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21 Best Mix and Match of Tokyo Asian Fashion to Wear in the Summer

Tokyo is also known for its bizarre fashion; that is why we think you will love these Tokyo Asian Fashion ideas. Want to steal the look?

Talking about Tokyo style will always remind us of the chic, minimalist, but a daring style. The capital city of Japan provides various styles that we can’t describe in just a word. With the Asian fashion came from Tokyo, you can be simple; you can be colorful; and you can also be bold!

Check out some of the best Tokyo Asian fashion styles that you can wear this summertime! You will not regret wearing them anyway!

Sweatshirt, Legging, and Sneaker

The combination of those three outfits creates a subtle appearance. It can suit both women and men, and you can take turns wearing it with your spouse or boyfriend.

A dark inner top creates a contrast with a sweatshirt and leggings in bright shade, where white sneaker boots also add a statement.

Black leggings combined with a stripped sweatshirt will renew your style even more to attract attention. Cover the sweatshirt with a vest to make it more favorite, the black sneakers make the footwear a neutral style. Stripped sweatshirt with black legging from the-sister-studio.
You can combine a white long sweatshirt with any subordinate. Leggings become comfortable pants to accompany your summer. Don’t forget to use sneakers for a cooler look. White long sweatshirt from the-sister-studio.
To attend an event during the summer, you can combine transparent black leggings with a long sleeve sweatshirt. This all-black outfit idea makes you look slimmer. Transparent black leggings with long sleeve sweatshirt from the-sister-studio.
Black, white and gray make an elegant blend of colors for your summer outfit ideas. Oversized sweatshirts, white t-shirts and sneakers are outfit ideas that you can easily try. Oversized sweatshirts with white sneakers from the-sister-studio.
Tall gray sweatshirts overlaid on a basic vest paired with black leggings and sneakers. Renew this combo with a sling bag plaid made of leather. Tall gray sweatshirts with black legging and sneakers from the-sister-studio.
You can give this all-black outfit a splash of bright color on a beige vest. For comfortable footwear that protects from the sun during the day, sneakers are the right answer and you can try. All-black outfit a splash of bright color from the-sister-studio.
Patterned sweatshirt that is comfortable and looks fabulous. Arranged with long leggings and black and white sneakers, this outfit idea is a perfect match to go with your entire summer outdoors. Patterned sweatshirt with long legging and black sneakers from the-sister-studio.
You can create a monochromatic style with black leggings and a white sweatshirt. This look is ready to become a summer outfit idea in 2021, you can try it in real life. Black leggings and a white sweatshirt from the-sister-studio.

Shirt and Transparent Skirt

Dare to explore. That is a kind of slogan most Tokyo’s style would love to announce. The combination of shirt and a transparent skirt is a kind of attention-stealing. It makes you look young and fancy, and nobody can resist staring at you.

Pick a bright transparent skirt if you want to look cheerful. If you want to look edgy and elegant, the dark transparent skirt can be your option. However, if you love to present harmony in your appearance, you can pick all-white shades or other similar shades for your wardrobe.

Combine your transparent maxi skirt with a crop top for a look that fits in the summer. You can choose a patterned top to give a color texture to your current look. Transparent maxi skirt from outfittrends.
Disco collars are a trend back in summer, you can wear a transparent black skirt. The glitter sweater makes your outfit ideas look more luxurious. Transparent black skirt from outfittrends.
The transparent skirt, which is equipped with a lining, makes your appearance less exposed. Cover your striped shirt with a jeans jacket for clothes to attend events during the summer. Transparent skirt equipped with lining from outfittrends.
To give a summer statement, you can choose a transparent floral maxi skirt in a slit style. Cropped top is the right boss idea to show your slim body curves. Transparent floral maxi skirt from outfittrends.
Cover your transparent maxi skirt with black leggings to protect your skin from the sun. This white top gives a classic look to balance out your sheer skirt. Transparent maxi skirt with black leggings from outfittrends.
Black is the color of choice when you wear a transparent patterned skirt. A crop top covered with a leather jacket makes your appearance more chic and edgy. With this skirt, you will stand out from the crowd. Transparent patterned skirt from outfittrends.
Wear a transparent pleated skirt with a white sheer shirt for a style statement. A neon skirt is a fantastic and flashy summer outfit idea. Transparent pleated skirt from outfittrends.

Short Skirt and Shirt

You can also make a regular shirt more special with the combination of short skirts. When you go to Tokyo, you will often see this style because it gives them a bizarre and edgy touch.

You might consider using dark shades for all the outfits. We suggest you feature a black shade because black never goes wrong for any body shape.

To get this casual and elegant look, you can wear a white shirt with a mini knitted skirt. Give a lace ornament at the bottom of the skirt to enhance your street style look. White shirt with knitted skirt from prettydesigns.
The colorful mini skirt here looks so feminine when used, tie the bottom of the shirt for a unique and different summer outfit idea. You can use this idea during the day or morning. Colorful mini skirt from outfittrends.
The classic motif on your miniskirt makes your summer look even more colorful. Don’t forget to stick with a plain shirt to neutralize the look of your current outfit. This outfit idea is quite easy to try. Classic mini skirt from prettydesigns.
This chic business outfit delivers a punch that’s perfect for the summer office go. The cropped shirt lined with a purple suit gives a pretty elegant impression. Cropped shirt lined with a purple suit from outfittrends.
Pair your blue shirt with a white lace mini skirt for a perfect color blend. You can use heels and bags with a matching color, namely brown. Blue shirt with a white lace mini skirt from fmag.
When you choose a patterned mini skirt, all you have to do is wear a plain top like a blue shirt. Sunglasses are one of the accessories that you can wear. Patterned mini skirt with plain shirt from outfittrends.

Pull out the fancy shade of yourself with Tokyo Asian fashion ideas above. Besides, you can add up other accessories you love to have.

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