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28 Girlie Style Ideas for 2020

The year 2020 is still here. Although half of it has already gone, you still have time to dress up in a girlie style of your choice. Check these examples out.

The year 2020 has already gone halfway through. This summer, be ready for more girlie-style ideas. No need to worry about getting behind. There are some styles here that can still rule for the rest of this year.

So, without further ado, here are five girlie-style ideas for 2020 (well, at least the rest of it).

Bold and loud colors

Cheer your summer up with bold and loud colors, for example, a yellow mini dress, pink business suit, or high-waisted trousers combined with neutral-colored top. Whether you are on holiday or still at work, these combos will brighten up your summer days.

A simple blouse and a wrap skirt just got a whole lot more refreshing with the pale orange color.
Orange trousers with a mustard yellow jacket and reddish brown loafers will make you look perfect.
You can easily dress up a bright velvet dress by matching a muted blue blazer and adding a simple, solid accessory.
When it comes to harsh colors, we are definitely talking about this thick yellow cocoon coat.
The only thing more important this season than a slouchy sweater is a sweater in bright yellow. Wear it with a mini mix and a few slide statements.
Wear a tomato red sweater to wear with your favorite denim. You will love it as much as your navy crochet.
A bright green turtleneck can be pretty fun, but pair it with a subtle mint midi skirt and metallic boots to make it even more eye-catching.

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Lug sole boots and dresses

Want more laid-back girlie style ideas? Combine them with a bit of masculine-look. Lug sole or chunky boots are the perfect items to wear, along with your dress. Whether it is a maxi or a midi dress, it equally looks good. A mini dress with your boots too? Why not?

A trendy outfit by wearing black boots paired with a green dress and wrapped in an animal print coat.
Your black boots will complement your gorgeous neon dress with exquisite elegance.
Black boots also work for the silhouette of this bold white dress.
The thick lug sole will add a little edge to a bright, fun dress.
Autumn dresses feel cooler in thick lug-laced boots.

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Midi and maxi dresses

Sexiness does not always mean wearing anything so revealing. You can still go simple and classic with these midi and maxi dresses. White dresses are the easiest options since you can still combine them with colorful outers, necklaces, and the right footwear. Slippers, slip-on shoes, sneakers, or boots? They are all good.

This dress isn’t too short, so you don’t have to worry about the wind blowing your dress and exposing you.
Casual shoes or white sneakers look cute when wearing a feminine blue dress.
The pink squares are fun and paired with mules are very stylish, perfect for an everyday look.
This light orange dress is perfect for casual occasions and even for a date night with your partner.

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For a boho day scene, add a tassel necklace and a straw bag. You only need two items to turn your maxi dress into a trendy outfit.

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Different shades of white

If you are not into bold and loud colors, you can still stick to white for your girlie style this summer. To avoid looking too plain, pair two different shades of white for a subtle, unique look—for example, a white maxi dress with an off-white outer.

Choose comfortable loafers and flats with pointy edges to complete your elegant white suit.
A simple white ensemble is the best backdrop for your boldest accessories to really shine.
Keep things casual with white sneakers and a plain white t-shirt to make office wear feel weekend ready.
With one splash of bright orange, it can instantly spice up the all-white ensemble.
A tinge of color, even a tinge of lavender, is what this outfit needs to revive the all-white ensemble.

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Well-fitting sheer layer

Need a top that does not feel too hot this summer? Choose a well-fitting, sheer layer on top of your tank top or tight T-shirt. The pattern on the sheer layer is enough to add more colors to your style.

These slightly loose pants are great for accentuating your waistline when wearing multiple layers, so you don’t look too overly in the fabric.
In a black jumper with long sleeves under his Cos shirt, and wearing a coat buttoned over it. Sneakers make you look lighter.
Stylish bomber jacket with cardigan for effective contrast and will make you the center of attention.

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A crisp white sleeveless vest and white top cut over a long light tunic dress complemented by culottes matched in brown and strappy sandals.
We see a long, semi-sheer kimono printed in bright colors worn over a white V-neck over a half-tucked tucked in sleek blue jeans.
A pastel pink draped long robe styled with a crisp white top tucked into denim shorts complemented by cool white sneakers creates a sporty vibe while remaining elegant.

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This summer, make sure that the girlie style you choose also makes you feel more comfortable. That way, you experience both style and pleasure.

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