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25 Men’s Business Outfit: Looking Professional in Jeans

A smart casual has become a new fashion sense. By pairing your jeans with a what-so-called formal outfit, you can channel men’s business outfit that informally sharp.

Even though jeans are mostly associated with a casual vibe, nowadays, that stereotype has finally changed. Some companies even encourage their employee to sport something casually smart, and jeans are welcomed. Yet, making sure that you’re still looking professional even in denim is important for your executive image.

Want to know some inspiration for men’s business outfit with jeans involved? Here is some attire to level up your style.

A Slim-Fit Crisp White Shirt

Go for something simple yet elegant by sporting your jeans along with a slim-fit white cotton shirt. Tuck in your shirt and add a leather belt. Remember to stick with dark-color jeans. Also, no-sagging denim is very important. As for the shoes, you can use oxford, brogue, or chukka.

While you can never go wrong with a white slim fit shirt, don’t feel constrained. Denim jeans look great with leather boots. Slim fit shirt from urbanmenoutfits.
Button-down shirts and bright jeans look great for you to try on. The suede boots and gray coat give you a pop. A white slim fit shirt from urbanmenoutfits.
This crisp slim-fit white shirt makes you look stylish. Paired with dark white sneakers to give you a different look. Ripped Jeans from urbanmenoutfits.
There is something so elegant about the business man outfit. With a white, slim fit shirt and denim, it exudes confidence and sophistication. Slim fit shirt and denim from urbanmenoutfits.
Wearing a slim fit shirt paired with denim pants will give you a stylish look. Adding a blazer and shoes to complete your look. Slim fit shirt with blazer from urbanmenoutfits.

Shirt and Blazer

Combining your jeans with a blazer will also offer you a smart and elegant look. Always use dark color denim and wear a shirt along with blazer for the top. You can opt for a black shirt and dark blazer for the utmost masculinity. For this style, you can sport sneakers, boat, or derby.

Keeping the classic shape and clean, you can choose a blue shirt and gray blazer for maximum masculinity. Denim pants and derby shoes complete the look. Blue shirt and gray blazer from nextluxury.
A striped shirt and navy blazer add to the style. Denim pants and white sneakers complete the look. Striped shirt from theunstitchd.
A beige shirt tucked into denim pants makes it look even more attractive. Add a dark gray blazer for some style. Beige shirt from theunstitchd.
Combining a plaid shirt with a gray blazer makes you more stylish. Belted denim pants and leather boots add style to your look. Plaid shirt with a gray blazer from carlthompson.
Looking stylish with a blue shirt, gray blazer and black jeans make you more attractive. The sneakers and leather belts are added for the perfect look. Blue shirt, gray blazer, and black jeans from gentlemansgazette.

Turtleneck and Dapper Overcoat

Dapper overcoat extends beneath the knee. This piece is winter’s best friend because it will make you stay warm. To achieve the men’s business outfit with jeans, simply put it on along with turtleneck shirt and dapper overcoat. This outfit marriage will transform you into a man with a highly refined taste.

You can mix this gray coat with a brown turtleneck and denim pants. Sneakers and a tote bag will turn you into a man of taste. Gray coat with brown turtleneck from styleoholic.
A trendy business outfit in a black turtleneck and an oversized brown coat looks great. Black jeans are added to turn you into a man of taste. Black turtleneck from styleoholic.
An oversized brown coat and brown turtleneck complements your business outfit. Sneakers make you even more stylish. Oversized Brown coat from urbanmenoutfits.
This black turtleneck and jeans gives a matching color look. An oversized coat, boots, and glasses balance the look. Black turtleneck with jeans from urbanmenoutfits.
The matching combination with the khaki turtleneck and black oversized coat adds to your style. Ripped jeans and boots make you even more handsome. khaki turtleneck and black oversized coat from styleoholic.

Khaki Pants and Denim Shirt

This time, play a little opposite color by sporting cream khaki pants and a blue denim shirt. Even though this style is quite simple, it won’t fail you. You can choose to tuck in your jeans or not. And if you do, never forget to put on your belt. Choose brown oxford for the footwear, and you’re ready to go.

This blue shirt and khaki pants really make your outfit look attractive. Choose a brown oxford for footwear, and you’re good to go. Blue shirt and khaki pants from ifashionguy.
There is something so elegant about men’s business fashion. With a denim shirt and khakis it exudes confidence and sophistication. Khaki pants from ifashionguy.
Button-down shirts give your business outfit a dashing look. Pairing with khakis and white sneakers is worth checking out. Button-down denim shirts from ifashionguy.
While you can never go wrong with a denim button down shirt, don’t feel limited. Khaki is perfect for your business attire. Denim button down shirt from fashionhombre.
One of the great things about denim shirts is that they look great. Combining with khakis and sneakers makes you more handsome. Short denim shirts from fashionhombre.

Shirt and Skinny Tie

The last men’s business outfit you can try is by wearing your dark jeans with a shirt of any color you wish and complementary skinny tie. You can play save with black shirt and inky skinny tie. Or, you can also rock patterned shirt and plain skinny tie.

Skinny Ties and plaid shirts are great items for any great formal business dress code. Striped skinny tie from a men’s gazette. Black skinny tie from famousoutfits
A navy pattern shirt and gray skinny tie complete the outfit. Wearing jeans pants makes you even more charming. Gray skinny tie from famousoutfits.
A plaid blue shirt paired with denim jeans and a striped skinny tie makes you all the more charming. Striped skinny tie from famousoutfits.
The skinny tie combined with the green checkered shirt and gray coat makes your appearance even more attractive. This is an easy outfit for you to try on. Navy skinny tie from famousoutfits.
A full suit with a formal patterned skinny tie and shirt. Pair it with denim jeans for a fresh look. Patterned skinny tie from gentlemansgazette.

For men, having at least one dark pair of jeans in your wardrobe is a must. Considered as a timeless fashion item, jeans are also available for office needs. Steal some men’s business outfit above and be elegant in a casual way.

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