist is also an amazing choice.

This shiny a-line skirt is worn with a beige gray sweater, black tights, and shiny black leather boots
You’ll need a black turtleneck, black leather A-line skirt, and black leather ankle boots with holes for a stylish look.
The striped crochet beige gray sweater looks amazing with the light green khaki skirt.
Black sleeveless blouse tucked into front zipper pink skirt and complemented by gladiator sandals.

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Single Piece

1. Jumpsuit

A jumpsuit is totally made for tall ladies. Since there are numbers of jumpsuit styles, colors, and patterns, choose one that can say about your personality.

Don’t be afraid of harsh lines or prints, just make sure to keep things simple.
The culottes length is not only a bonus for staying cool in the summer, the style is great for all heights.
Make all-in-one denim your summer staple. To look a little classier, dress up in a chic blazer.
Jumpsuits are a great way to experiment with flared or wide pants, as a high-waisted look will accentuate the length of your legs.
Accentuate your waist by choosing a loose jumpsuit with a belt.

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2. Maxi Dresses

Nothing can compare the stunning look of tall ladies rocking maxi dresses. You can choose a floral ruffle neck maxi dress, spot print button, or even animal print.

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For your lovely tall height, most of the fashion ideas will look great on you. Nevertheless, avoid opting tiny bags, dropped waists, and turtle neck. It would be best if you also consider skipping straight dresses.

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