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Women Arm Jewelry To Wear for a Fashionable Look

Add a fashionable touch to your dress party with arm jewelry. Looking for the best one that suits you? These are five different types for you to pick.

Arm jewelry might not be quite popular nowadays, but it still looks fashionable when you wear one. It’s a great way to add accessories into your sleeveless outfit, especially for parties. We have listed five types of armlets in this article so you can pick which one is your favorite!

Spiral Armlet

Spiral armlet is probably the most common arm jewelry you can find. It usually wraps your arm a couple of times, and the end of the bracelet flows upwards. Wear a rose gold one to make your armlet looks more unique than the others!

Cuff bracelets are many people’s favorite type of arm and wrist jewelry to wear. Cufflinks are a stunning element to add to any outfit.
This type of arm jewelry is bold and is usually worn by bold people as well.
These spiral design sleeves are gorgeous, of course. It’s specially designed to add beauty to your arms, and it does its job very well.


Some arm jewelry also has gemstones to make it look more eye-catching. The most common color is blue, but you can always choose your favorite gemstones!

This bracelet is made with rustic aquamarine chips and a Hilltribe silver beaded cap that are attached to each other to create a beaded look.
This stunning gemstone bead bracelet features green aventurine gemstone flakes, copper glass seed beads and rhyolite gemstones.
Easy memory wire bracelet with hematite chip beads. Supplies needed are gemstone chip beads.
These chunks started out as a big bag of amethyst chips that had to be thrown away.
This bracelet is made using a combination of amethyst and clear stone crystal chip beads along with magnetic hematite beads.
This bracelet is made using yellow chips in two strands. The strands are separated into 4 segments using a rhinestone spacer. The bracelet is complemented by a beautiful orchid clasp.
This bracelet with crystals is the most classy looking bracelet with design and display elements.
Healing crystal bracelet as the name suggests is for healing and curing ailments. They are made of special crystals that are only used for healing purposes.
Charm cannot be left out when we talk about bracelets and if the charm is crystal then there is an amazing funky accessory on hand.

Arm Chain

While the other four armlets we have mentioned are sturdy, you can always go with flowy armlet. Thin chains on your armlets can get you that effect! Choose thinner chains and make it rose gold so that it’s not too overwhelming.

You will find that bohemian style arm jewelery usually consists of chains, beads, coins, shells, and more.
The chains are uniquely placed, and stones, floral details, and coins are added to give it an authentic boho feel.
The tiny chain sleeve jewelery is designed to have easy chain link vibration. They are not meant to be complete bold statements.
The silvery chain will add just the right amount of twinkling and clinking to your look.
If you want to add some punk and funk together, choose a funky bracelet that has abstract or nature-inspired motifs like leaves.

Arm rings have been around for a long time and are used as part of cultures in some places. Don’t forget to buy ones that fit your arms just fine! The last thing you want is to have your favorite arm jewelry falls off your arms because the size doesn’t fit.

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