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5 Best Women’s Shoes for Every Trip

It is time to reduce the load in your travel bag. One of the ways is to choose the best women’s shoes for every trip. Check out these examples.

Yes, plenty of women have a lot of shoes. From work shoes to casual slippers, women’s shoes are indeed varied. Still, this does not mean all women cannot be efficient when it comes to footwear for every trip.

It is impossible to bring all your shoes whenever you travel. So, these are the five best women’s shoes for every trip:


When it comes to travelling, sneakers are always the number one choice. For women, this option is still possible. These days, there are plenty of girly-looking sneakers. (No, they do not have to be pink or flowery.) What matters is how they snugly fit your feet, so you still look good and feel comfortable too during travel.

Combining sneakers with skinny jeans just above the ankle can be a trend. To keep their feet warm are small cotton socks which are worn carefully so that they are out of sight.

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The A-line button-up front skirt may be one of the more elegant denim silhouettes this season, but that doesn’t mean you can’t stay cool in a pair of sneakers.
Maintain your monochromatic tone-on-tone look with various shades of whites and ivory.
Make your colorful pieces stand out by choosing one hue and mixing it with a pure white palette. Find a pair of white shoes in one accent color.
Give the simplicity of this simple black-and-white look the whimsical touch you deserve with your favorite pair of sneakers.
Off-the-shoulder tops, flares, and sneakers, all three of these retro trends are back and better than ever.
The choice of a midi-length pencil skirt paired with a workplace silhouette with a pair of casual shoes to fit all your weekend plans.
Show off those brightly colored sneakers over the all-white outfit for a more athletic style or an elegant and sleek form.

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Flats or moccasins

Flats or moccasins are more feminine options as women’s shoes for every trip. As long as they snugly fit your feet and have rubber soles, you are good to go. They work for long walks in the city and a slight hike on the steps when necessary.

While wearing leggings with flats is an obvious choice, you can try leggings in the same color as shoes or mesh tights.
Flat shoes don’t really protect your feet from the cold, and if you want it to be warmer, wear socks.

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Women’s moccasins are truly versatile, making them very easy to make clothes. For this look, keep it casual and simple with jeans and a white top.

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For skinny jeans, a tapered loafer or a lighter classic loafer is perfect.

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The small cut of her shoes goes great with boyfriend jeans. Add a comfortable blazer and t-shirt and you’re ready for a relaxing day out.

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Slippers or flip-flops

As long as it is not a business trip or during winter, you can wear these slippers or flip-flops. A stroll along the beach or a long walk in the city feels comfortable with these footwear options. Plus, you get to match them with almost any casual outfits in your travel bag or backpack.

There’s nothing better than loose-fitting denim, preferably as a one-piece, oversized shirt and a pair of slippers.

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Pair your summer jeans with summer shoes. White denim and neutral flat sandals, strappy or sliding style, create an elegant yet invisible look.

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If you choose a bold color like orange, wear it with other bright colors like yellow pants and orange flip-flops.
These heeled flip-flops are a chic addition to this chunky top and leather skirt.
If you’re looking for a way to make your standard flip-flops look shiny, this isn’t any simpler than a sleeveless turtleneck and tailored trousers.

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Slip-on shoes

Although you are not on a business trip, these women’s shoes may also be necessary. They look really well for a semi-formal occasion or even a formal one, like a wedding. After that, slip-on shoes are still comfortable for a long walk.

A white shirt worn under sleek black overalls is complemented by a black leather slip-on and you’re ready to go hangout.
Shiny metallic slip-ons look great in this stylish long sleeve sweater dress.
Opt for black leather jackets, white T-shirts, black skinnies torn to the knees, and leopard print slip-ons for a trendy look.
A layered black style worn with sleek blue washed jeans, a very fitted gray T-shirt and a black short and slip-on black leather jacket.
The stylish cardigan bomber is worn over a gray T-shirt tucked in white skinnies complemented by a snakeskin slip-on.

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Chunky boots

Chunky boots are often seen on motorcycle riders on a road trip. As long as the heels are not too high, you can still feel comfortable wearing these on every road trip. Plus, you look really tough, but can still be girly with a dress.

These chunky leather boots give you extra height for any outfit, yet still support and protect the soles of your feet.
These boots look best when paired with a brightly colored dress as the outfit literally screams summer.
The knee-high lace boots may take a while to put on, but the end result is definitely worth it.
Nothing can match a pair of thick black boots to add a luxurious feel to a floral mini dress.

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You can’t go wrong with this outfit combination that combines black boots with black leggings and cardigan.
Create a unique look with your old boring romper. Add a fashionable jacket or top and replace your flats for black Chelsea boots.
Roll up or indulge the bottom hem of your pants. It will easily highlight that area especially when you’re wearing black ankle boots with an all-white ensemble.

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Here are the five best women’s shoes for every trip. Which pairs are your most favorite?

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