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Confident and Fabulous, Follow These Fashion Ideas for 40 Year Old Women

These are simple guides for 40 year old women who are just about deciding to find what keeps you stylish and confident in your fourth decade.

The sky’s the limit when talking about fashion. No matter how old you are, there’s always a trendy style that covers your back. Especially women, there’s something about getting old that makes you less confident and leads to confusion about what to wear daily or to go to any occasion.  Here are some fashion ideas for 40 year old women to stay fabulous and walk-in fully confident.

Don’t Give Up on Heels

Aching arches and sore soles are the reasons why you leave heels and end up with sneakers or flats, especially in your 40. Do you notice that there are sensible heels that allow you to walk in easy and surprisingly comfortable? Go for a two or maximum three-inch style heels, pair with your favorite outfit, then you’re all set.

Loose blouses and pants are nothing short of a trendy look. Complete this combo with accessories and high heels for an elegant impression.
An elegant blue dress with high heels complements your everyday work outfit.
With a classy blazer and patterned blouse will make you look professional but not overdressed.

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This is a pair of jeans, a black blazer that pairs a little with a plain matching blouse to complement your outfit.

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You can experiment with shapes and proportions by choosing a black turtleneck sweater. Trendy high heels complete your all-black outfit.

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Choose a cut, color, and length that accentuates your curves. Dress accented with lace and high heels is enough to make your look stand out.

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Shorts are always back in trend, especially in the summer season. There is no ‘no way’ to wear shorts, even for 40 year old women.

You can still look casually elegant by dressing it up with your newest collection of bags, shoes, and jewelry. Choose one over many styles: waist tie, scalloped, flowy, Bermuda, or high waisted shorts. Avoid pairing shorts with skimpy tops, and make sure they are not too tight.

Many women over 40 avoid shorts because they don’t know how to choose in a neat and attractive way.
These khaki shorts and white shirts are ideal for a safari getaway or a walk in the park.
Women’s high waisted flare shorts are great for a more stylish occasion.
These waist shorts look gorgeous and you can style them with just a plain t-shirt and top them with a blazer.
Jean shorts, or denim shorts, are a staple style suitable for women of all shapes, sizes and ages.
You can choose culottes or capris that are below the knee, rather than shorts. Then, you can wear it with heeled sandals.
Depending on your workplace, if you are currently working, you might want to look at shorts you can wear to the office.

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Petite women tend to look better in shorter shorts because showing a little more skin will give the illusion of longer legs.
Ideally, shorts that follow the leg line without being too tight will make you look trendy without making it too heavy.
Stay classy with good quality shorts in a classic style, and pair them with a stylish top if you want a fancier look.

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Choose Your Best Jeans

It is important to wear what suits your body type. To find the ideal jeans for you, here are some tips to consider: dark wash is more slimming, opt for jeans without back pockets to make your bottom look smaller, and a high waist is most fit to pear-shaped. Last but not least: don’t buy jeans if you have curves, unless they are stretchy.

To look stylish over 40 you should choose your jeans with a little bit of thought.
These jeans can give you a great shape as they accentuate your waist.
Although the cut jeans can look good on many women, you need to consider the proportions.
High-rise jeans are also popular, but make sure they fit around the stomach area.

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The current favorite combo is denim jeans worn with a denim jacket, and don’t be afraid to match.
Pairing jeans and a denim jacket is the easiest way to put together a basic but distinct look.
Vintage style pops up with a combination of loose jeans, a turtleneck long knit sweater, and stylish burgundy boots.

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Another simple outfit tips for 40 year old women: tees are versatile. Go for stretchy tees to give a more slim look and V-neck for a taller look. Don’t forget the youthful ¾ length sleeves t-shirts.

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