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17 Cozy Sweatshirt Ideas That Look Fashionable

Think that a sweatshirt is not sexy? Think again. Some sweatshirt ideas we gather below will give you a stunning look and also keep you warm every day.

The air is freezing, but never let it limit you to stay stylish! You can look cool even though you have to protect your body from the cold, for example, by wearing a sweatshirt. The sweatshirt was an item of clothing usually worn in the wintertime or rainy days. That is why many women think that it is a lack of style. However, many sweatshirts nowadays are stylish, and of course, still keep their function. 

Check out some cool sweatshirt inspiration for women that make you more confident.

Cropped Sweatshirt

Loose at the top and tight to the abdomen part, a cropped sweatshirt is specially made for those of you who want the ultimate sexy look—especially when you choose bright colors like white, yellow, or pink.

Combining a cropped sweatshirt with white skinny jeans is one of the best casual looks you can get. You will look effortlessly cool.

If you want more coverage, wear your t-shirt under a pair of overalls for a cool 90s vibe.
A cropped sweatshirt combined with cool and distressed jeans will give you an edge that will grab anyone’s attention.
For a more dressed up look, style your t-shirt with jeans and heels. As an added layer, the trench coat will hold your outfit together.
Nothing is more classic than a simple sportsman’s uniform of cropped T-shirts, leggings and sneakers. Use monochromatic for sleek ensembles.
One of the greatest features of the cropped tee is that it makes the perfect cut when you’re on your way out. Style it in jeans and sneakers, and you can’t go wrong.
An urban chic look complemented by a cropped pullover worn over a pale pink silk blouse, cool jeans and updated with aviator glasses.
How about wearing a chunky black sweater with high-waisted skinnies styled with combat boots.
The purple crop top looks very feminine with the high waist making you look hipster inspired.

Oversize Sweater

Most women feel anxious to wear oversized sweaters. They assume that oversized sweaters make their body look fat.

However, you do not need to worry about that bad impression. Oversized sweaters can cover the fat on the arms and stomach. To make an unfluffy appearance, balance the sweatshirt with skinny pants. Skinny pants give the impression of a higher foot and certainly fits into an oversized sweater pair.

Look for a pair of clothing that fits more closely, to frame your body. A pencil skirt and knee-high boots match this bright over-sized sweater.
For weekend assignments, wear yours with your favorite oversized turtleneck and chunky sneakers.
Stick to one color scheme. Whether you’re looking minimalistic in black or bold in red, this is a simple way to rock.
Tie your large sweater around the natural waist to add shape to your look. This will also help make wide leg pants feel more casual.
White trousers with a bright floral print are just the thing to stave off cold weather melancholy. Bring out the base color of the trousers with a white cord knit sweater and matching flats.
More or less when wearing a baggy knit with a unique design. This oversized sweater paired with baggy pants has a timeless trend.
Make it a street star and balance a large sweater with a sleek midi skirt.
The tie-waist is to have a moment. It works great with tops and bralettes, but tucking in a large sweater is a fashion girl-approved trick that hasn’t gone too far.
Pairing an over-sized sweater with cropped leather trousers and expensive looking platform sandals will make for an eye-catching look.

To hang out or to go to the office, a sweatshirt will make you look more stunning and confident. Now it’s time to mix and match sweatshirts with other outfits that you own, and be cool just the way you are!

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