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5 Essential Women’s Outerwear You Need to Own

If you wonder what more you need on your closet, read on this article. You will find five essential women’s outerwear you must own in your closet.

Putting together an outfit is a decision you must come up with every day. What’s a better way than having outerwear that you can easily mix and match? We’re talking about women’s outerwear that can last up to years without going out of trend! It is what makes them essential, and you should always have one in your closet. Here are five outerwear that you must have.

Classic Blazer

Blazer is structured and therefore, perfect for a professional look. There are a lot of clothes that you can match with a classic blazer! Find one that is easy to layer so that you can wear it with a blouse or even a t-shirt.

No matter what color the blazer, jeans, or shoes you wear, you can never go wrong with this one.

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If you’re not sure where to start, you can’t go wrong with a bouclĂ© blazer and corduroy pants.

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This bold, brightly colored blazer offers a lot of versatility and power to enhance your look in seconds.
Consider street style for your new inspiration on how to wear this classic gray blazer.
The style options are endless when it comes to polished lining cuts, but it can be as simple as picking up your favorite pair of jeans and throwing a blazer over your white shirt.

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Oversized Blazer

While a classic blazer can do so much, an oversized blazer is useful for a casual yet fashionable look. You can pair this blazer with a shirt and shorts and call it a day! An oversized blazer is easy to wear because they would easily go with your basic pieces.

An oversized plaid blazer over a pastel silk dress for a high-low look will make you look confident.
Belt one up and wear it with biker shorts and heels for a street style look.
Go for the sporty look by wearing blue with biker shorts and daddy sneakers.
Have fun with your work-friendly blazer and skirt by styling them with 70s sunglasses.
Dress up your casual look from a biker t-shirt and shorts with a chic oversized blazer.
The white t-shirt provides balance to the oversized blazer and pants. The white pump guarantees a sophisticated finish.

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Black Leather Jacket

When it comes to choosing leather, the first thing you need to consider is its quality. Take care of it nicely, and you’ve got yourself a quick style boost to your everyday look. Say you like to wear a white t-shirt with jeans. Throw in a black leather jacket, and you can instantly get that edgy vibe around you!

You can never go wrong with a classic black moto jacket. Wear it with a cute girly skirt and sneakers for an edgy look.
A fringe jacket is fun to wear on a big evening that will make you the center of attention.
Wear your black leather jacket with trousers and buttons down for an edgy look.

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Get into a fierce pose as you step outside in an edgy biker-style leather jacket over black skinny jeans.
Straight leg black jeans are an essential outfit that is easy to dress up with a biker-style leather jacket and a chic camisole.
Printed t-shirts are a trend that will persist, at least for a while. Pair yours with skinny black jeans that fit snugly and a biker-inspired leather jacket.

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Jean Jacket

Jean jacket is a classic and can be worn in any season. You can never go wrong with a jean jacket! You can even choose an oversized one for a daily look. Layering your outfit with a jean jacket will surely never go out of trend.

Place a jeans jacket over a body-con maxi dress for a modish yet feminine look.
A denim jacket with a protruding collar and rolled up sleeves will give runners and sneakers a smooth look.
This jeans jacket gives a downtown vibe to any outfit as well as serving as a garment that can be worn anywhere.
The slouchy silhouette borrowed from the boys perfectly offset the feminine vibe of the pleated skirt.
Oversized denim jackets can be a fun way to play with proportions. Try wearing a jacket with wide pants and high heels
You can never go wrong with a black jean jacket and jeans.

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Cropped Sweater

You need to have a sweater in your life! You can wear it on your daily look or even casual day out. Some might think that sweater is what you wear for day offs, but you can totally crop them and make it look good to wear for hanging out with friends.

How about wearing a chunky black sweater with high-waisted skinnies styled with combat boots.
This floral crop top looks very feminine with high-waist skinnies making your appearance inspired by the hipster.
Lace embroidered knitwear worn over a white shirt styled with jacquard trousers.

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For an evening out, go for a dark cropped sweater with high-waisted paperbag pants.
You can’t go wrong with a chic cropped sweater and straight black jeans.

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While fashion is about experimenting with your clothes, these five women’s outerwear options seem to always have a place in any women’s closet. You can do so much with them! Whether you want to opt for a girly look or even a tomboyish look, you can always make use of these outerwear.

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