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3 School Event Dress Ideas for Awards Ceremony

Get a lot of awards ceremony to attend school? Here are three school event dress ideas that will ease your preparation for the big day!

Awards ceremony is one of the most memorable occasions in school. It is where you can dress up for a celebration, and that’s not always often! The awards ceremony is unlike the other events at school, so you might want to dress up a little bit more formally. So, how do you choose a school event dress that fits the event? Here are some ideas we have listed for you!

Professional Look

Perhaps you are invited because your work has resulted in an award. A professional look is a way to go! Wear a pencil skirt and blouse with heels and some accessories. Belt makes the overall look complete. You can choose a stunning color for this to make your school event dress look professional and stylish at the same time.

The fitted blazer is a very easy fall layer. It adds polish to any ensemble, and can be dressed up or down in an instant.
If flats don’t work, low-heeled boots are a stylish alternative to a school event.
Combined with a classic cardigan, the tulle skirt is not very suitable for the homeroom teacher. Make a really cute statement by sticking to simple additions and coordinating colors.
With rolled sleeves and an updated silhouette, a camel jacket is anything but stiff. Place one over a patterned dress for a casual police Lily style.
A button-down blouse and simple skirt is a foolproof formula for your first day’s outfit. Today’s smoker flats provide a fashionable boost.

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Networking Look

You’re going to meet a lot of people in the award, and it’s a good time to do some networking. You might want to wear something that lures people into getting to know you. A blazer and dress pants make a perfect match. Wear a floral blouse underneath to make you look more feminine.

Anniversaries have come and gone, and it doesn’t matter what white you think. Add a little contrast with a checkered blazer on top of your all-white look.
With a bold look like this, stick to the classic style with a plaid blazer to make your appearance look more formal.
Belt it up with a patterned dress for a look that will take you from class to all the year-end parties that fill your calendar. Enhance it with colorful accessories like bags and flat sandals.
Tie it in a patterned dress for a look that will take you from the classroom to all the year-end parties that fill your calendar.

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Turn your summer dress into a campus mainstay by lining it with a light sweater. Chic loafers will get you there in comfort and style.
Throwed over graphic t-shirts, bright denim and studded sneakers, the university jacket ties the ensemble effortlessly.
The cute cord-knit pullover is absolutely a must-have, and see how she gives her look an edgy twist with a pair of boots that are both practical and stylish.

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Casual Look

Yes, you can still wear something that is more towards casual to an event. This is where jumpsuit becomes your hero! While jumpsuit can be worn as a formal outfit, there are tons of ways to make it look a little bit more casual. For example, instead of wearing a solid color, choose a printed one instead. You get to play with the prints instead!

Jeans are a really great way to keep a casual cool while still having the option to dress them up or take them down. Regardless of whether you pair it with a T-shirt or blouse.
Just like jeans, it’s really hard to go wrong with classic buttons. Choose one with a classic collar, and maybe even an elongated silhouette of a tunic, so you can wear it with any pair of jeans.
Instead of styling your leggings the way you do when you work out, dress them up in long jackets and cool blouses.
Depending on whether you want to play around with your outfit or stick to something more classic, a T-shirt is a true proof of casual wear.
A jean jacket gives the same smart look as a blazer, but with a little bit of ease and style. Plus, denim is much more breathable and comfortable than the softest, softest blazer out there.
Of course, these tuxedo-inspired pants aren’t exactly the same as sweatpants, but you’ll still be comfortable and look great at the same time.

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Preparing for an event can be quite stressful, but these school event dress ideas will look good in pretty much a lot of events you’re going to. Play around with accessories and print so you can dress it up or down depending on your needs. Now, you can be prepared to attend these kinds of events!

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