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20 T-shirts with Colors Perfect for This Summer of 2021

T-shirt is more than just an outfit perfect for summer. Besides its light fabric, you also need to consider the right color for it. Here are some examples.

As one of the most common summer outfits, the T-shirt is a favorite to many. Besides simple, it is perfect for warmer weather. You can combine wearing it with any style, from casual to semi-formal. You can never go wrong with this outfit.

Since summer means warmer weather and a brighter sky, check out these colors for your T-shirt. They are perfect for summer this 2021:

Millennial Pink

According to history, pink started being considered a more ‘feminine, girly-girl’ shade in the 20th century. If the shade is much lighter, almost off or washed out, even men can wear T-shirts with this color. This super-soft tone is perfect for casual attire.

Let millennial pink t-shirts style their best by keeping them simple and elegant. The red suit is a combination that allows you to use it as a summer work outfit idea. Millennial pink t-shirts with red suit from stylefemale.
Wear a pleated skirt as a subordinate idea that matches any tops you will wear. Millennial pink t-shirts, black glasses and pink basket bags are a combination that is ready to carry out activities all day. Millennial pink t-shirts for outfit activities from stylefemale.
Skinny jeans are a beautiful and versatile subordinate. You can easily go with the millennial pink t-shirt, this look is all the more perfect when complemented by white high heels and sunglasses. Combination millennial pink t-shirt with skinny jeans from stylefemale.
To give a statement summer outfit, then you can pair a pink t-shirt and flowery culottes. This outfit idea will make you appear more feminine. Feminine style with pink t-shirt and flowery culottes from stylefemale.

Sage Green

Some may say that green is the new black this year. Despite not being part of neutral colors, you can still combine green with almost anything. It is also gender-friendly, which means both males and females can wear it without society fussing about it.

For a super cool look, wear a green t-shirt with some complementary accessories like sunglasses and a hat for an edgy finish. This outfit is ready for you when going out with friends. Green t-shirt with some accessories from fmag.
The green polo shirt has an earthy feel that’s perfect for a relaxing day. You can use pants for your favorite outfit statement. Green polo shirt from fmag.
Wear a feminine look with a green sleeveless t-shirt for an ideal summer outfit idea. A long skirt with a polka dot print is a great match. Green sleeveless t-shirt from ferbena.
If you have a sage green t-shirt top, you can easily pair it with a pencil plaid skirt which makes your body look slimmer. Besides that, the skirt is also one of the favorite subordinates during the summer season. Sage green t-shirt with plaid skirt from ferbena.

Gen-Z Yellow

After green, there is yellow that always fits for summer. This year, not overdo it by toning down this shade just a little bit. Your T-shirt will still look bright enough. This color also works well with almost other shades, from neutral to other block colors.

The dark cropped jeans give off a retro style when paired with a yellow t-shirt. Use a yellow slip on to match the color tone of your outfit. Yellow t-shirt with dark cropped jeans from celebsfirst.
For clothes that are bright during the day, you can use a yellow shirt paired with long jeans. Sneakers are suitable and cool footwear. Yellow shirt paired with long jeans from celebsla.
When you choose a yellow cropped shirt as your top, then high jeans are the most appropriate subordinates. The buttons on these jeans are multifunctional accessories. Yellow cropped shirt from denimology.
The casual look will never fail for summer outfit ideas. Short cropped jeans, yellow t-shirt and jeans jacket is a favorite combination that you should try. Short cropped jeans with yellow t-shirt from popsugar.

Pale Blue

Thankfully, options are varied for your summer wear this year. If you are not up for brighter, more solid block colors, something soft is still acceptable. Pale blue is one of the softer shades that you can still wear too.

T-shirt that looks relaxed but gives a maximum look in summer. The pale blue t-shirt and short jeans pants look perfect. Slip on and sunglasses change the look to be cooler. Pale blue t-shirt and short jeans pants from fashiongum.
The combination of the pale blue t-shirt and patterned floral pants makes you look more refreshing at the same time. Sleek high heels make you slimmer and feminine. Pale blue t-shirt and patterned floral pants from lookastic.

Varsity Red

Last but not least, this is another color that will definitely make you stand out from the crowd. This red T-shirt also looks good on both men and women. The color defines confidence, dominance, and—on some occasions—danger.

Cover your oversized red shirt with a black cardigan for a teenage look. A tote leather bag and sunglasses complete your appearance to be sweeter and tidier. Cover oversized red shirt with cardigan from fashiongum.
The red color gives a bold and prominent impression. You can wear this red t-shirt when you go out. Just add a pair of jeans to match your taste and appearance. Red t-shirt pair with jeans from fmag.
Red and white are the best color combinations that you can try on your outfit appearance. A red shirt tucked into white jeans is an idea for a feminine and beautiful way of dressing. Red and white outfit from fmag.
There is nothing wrong with using a red shirt to exercise in the summer, use black sweatpants as a beautiful mix. Red shirt with black sweatpants from fmag.
You will get a feminine look with a red t-shirt combined with a slit jeans skirt. A tote woven bag is a natural look that you can try. Feminine style with red t-shirt from fmag.
Simple and minimal clothes will make you look nicer. A red t-shirt is an outfit you can pair with pencil jeans, the result is a youthful and easy look. Red t-shirt with pencil jeans from fmag.

So, are you ready to lighten up your summer with these colors this year? Wear your best T-shirt and enjoy the sun as you head out.

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