55 Natural Korean Makeup Look for Daily

Korean makeup is famous for its natural look. It is not too dramatic and strong, or as bold as western makeup. It is also easy to apply, and you can wear it for your daily activities. Nowadays, people are looking for the “no makeup” makeup. Here we give you some ideas for a natural Korean makeup look that you can try for daily life.

Peach Makeup

This pastel color will make your spring and summer look sweeter and cute! It suits people with porcelain skin tone. The peach color will make your face look fresher and innocent. The coral color on your eyelid and lips are not as bold as red, but this tone is going to make you look younger.

Coral Eyeshadow from glaminati
Pink Blush On from glaminati
Coral Lipstick from glaminati
Soft Makeup from glaminati
Coral Glosy Lipstic from glaminati
Fruit Juice Makeup from glaminati
Glass-Looking Skin from glaminati
Soft Eyeshadow from koreaboo

Bright Lips

With the minimalist makeup, adding the bright color on your lips is going to give a bit dramatic look without making it overpowered the face. Try the fuchsia or bright pink color lipstick. They look beautiful for your day or night makeup look.

Gradient Lips from estheticnet
Pink Lipstic from estheticnet
Pink Ombre Lips from refinery29
Coral Bold Lipstic from allure
Red Glosy Lipstic from herworld
Coral Matte Lipstic from womensweekly
Red Lipstic from womensweekly
Light Pink Lipstic from womensweekly
Pink Glosy Lipstic from womensweekly
Red Lips from womensweekly
Coral Glosy Lipstic from cosmopolitan
Red Matte Lipstic from allure
Coral Lipstic from dailyvanity
Glossy Lipstic from dailyvanity

Korean Brows

Brows have a huge role in shaping your face. Korean prefers straight brows with a bit of arc at the end of your brow. Some even make it straight without arc.

Korean Eyebrows from annyeongoppa
Brown Straight Eyebrows from nomakenolife
Brown Eyebrows from nomakenolife
Black Soft Angled from jollybiglive
Thin Flat Eyebrows from jollybiglive
Brown Thick Flat Eyebrows from jollybiglive
Thick Soft Angled from jollybiglive
Thick Rounded Eyebrows from jollybiglive

Glass Skin

It is also a “no makeup” makeup look that people are crazy about. You need to maintain your skin with skincare regime to get the maximum result. But, you still can have it by using primer, concealer, and BB cream to cover the flaws.

Soft Glass Skin from nomakenolife
Oval Face Glass Skin from girlsinsights
Sleek Skin from preview
Smooth Glass Skin from koreaboo
Simple Glass Skin from popsugar

Korean makeup is all about looking naturally beautiful. Even if they are not giving a dramatic effect, but it is suitable for daily activities and even can make you look younger.

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