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5 Types of Heels You Need to Have for Work

Rock your office with five different pair of heels every day and gain that powerful confidence of a career woman! Read on this article and get inspired.

Powerful heels can contribute to most of your confident—something that is definitely important at work. We know that the most appropriate heels to wear for work is closed-toe, but different styles can become the key attribute to your overall look. Here are five pair of heels that you need to own, one for each day in a week.

Pointy Black Pump

A pointy black pump is the most basic it can be, but there are tons of different styles to choose. It is recommended that your black pump has pointed toe. This makes it look more stylish for a basic pair of heels. Play around with the material as well. Velvet material makes your heels look more interesting!

A white semi-sheer coat paired with black jogger pants and classy black heels will complete your look.
Choose a black dress with sleeveless cut and complete it with shiny black heels and a mini handbag.
You’ll need a blazer in a pastel cream, fuzzy color, a light gray V-neck shirt tucked into a black leather pencil skirt and black cuffed pump shoes.
You need a black blazer, black top, sweet boyfriend jeans and black heels that make you a tomboy but still feminine.
Choose a denim dress and pair it with mirror sunglasses and classic black midsection to complete your work outfit.
A black baggy coat is worn over a light gray T-shirt which is paired with black trousers and black leather pump shoes.

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Basic Nude Pump

Nude footwear makes you look taller, and usually, a basic nude pump has front heels as well. Whether they are pointed, round, or almond toe, you surely will wear them a lot.

A nude, pointed toe shoe is sure to make you look cool. Try it with a basic white shirt and ripped knee jeans.
The glossy nude pointed-toed pump looks absolutely gorgeous against the knitted gray cardigan, black and white striped long-sleeved T-shirt and blue skinny jeans.
Your classic look consisting of a black and white striped top tucked in a black pencil skirt can be complemented by nude pumps.

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A statement blouse with camel pants is a great choice for summer. Bare pumps are a great way to lengthen your legs.

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Mid-Height Heels

You always need to have mid-height heels for some days where you just don’t feel like wearing higher ones. Perhaps it’s Friday where you can wear a more casual outfit. Investing in a mid-height pair would be a smart choice!

White from head to toe is the right choice once the temperature starts to rise.
Replace trousers with culottes, and you will feel good. Shoes with heels that are not too high will never bother you.
Give it a black and white summer touch with a light fabric, then top it off with a blazer and sumptuous, but not too tall, footwear for a stunning look.
Maintain a minimalist palette and sharp silhouettes. Mid-height heels will complement your work clothes without tormenting you when walking long distances.
Classic buttons complement the miniskirt perfectly. Slim high heels are perfect for those of you who want to look taller.

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Dark-Colored Pair

Color like maroon and navy can be too dark, but with the right outfit, you’re going to rock it! However, pay attention to the color of the floors in your office. Sometimes dark-colored pair might blend too much with the background!

Matching shoes to your purse with matching colors will make any look more harmonious and elegant.
Cut-out jeans and a sleeveless blouse can look totally chic when you pair them with fancy burgundy high heels.

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If you are looking to upgrade your ensemble with shoes right away, introduce a pair of suede burgundy pumps to the mix.

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Introduce the navy suede pump to the equation to instantly boost the wow factor of any display.

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Add a touch of glamor to any everyday look by ending it with a pair of navy suede pumps.

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Statement Pump

Lastly, play around with some designs and find your favorite. That will be a statement pump that no one else in the office wears! Whether the color is unique or you happen to find a cute pattern, you have to have at least one statement pump.

Mustard yellow is one color that really makes a statement for any look.

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If red feels too bold for you, consider burgundy for a more muted statement color.
Statement shoes don’t need to be printed, they can also be bold colors like this turquoise pump.
Sepatu hak tinggi ungu ini luar biasa, dan sayang untuk menyembunyikannya di bawah jeans bootcut.

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While heels are sometimes part of the requirement at work, you can really feel the boost of confidence from a pair of heels. If you want to go with higher heels, always look for cushioned toe beds. This will ensure that your feet stay comfortable throughout the day of working!

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