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25 Alluring Off-the-Shoulder Wedding Dress Styles Any Brides Will Love

Are you getting married soon? Summer is the best season for an off the shoulder wedding dress. So, here are some alluring styles of the dress for your inspiration.

If you’re getting married soon and are still looking for the best dress to wear on your special day, just think about the season. It is summer, so it’s best to opt for a beautiful dress that may show some of your skin—an off the shoulder wedding dress, for example. It’s alluring and will also turn many heads on your wedding reception. There are many styles out there and which one suits you best? Here are some ideas.

Romantically Classy

With a hint of a romantic touch, an off the shoulder wedding dress looks classy and simply beautiful. A white fitting silk mermaid dress embellished with crocheted lace along the sleeves and the bottom of the dress is simple yet gorgeous and romantic.

Off the shoulder wedding dress with lace long sleeves accentuates the impression of elegance and beauty. Get a lace dress with 3D floral motifs to attract people’s attention so you don’t get boring easily. Off the shoulder dress with lace long sleeves from thebestweddingdresses.
To boast your curves to make them look clearer, then you can choose a mermaid dress with a combination of tulle and lace. Make the back of the dress more transparent by wrapping a few buttons in the middle. Mermaid dress with tulle and lace fabric from thebestweddingdresses.
The combination of lace and tulle on an off the shoulder wedding dress is a great choice when complemented by vile. Steeples dress with V-neck style gives a chest line that looks so pretty. Steeples dress with V-neck style from thebestweddingdresses.
You can complete the satin wrap on this wedding dress with lace off shoulder sleeves. Satin material will be more perfect to form your slim and slim body. Satin mermaid dress from thebestweddingdresses.
A long mermaid dress will be more perfect when equipped with accents on the chest line. The shape of the dress is rather simple, but looks beautiful thanks to the lace. Long mermaid dress from thebestweddingdresses.

Dreamy Gown

If you love fairytale-inspired dresses, this dreamy off the shoulder wedding dress will amaze you so much. It also doesn’t come in classic white, but other stunning colors such as gray, light blue, or peach. With a slightly sensual off-the-shoulder top, this exquisite tulle gown will absolutely awe your party’s guests.

If you want to have an elegant wedding dress, then a tiered tulle dress is the right answer and you can try it. Choose colors that are more feminine and brighter, peach is one of the best color choices. Tiered tulle dress from weddingforward.
This peach tulle dress looks simple but luxurious because it is complemented by a ruffle skirt that looks so fluffy. Don’t forget to use the off shoulder sleeve design to show its perfection. Peach ruffle dress from weddingforward.
Tulle will be smoother and easier to adjust when used as the main fabric for making a wedding dress. Not just white, you can try peach for a more feminine and different look. Tulle off the shoulder dress from ruffledblog.
Give a little lace to the chest of the tulle dress to give it a more glamorous impression. Off shoulders with long sleeves make a great mix that you can try. Tulle dress with long sleeves from ruffledblog.
Next is the tulle dress in light blue. This color features a fresh and bright nuance, you can give the off shoulder sleeve design a ruffle style, this idea is perfect and recommended for you. Light blue tulle dress from ruffledblog.

Modern Bride

Looking for something modern? You can wear an off the shoulder wedding dress with clean lines. Made with soft fabric, this simple dress is dramatically embellished with wide, fold-over sleeves, leaving a beautifully edgy look to the whole dress.

The modern style wedding dress will be completed with a fold above the neckline that forms a V-neck. This off shoulder sleeve style accentuates the feel of a gorgeous strapless dress. Fold above the neckline dress from weddinginspirasi.
To make the wedding dress more attractive, you can try fold-over sleeves enhanced with high slit on the side of the dress. The ribbon at the waist is one of the cute accessories. Fold-over sleeves with high slit from weddinginspirasi.
The strong element of the bodice has made this strapless dress popular with many people. You can choose it with a white cloth that is easy to mix with any color accessories you want. White strapless dress from weddinginspirasi.
The off shoulder folds attached to the white wedding dress give it a minimalist and modern style. This neckline shape makes your appearance more elegant and perfect. Off shoulder folds from weddinginspirasi.
This A-line dress looks simple but still charming, you can change the appearance of the sleeves to a more unique look with off shoulder folds above the neckline, the straight shape is a new idea that can be tried. Straight off shoulder folds from weddinginspirasi.

Greek Goddess

Not feeling too comfortable with a regular off the shoulder wedding dress? No worries. This Greek-Goddess style will amaze everyone on your special day without you having to show too much skin. The loosely draped gown has little straps on top that create a subtle drape effect, leaving graceful look to the entire gown.

The semi-off shoulder dress with a string at the top of the dress has a unique cut, namely a high slit on the side of the dress, so this lace fabric will appear more elegant. Semi-off shoulder dress from weddingideasmag.
A wedding dress with a fold off shoulder will make you look dreamy as well as feminine. A mermaid dress with lace veils completes your look. Fold off shoulder wedding dress from marthastewartweddings.
This classic dress with a combination of lace and tulle on an elongated tail will suit you who want to look elegant but still simple. Make the sleeves more charming with the V-neck style which is equipped with a strap. Classic dress with strap V-neck style from happywedd.
Balloon sleeves with a strap at the shoulders show an elegant and very beautiful wedding dress style. When you have a slim and slender body, you can use a mermaid dress. Balloon sleeves dress with a strap from happywedd.
To show your curves, the mermaid dress style will suit you, the off shoulder with ruffle sleeves makes your look different and more elegant. Don’t forget to add a strap at the top of the dress so that it doesn’t show much of the look. Mermaid dress with strap from happywedd.
The tulle material in the skirt is one of the hallmarks of modern wedding dresses. To avoid the dress sagging, then you can add a strap on the shoulders of the dress, this idea becomes a smart and beautiful dress style. Modern wedding dresses with strap on the shoulders from happywedd.

Floral Princess

Last but not least, get inspired by this floral-princess style of off the shoulder wedding dress. The dramatic finish of the off-the-shoulder top is made of tulle, and the rest is beautiful floral-patterned lace. With a sexy corset-like bodice on top and long charming mermaid style on the bottom, you will just be the princess—or even the queen—of the day!

To add a glamorous impression to your mermaid wedding dress, adding 3D floral accents is the right idea that you can try. The long tiered tulle veil modifies this dress to make it more perfect. 3D floral accents for mermaid wedding dress from weddingomania.
Combining tulle with lace to make a wedding dress more luxurious, this A line style is one of the favorite dress ideas of choice. Off shoulder sleeves reveal your sweet neckline. A line off shoulder dress from weddinginspirasi.
When you have a modern themed wedding, then ball lace dresses are an idea that is recommended for you. Create a top with an off shoulder style that looks so pretty and pretty. Ball lace dress with off shoulder style from weddinginspirasi.
Cover your entire wedding dress in embroidered flowers with a little splash of glitter for a more glamorous look. Don’t forget to use the off shoulder lace style for a more open look. Embroidered flowers off shoulder from morilee.

So, have you gotten inspired yet? Just choose the off the shoulder wedding dress that suits your personality the best. When you feel confident in it, you’ll captivate everyone’s attention.

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