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What to Do with Different Nail Types: A Manicure Guide

Ever felt overwhelmed with the wide range of nail types at the beauty salon? Read this article to find out what to do with your nails that suit you best.

Nails used to be a part of your body that exists for the sake of the practicality, not for its aesthetic. But now it’s a beauty asset to enhance your appearance. Professional service at the nail salon will enhance the look of your nail based on the size of your fingers, practicality, and your liking.

There are so many options with endless possibilities, so here is the manicure guide to different nail types and how to deal with them.  

  • Round 

This shape suits you if you have short and narrow nail beds and short fingers because it will elongate them. This will maintain your natural shape, curved at the edges to follow the natural shape of your fingertip. For those who are looking for a simple, neat, and tidy manicure, this will be your cup of tea.

Make a gentle rainbow by painting the shadows in descending colors, or mix them up by applying a different hue to each finger. This is an attractive choice for anyone who likes soft, timeless tones for neat round nail shapes. Round nail from thetrendspotter.
To get a neat and beautiful nail shape, you can see the picture above. Choosing a round nail shape with a simple motif will create a pretty finger look. A round nail shape from thetrendspotter.
Holographic Round Nails are perfect if you want a shiny and neat look. In addition, with the appearance of nails like this you will have a glamorous appearance. Holographic Round Nails from thetrendspotter.
Adding a cute glitter embellishment on top of your round nails is one great idea to get a pretty nail look. Besides being beautiful with cute glitter round nails, you will get a neat look. Cute glitter round nails from thetrendspotter.
  • Square

Among all nail types out there, this is the most practical one.  The sides are filed flat to create an elongated effect, and the flat top is perfect for typing. It demands low maintenance and great for both your fingers and toes. This shape is perfect for short-, medium-, long-length nails with narrow nail beds.

If you want nails that do not require difficult maintenance, you can choose nails with a square shape. To beautify your nails, you can add a motif with a glitter Ombre. Nails with a square shape from thetrendspotter.
Choosing a square nail shape and dyeing it in a matte color is the right choice. Besides that, you can also add unique motifs for a more elegant look. A square nail shape from thetrendspotter.
For a pretty nail look that is easy to care for you can choose Ombre square nails. With motifs and shapes like this you will also get a fresher appearance of your nails. Ombre square nails from thetrendspotter.
Matte Pinky Nude square nails are square nails that have beautiful patterns and colors, so they are perfect if you want to use square nails. Matte Pinky Nude square nails from thetrendspotter.
  • Oval

This shape is made for longer nails, suitable for both short and long fingers with side stubby nail beds. It will create the illusion of length for your fingers. The U shape gives a more feminine and classic look.

If you want to have longer nails, you can choose oval nails to get a pretty long look. Besides that, you can add artistic paintings like the one in the picture above. Oval nails from thetrendspotter.
Choosing oval nails for long nails is a brilliant idea. Add a polka dot painting on top of your oval nails to make it look more attractive. Oval nails from thetrendspotter.
Drawing some cute pictures on your oval nails will make your nails look even more unique. In addition, with an oval shape your nails will look neater. Oval nails from thetrendspotter.
Holographic Accent Oval Nails are a nail motif and shape that is perfect for those of you who have short fingers. With nails like this you will look more charming. Holographic Accent Oval Nails from thetrendspotter.
  • Squoval (Square Oval)

Squoval, just like its name, combines the best of square and oval nail types: the flat top with slightly rounded edges. It’s practical for toe and fingernails and doesn’t require much filing and shaping because it resembles the shape of the natural nail bed.

Squoval is a type of nail formed from two types of nails, namely square and round. With this type you will have an attractive nail appearance. Squoval is a type of nail from tigerfeng.
Choosing a squoval nail shape is the right idea for long nails. In addition, to get an attractive color look you can choose brown. Squoval nail shape from tigerfeng.
This pretty nail look has a squoval shape. With a nail shape like this you will have elegant nails if you add colors and decorations to match. Pretty nail from tigerfeng.
If you have long nails, you can go for a squoval nail shape and use a matte color for an elegant nail look. A squoval nail from tigerfeng.
  • Ballerina (Coffin-shaped)

This unconventional coffin-like shape is suitable for long sturdy nails. Simply put, it’s stiletto with a square tip. However, its length makes it fragile that it might break easily.

A simple sparkly baby pink with clouds will give you the cutest coffin nails ever. Add a few rhinestones here and there to look like stars sparkling in your pink coffin nail sky. Coffin nails from glowsly.
By taking advantage of all the space on your coffin nails and melting that French tip down to your cuticle. This sparkly pink drips like good and looks gorgeous on top of a transparent coffin nail tip. Coffin nails from glowsly.
Geometric coffin nail designs look so good because it’s such an angular nail shape. Give your coffin nails an edgy twist by using sparkly spikes on a few nails, too. Geometric coffin nail from glowsly.
  • Almond

This shape gets its name from almond because of the resemblance in shape. Almond-shaped nails are filed on the sides and rounded at the edge that will give a long and slender impression. However, this chic and feminine shape is not the most practical shape and easy to break.

On the off chance that you like the vibe of long and solid almond nails yet you are having an issue developing them yourself, acrylic nails are a decent alternative to consider. They’ll also give you a brilliant base on which you can evaluate perfect new nail designs. Almond nails from styless.
An almond shape is a great choice for anyone with long nails. It is lovely and ladylike, yet it also elongates the appearance of fingers. Almond shape from styless.
Choosing almond shaped nails with yellow color and a few decorations on top will make your appearance look more perfect. Almond shaped nails from styless.
  • Stiletto (Pointed)

This unique shape will give an elongated look for your fingers and works for long or mid-length nails. However, it’s super sharp point makes it easy to break, so it’s often layered with acrylic or gel to strengthen the nails.

Stiletto nail designs with pretty color schemes makes this look especially cool. With a clear base and flowery gold foil design scattered across the surface, these girly nails really pop. Stiletto nail designs from thecuddl.
These stiletto nails are unlike any other and each nail features a different design. Gemstones line the base of the middle nail, which allows for an extra element of depth. Stiletto nails from thecuddl.
This girly design is the perfect complement for a romantic outfit or even for just a casual night on the town. The pale pink painted background is highlighted by the glitter. Instead of having the glitter concentrated on the base of the nail, the glitter is instead highlighted at the tip. The base of the nail from thecuddl.

Those are the most popular nail types you can find in any beauty salon. We hope that this article will give you ideas to play around with your nails. Happy manicuring!

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