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4 Simple Rules When Choosing Your Bridesmaids’ Dresses

Nothing is more beautiful for a woman than walking down the aisle channeling a pretty white gown. Dreamy bridesmaids’ dresses will complete the whole scene.

One of the most joyful times for women is probably planning their weddings. From selecting a wedding gown, venue, up to the food menu, everything must go under your control. As for the bride-to-be, the second crucial job after deciding her wedding gown is, of course, selecting her bridesmaids’ dresses.

While there is a lot to take into considerations from your gals’ body shape and complexion, colors that perfectly fit for them all, to pieces that make yourself stand out. Well, we’ve gathered some important rules for you when choosing the right and perfect ones.

Set a Budget

Before going further to choosing the designs, schemes, and themes, it is best to set a budget first. Since most bridesmaids pay for their dresses, it is always important to know your gals’ expectations. Don’t let your choice becomes their burden, but don’t let your friends feel underestimated as well.

Before you get carried away Pinning all the diamond-studded wedding dresses, take a look at your wedding budget and determine how much you want to spend on your dress. This will not only narrow down your choices (there are so many beautiful dresses out there!) But also help you hone your expectations in the dress shopping process.

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Consider Sizes and Skin

Every beautiful woman has their own flattering things and things that they lack. Keeping that in mind will help you pick the perfect gowns that complement each of your best girls. For example, choose colors that will look great in most skin tones and opt for styles that complement their body shapes.

Different women have different body structures, heights and shapes. So, choosing one silhouette for all of them may not be the best idea. There are silhouettes that are great if you have to have a matching outfit for everything. The modified A-line dress, which covered the body from the chest to the hips, and then extended into an “A” shape, was one of the silhouettes.

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Almost everyone needs a makeover, so the dress you buy will eventually be picked up and tailored perfectly for you – quite different from the usual “pick the size number” shopping experience.

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Different Style is a Recent Trend

Instead of playing the same design for your bridesmaids, it is now popular that the flowers girls channels miss-matching frocks. As we said earlier, this way, the bridesmaids can select which style she likes and what kind of design that can flatter their body shape. As the bride-to-be, you sure want to look great on photos. Well, you can always do a matching color or pattern.

You don’t have to wear all cuts or colors. Let each bridesmaid radiate her personal style.
Mixing hemline heights allows everyone to choose which one is best for their body.
Lace was traditionally reserved for brides, but many people also love the way it adds a romantic texture to your girl’s dress.
Create one fabulous outfit by combining two great pieces.
Although there are only a few patterns, all of these dresses look stunning together as they have the same color scheme.
A variety of textures, from flowing tulle and silky smooth to boho chiffon, go together well when in the same shade.
The bridesmaids can now wear white clothes and look very beautiful. Add personality with accessories in bright colors or sparkling gold.
For a fresh feel, play with patterns. If you are not ready to commit to the parade of mold walking down your aisle.
Stick to a palette of no more than three colors to keep your lineup charming and less chaotic.

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Bring Girls You Can Count on

Picking out the right bridesmaids’ dresses is a big mission. You sure want to make all your girls happy but, listening to different suggestions from each of them might make you more confused.

That is why, when choosing ones, bring not more than two bridesmaids with you. Choose two girls that have two different body shapes representing the rest of your bridesmaids.

To help you navigate this shopping process smoothly, get your girl to choose how interested she is in the dress.
The goal is that you will not only get the look of your dream ceremony, but also enjoy the time you spend shopping.

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Before considering your bridesmaids’ dresses, you should always do it after deciding on your own wedding dress. Then, the maid of honors’ gowns will follow. You need to select pieces that make you sparkling and be the spotlight. It is also important that the dresses blend perfectly with your nuptial’s theme.

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