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24 Shades Blonde Color for Your Summer Look

Blonde hair comes in countless beautiful tones, from icy tones to warm tones. Here are some shades blonde color you can try for your summer look!

Blonde hair has a multidimensional color, it is not just mere pale golden locks. You can experiment with a wide range of shades within this color. From icy tone like platinum to warm tone like strawberry blond, the choices are endless. Here we give you some shades of blonde color that you can try and perk up your look this summer!

1. Ash Blonde

If you want to hide your gray strands, then you can try this shade. The light shade of this cool undertone paired up with any highlights to camouflage the gray strand. It is also will give you the modern, effortless look.

Many people admire hairstyles with blonde color in the summer. With this hair color you will look fresher and more beautiful. Blonde color hair from hadviser.
Babylight & ash blonde highlights on brown hair that you can try for a summer look. This hair will give you a modern and easy look. Babylight & ash blonde highlights from hadviser.
This dark as blonde hair will give you a gorgeous look in summer. You can toss your hair a little for a stunning look. Dark as blonde hair from hadviser.
Silver as blonde with long hairstyles will look beautiful and trendy. Wearing her straight hair would be better and attract people’s attention. Blonde with long hairstyles from hadviser
Having shoulder-length waves hair gives the perfect summer look. Going with a blonde hairstyle will create an edgy look. Shoulder-length blonde hair from hadviser.

2. Baby Blonde

This blonde suits you if you are looking for a lighter tone without going to the full platinum. The tone is a warm and pale base with a hint of white highlight. Because it is a mix of warm and cool colors, then it works well with all types of skin tones.

It’s no wonder why women love this trend so much. It will look fresh and professional in all skin tones. Baby blonde from blonde-hairstyles.
Baby blonde will look amazing on all women, especially those with thinner hair. With a short hairstyle, it will certainly make you more beautiful. Baby blonde short hair from blonde-hairstyles.
This baby blonde gives off a gorgeous summer look. The added lowlight brown is a cool and fresh color combination for a clean look. Baby Blonde with Brown Lowlights from blonde-hairstyles.
The messy wavy hairstyle creates an overall edgy look. You can choose a baby blonde color that suits all skin tones. Messy wavy hairstyle from blonde-hairstyles.
This baby blonde ombre hair sure makes an edgy look for the summer. It has a warm, pale base with an interesting hint of white. Baby Blonde Ombre Hair from blonde-hairstyles.

3. Multidimensional Blonde

This beautiful shade of blonde is going to make you look glamorous and younger. Weave it in golden caramel ribbons, ashy strands, and strawberry blondes based. Especially if you had dark strands formerly, it would make your hair even more beautiful and natural.

If you are used to long hair, dyeing your hair multidimensional blonde will create a classy hairstyle that will look great in summer. Multidimensional blonde long hair from southernliving.
If you are used to long hair, opting for a multidimensional blonde will give it a classy hairstyle. With soft colors, make your appearance even more beautiful. Multidimensional blonde hair from southernliving.
Brown fades to warm blonde in this summer’s color. The lighter highlights blend with the balayage to create a multi-dimensional look. Brown long hair from southernliving.
Dyeing your hair blonde and black will look glamorous and younger. That’s a brilliant idea for a stunning look. Hair blonde and black from southernliving.
Multidimensional blonde gives you volume to your hair. Long haircuts will help you achieve a beautiful look. Long haircuts from stylecraze.

4. Gradient Blonde

A unique and modern blonde, you will take people’s attention with this look. With the perfect gradient from honey on the roots to the butter and pale color at the ends of hair strands., you will bring your new look to the next level.

Unique blonde hair will frame your face and is perfect for you to try out in the summer. Wearing blonde hair at the ends will attract people’s attention. Blonde hair from latest-hairstyles.
Using a gradient blonde hair look you can try to enhance the look. Use a gray tint at the ends of your hair so it will attract people’s attention with this look . Gray gradient blonde hair from latest-hairstyles.
The natural brown base color combined with the light blonde color will add an exotic feel to a confident woman. Long waves are very easy to set up and maintain. Natural brown base color from latest-hairstyles.
Consider a gradient blonde hairstyle for your best look. The dark roots add depth and volume to various shades of blonde, and the long, bright white cut on the front accentuates the face. Gradient blonde Long hair from latest-hairstyles.
You will feel very feminine with the gradient blonde hair look. Through strategically sexy wavy blonde hair will grab people’s attention during the summer. Wavy blonde hair from latest-hairstyle.

5. Classic Bronde

We call it bronde for the in-between color of brown and blonde. It suits people with dark to medium brown and wants to have a blonde color. The darker pigment will give the warm color to the pale blonde colored.

Not only is it a great way to add a pretty look in summer. This shoulder-length classic bronde is perfect for you to try. Shoulder-length classic bronde from therighthairstyles.
You can try this shoulder length hair with a classic bronde hairstyle. With dark brown and light brown colors will give a more beautiful appearance. Classic bronde from therighthairstyles.
Many people admire its dramatic style because its striking colors are perfect for you to try this summer. Using a base color of black and light brown hair will give you a stunning look. Light brown hair from therighthairstyles.
Classic bronde in dark brown to light brown color will look pretty and trendy. Applying hair of this wavelength will attract people’s attention. Wavelength hair from therighthairstyles.

You can experiment with various range of colors with this blonde hue this summer and ready to mesmerize people!

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