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How to Put Together a Simple Business Outfit for Interviews

Are you wondering what kind of business outfit to wear to a job fair? Or have you landed an interview? Here is how you dress up for that!

You’re confident with your skills and experience, but the perfect business outfit that you wear to your job interviews makes a whole lot of difference. The key to choose the right outfit is to find out what kind of interview you will be walking into. Are you going in for your first interview, second, or even to a job fair? This article will help you dress up accordingly to it!

Job Fair

This is the first step of your job-seeking path, so you want to make sure that you dress to impress whoever you meet there. Keep in mind that at a job fair, you will spend most of your time standing rather than sitting. You will also meet a lot of other candidates that will come and go in front of the interviewers, so this is the time where your business outfit needs to stand out.

The easiest way to do that is by wearing a not-so-common color as black. Go with navy or gray instead!

The business skirt is a great item for any formal business dress code that is both feminine and serious.
A must-have in every woman’s wardrobe, the skirt suit fits most formal business dress codes. Try a variety of colors within the same color group for a fresh look.
There is something so elegant about a woman in a suit. It exudes confidence and sophistication.
While you can never go wrong with a crisp white button-up shirt, don’t feel limited. Lines are perfect for those of you who are applying for a job.

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One of the great things about culottes is that they look like midi skirts but are basically glorified shorts.
Button-down skirts and pencil skirts don’t seem like they are innovative until you update them with an interesting pattern or color.
You can never go wrong with white buttons for work, and wearing them with a midi pencil skirt only shows further polish.

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First Interview

Make sure you still stick with the formal, classic suit for your first interview. We recommend you to wear pants instead of a skirt for your first or next interview. You don’t know how the situation of the interview will be, but you know for sure that you’re going to be sitting. This will save you from a lot of worries about the way you seat!

Button-downs don’t have to be boring. This shirt color works well, as it is more attractive than usual but still classy and professional.
A blouse with a bow makes for an elegant look, which can be complemented by a skirt or trousers.
Khaki blazers look great with matching skirts, dark jeans for a casual startup interview, or dark blue bottoms for a more stylish look.
A tasteful little black dress AA is the hallmark of a simple yet classy business wardrobe.
A pair of classic black trousers is an essential part of a woman’s interview wardrobe.
A tasteful dress in an eye-catching color, such as muted turquoise or deep red, is a great addition to your interview wardrobe.
Pair a blouse or button-down top with a V-neck sweater for a versatile look.
A two-tone print like a sweater here, can spice up a boring and still professional look.

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Next Interview

Now that you have the idea of your soon-to-be workplace or your employer, go ahead with choosing your outfit accordingly. Show your personality through the way you dress—perhaps you want to be seen as a fun colleague!

Try a skirt with a paper bag waist. Wear a light black turtleneck to balance the proportions of your outfit.
From navy to powder blue, match similar colors by choosing classic patterns, like stripes or plaid.
Layer a black dress over simple white buttons for added dimension. With this classic look, it’s a great opportunity to add a heel or bag statement.
In black or navy blue, look for a military blazer style instead of the classic two button option. The extra line of buttons will give you a customized level of elegance.
Look for shirts that have structure, interesting neckline details, or asymmetrical seams.
Consider leather pants when heading to the interview. Make sure you choose a style that is looser, rather than a tighter style of leggings.
Balance the proportions by combining a high waisted midi skirt with a cropped jacket.
Try a pencil skirt, turtleneck, and pointed toe shoes in burgundy or navy colors.
For the next interview, opt for a striped blouse and black pants, but mix it all up with a tailored blazer and classic pumps.
Keeping the classic shape and clean, opt for pencil skirts, sleek sweaters, and oxford flats.

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Choosing the right business outfit for your interview is indeed important—the way you present yourself is what they will notice at first glance. So, make sure you present the best of yourself and nail the interview with confidence!

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