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Make Your Every Step Full of Style with These 24 Men’s Shoes

Choosing the right footwear gives such a big difference to your style. These men’s shoes will help you boost your confidence and perfect your look.

Having proper footwear for your feet is important to make you feel comfortable wearing it. Not only providing support for your feet, but a pair of shoes also gives you a certain look that affects your fashion as well as your outfit of the day. Therefore, it is necessary to pick the one that suits your character and personal taste.

These men’s shoes radiate the trendiest style to your every step of the way and make you feel full of confidence.


Sneakers are probably the most popular shoes of all time. It is very flexible to be worn by both men and women and also super comfortable. You can move around a lot and even running conveniently with this kind of shoes.

Combining sneakers with chinos pants can be a trend. Pair it with a knit t-shirt, black coat and black and white checkered scarf. Sneakers with chinos pants from outfittrends.
Monochromatic style may be one of the more elegant styles this season, but that doesn’t mean you can’t stay cool in a pair of sneakers. Sneakers Monochromatic style from outfittrends.
Go for gray sneakers to match your monochromatic tone-to-tone look with a variety of whites and blacks. Gray sneakers from outfittrends.
Wearing a pair of white sneakers with a combination of bright jeans will make you more stylish in 2021. A white t-shirt and watch make you look even more handsome. White sneakers from outfittrends.

Slip-on Shoes

A pair of slip-on shoes have an appealingly casual design and is perfect for you to wear for a semi-formal occasion. It is versatile and easy to take on and off; that is why this shoe quickly becomes a trend for men’s footwear.

Give the simplicity of this unassuming gothic look the touch you deserve with a pair of your favorite slip on checkered shoes. Slip on checkered shoes from outfitideashq.
Black slip on shoes paired with a tight white shirt and chinos make you more stylish. Black slip on from urbanmenoutfits.
Wearing a blue slip on paired with a white button down shirt and short ripped jeans makes you look stylish. Complete the look with a tote bag and sunglasses. Blue slip on from urbanmenoutfits.
Looking stylish by wearing these black leather slip-on shoes will really make you look stunning. Tight denim pants and a button-down shirt complete the look. Black leather slip-on shoes from urbanmenoutfits.


If you are attending a formal occasion, loafers might be the perfect choice for you to wear. It has a classy and elegant design and goes so well with suit and tie. The design is never out of style, and you will always look fashionable wearing it.

Wearing brown loafers completes your look. Combining a gray suit makes your look even more striking. Brown loafers from outfittrends.
Looking stylish with leather loafers makes you more stylish. Combined with denim and knitted sweater, it will look amazing. Leather loafers from outfittrends.
Going casually by using a brown loafercombined with pink shorts and a blue shirt really makes you look handsome. Brown loafer with pink short from outfittrends.
With loafers, there are no rules when it comes to socks. You can totally go without socks whenever you want and look fashionable at the same time. Not only that, but you will also stay comfortable all day. Burgundy loafer from outfittrends.

Leather Boots

Leather boots are full of functions. It warms your feet from the cold weather and protects your legs from getting dirty. The leather material adds an expensive and chic look to your whole outfit. This kind of men’s shoes also radiates the masculine aura of yours more.

These Chelsea Boots make you look edgy when paired with white jeans, black Turtleneck and a brown coat. This is suitable for you to try to look stylish. Chelsea boots from nextluxury.
A casual outfit idea with the addition of chukka boots is a brilliant idea. Complete the look with denim, a strip shirt and a black coat. Chukka boots from nextluxury.
These leather Chukka boots really make you look stylish and look edgy. black pants with a sweater top and shirt make you look stylish. Leather chukka boots from nextluxury.
The street outfit that uses chukka boots looks more manly. Pairing it with jeans, a plaid shirt, and a vest makes you even more handsome. leather chukka boots from nextluxury.


Similar to slip-on shoes, a moccasin is really easy to take on and off. It can bend and grasp so you will feel comfortable to move around a lot. The design has that the good kind of old-fashioned style and make your whole appearance looks vintage yet trendy.

While wearing white chinos with moccasins is an obvious choice, you can try pairing it with a brown t-shirt for a stunning look. Moccasin shoes from styleoholic.
The moccasin shoe doesn’t really make the look any more stylish. Pairing with chinos and a button down shirt and a round hat makes you even more edgy. Brown moccasin shoes from styleoholic.
A gray moccasin paired with a white shirt, bleached jeans and a striped pullover for a simple and chic holiday look. Gray moccasin from styleoholic.
A navy long-sleeved shirt, blue shorts, and gray moccasins for a stylish and elegant seaside look. This is truly an outfit that inspires many people. Gray moccasin from styleoholic.

Sport Shoes

Sport shoes are perfect for any casual occasion and of course, give you a sporty yet fashionable touch. There are a lot of colors with different designs and different kinds of comfort provided. Suit yourself by choosing which one you love the most.

Sports shoes are perfect for completing your look. With white you can combine it with joger pants and a gray jacket. White sport shoes from outfittrends.
To give a sporty yet fashionable touch, you can use white sporty shoes . Pair it with jogger pants and undershirts to make it appear fiercer. White sporty shoes from outfittrends.
This white running shoe makes your appearance even more attractive for you to try. White joger, a gray t-shirt and white jacket complete the look. White running shoes from outfittrends.
This monochromatic look is complemented by white running shoes. It is perfect for any casual occasion and of course gives a sporty yet fashionable touch. White running shoes with monocrhomatic outfit from outfittrends.

Walk boldly by rocking your footwear fashion with those men’s shoes ideas and make every step worthwhile!

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