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Be a Fabulous Bride with These 55 Victorian-Styled Lace Wedding Dress Lists

Make a fabulous appearance on your wedding day with these Victorian-styled lace wedding dress ideas. Be ready to amaze all your guests!

Do you want to look extraordinary and fabulous on your wedding day? Look no further. We’ve collected some Victorian-inspired lace wedding dress ideas that will suit your need—be it a classical-themed wedding or a modern one with a hint of historical feel.

Some of you may think that Victorian-style dresses will be so complicated. That’s not always true. In fact, you can take some of the elements and implement it to your wedding dress. Check out the following list.

Victorian Gown with a Veil

If you want to wear a fully Victorian lace wedding dress, you can try this idea. An off-the-shoulder laced neckline combined with a layered hoop skirt trimmed with lace ornament can be an option. You can also try a pleated skirt for the bottom layer of your dress. Enhance your look with a Victorian necklace, gloves, and a flower attached to one side of your veil.

Lace Off Shoulder Dress with Long Veil from marthastewartweddings

Laced Top, Pleated Bottom

Want a simplified Victorian lace wedding dress without sacrificing its romantic feel? Try a fully laced bodice with a choker neckline, combined with layers of pleated skirt from waist to bottom. You can also embellish your dress with accessories, such as laced flowers in the center or asymmetrically left or right of the lower neckline.

High Lace Necklace with Pleated Skirt from weddingomania
Light Blue Strapless Dress from weddingomania
Ivory Color Pleated Dress from weddingomania
Pleated Tulle Skirt from weddingomania
Lace Sweetheart Corset Dress from weddingomania
Layered Pleated Skirt from weddingomania
Sleeveless Dress with Lace Top from southernliving
Lace Pleated Wedding Dress from southernliving

Short Sleeves Lace Silhouette

Simple silhouette can also make a good Victorian-inspired lace wedding dress. A simple gown with vintage tablecloth-like lace and a little bit of shimmering sequins will definitely give you sparks on your special day. A standard neckline with loose short sleeves made from lace gives some sort of balance between simplicity and romantic feels.

Cap Lace Sleeves Dress from weddingomania
Straight Shape Lace Sleeves from weddingomania
3D Flower Lace Sleeves Dress from weddingomania
Light Blue Lace Sleeves from weddingomania
Short Blue Lace Sleeve Dress from weddingomania

Casual Lace

You can also try this casual Victorian-inspired lace wedding dress if you want to look less formal while walking through the aisle. A simple V neckline dress with embroidery and lace outer skirt will fit your need. You can experiment with the sleeves: short sleeves made from lace will look gorgeous, or a lace accent on its end if you prefer a sleeveless one.

V-neck Dress with Long Sleeves from junebugweddings
Short Sleeves with V-neck Dress from junebugweddings
Boho Dress with V-neck Style from junebugweddings
Lace Taper V-neck Dress from junebugweddings
Strap V-neck Dress from junebugweddings
Long Dress with Lace V-neck from thebestweddingdresses
V-neck Thin Lace Ideas from thebestweddingdresses
V-neck Embroidered Flower Lace from thebestweddingdresses
3D Floral Lace V-neck from weddinggigig
High Lace V-neck from weddinggigig
White Strap V-neck from weddinggigig

A set of accessories and jewelry that goes along with the Victorian theme such as a necklace, headdress, or shoes will enhance your lace wedding dress. So, be sure to pick the best one for your dress.

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