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3 Boots Inspiration for Women to Wear to the Office

Pull the sexiness to yourself through boots! There are some boots that will give you much confidence, but don’t make your appearance too overrated!

Boots are sexy, but have you ever felt confused when to wear them? For a party, boots are considered less formal. Meanwhile, for office purposes, some women think boots are too excessive.

However, there are many varieties of boots you can pick to go to the office. Pull the sexiness to yourself through these boots ideas.

White Ankle Boots

Compared to black, white is more soft and elegant. If you are not overly confident wearing black boots, white ankle boots are the ideal choice.

White ankle boots are not too high; thus, this model is suitable for those of you who don’t like flashy shoes. Look at how these boots will be very stunning when combined with cigarette pants!

Wear classic pieces that are always stylish but in the latest styles, like this pencil skirt and white ankle boot. It’s a favorite way to easily introduce trends to the office.
Any type of camel that is comfortable can be used. Complete with a white ankle boot to complete your work outfit.
When choosing white boots, one rule applies, don’t wear the platform. A platform makes them look like a go-go boot costume unlike a chic white boot.
If you’re going to be bold and wear white boots, don’t hide them under bootcut jeans and let the ends pop.
No matter what, the all-white clothes looked beautiful and tall. Complete your trendy look with white ankle boots which will certainly make you more confident.
Consider combining a blue vertical striped shirt with black skinny pants, these pieces go great. White boots tie the clothes together.
This combination of a beige coat and ripped blue jeans is clean, super pretty, and super easy to recreate. White boots will easily classify even the most basic of clothes.
Pair a gray plaid blazer with light blue jeans. A pair of white ankle boots will add a dressier touch to a simple look.

Faux Snake Boots

Do you work in a company that requires you to look attractive, like in lifestyle media? Faux snake boots you might be able to put at the top of the list.

Faux snake boots carry a snakeskin design made of synthetic leather. It can change its appearance to be bold and chic, even if you only wear regular work clothes like a blazer or blouse. In addition to working, the boots are also very suitable for hanging out and for attending fun parties. You will be the center of attention with these boots!

Snake prints are classic prints that will truly never go out of style. So if you’re looking for a trend to invest in, snake print boots would be a great choice.
This snake print can surprisingly be an excellent outfit marker. Snakes naturally blend in with many environments. Chocolate, white, tan and black are common colors and are often combined.
Mid-calf or ankle boots with snake patterns look great with culottes, a denim jacket and clutch to complement a trendy work outfit.
These snake-patterned boots also look great with a gray turtleneck, navy jacket, and skinny jeans. With sunglasses, you are ready to look stylish in front of friends at work.
Boots with an ankle or mid-calf heel-heeled snake pattern are the best choice for this neutral white shirt, skinny jeans, and trench coat.
Don’t be afraid to mix different styles, for example, you can pick up heeled mid calf boots with a snake print and pair them with a midi skirt and a masculine-style bomber jacket.
While this outfit isn’t made entirely of neutrals, see how the snake print adds texture and pattern to a simple look in a way plain black or taupe shoes can’t.
Boots with a snake print have a more casual style which makes them better match any wardrobe.

Western Shoe Boots

Who says boots always make an excessive appearance? Western shoe boots do not give the appearance of being too excessive. They even look elegant and simple! Besides, they also have low heels, perfect for you with dynamic activities.

You can choose western shoe boots in neutral colors like pastels for a simple impression. No need to hesitate to wear it when going to work because it will not make you stand out.

Wearing cowboy boots that are also inspired from the West can be considered a costume. That’s why most people love the contrast that animal prints provide.
The Western boots that fashion girls buy this season are definitely more subtle than the harsh styles of the past. Combining it with a little fad, will make you look trendy when you go to work.
Streetwear and cowboy boots don’t really go together, but fashion buffs are quick to pair them with a polished cut, which makes the boots look totally chic.
No hat style goes well with cowboy boots than a cowboy hat, which you might want to avoid unless you’re going to a Halloween party. Lots of accessories are quick and easy to pair like belts and trendy glasses.
The tricky thing about cowboy boots is that they are more specific than Chelsea boots. If you wear them in a cut that goes against their aesthetic, you may end up looking dressed in the dark.
A chic white dress looks fabulous with these classic, detailed boots. Keep in mind that cowboy boots are usually made of leather which can be very hot in the summer.
The beautiful calf-length dress is worn with chic black western style boots and complemented by sunnies accessories and a silver crossbody wallet.

It’s so easy to be creative with boots. This outfit will make your appearance look more attractive and increase self-confidence. You will get a lavish style with any outfits—as long as you wear boots!

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