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26 Blush Wedding Dresses to Perfect Your Special Day

Be different by wearing more than just a white dress on your special day. These blush wedding dress ideas help you find the perfect dress you could ever wear!

A wedding day is the best day of your life. Therefore, you need to make sure you pick the right one for the most important dress of your life. Choose the perfect design and color for you to wear and be the queen of your own.

If you feel like the white color is too common and want something different, having a blush wedding dress will satisfy the need of your prettiest look. Get inspired by these astonishing dresses you can wear on your special day!

Floral Embroidery Dress

There is nothing prettier than adding a lace fabric with floral embroidery on your blush dress. The color suits well with this addition and creates a vibrant yet calm and soft look when you wear it.

One of the modern style wedding dresses is a dress that features 3D flower embroidery. Don’t forget to use tulle fabric with a V-neck top for an ideal dress idea for any bride. Modern 3D flower embroidery dress from weddingomania.
Short trumpet sleeves finished with colorful flower embroidery ideas add a little retro to the bridal style. With this flower embroidery, you will look more feminine and beautiful. Colorful flower embroidery dress from greenweddingshoes.
You could use more of the flower embroidery on the bodice to give the illusion of being simple yet pretty at the same time. Loose short sleeve is a suitable and appropriate choice to complete this dress style. Use more of the flower embroidery on the bodice from greenweddingshoes.
A wedding dress doesn’t have to be all white, you can choose peach tulle embroidered with red 3D flowers for a more pop. Long sleeves with trumpet and high necklace are accents that beautify this dress. Red 3D flowers embroidery dress from greenweddingshoes.
To add to the beauty of your strapless dress, then use a V-neck style enhanced with rainbow flower embroidery. At the bottom, you can use a white satin skirt which has a smooth texture and is easy to adjust. Rainbow flower embroidery strapless dress from greenweddingshoes.

Long A-line Dress

A long A-line wedding dress with blush tone will flaunt and enhance your body curve gracefully when you walk down the aisle. It is complimentary to a variety of body shapes because it is fitted through the bust and waist areas and flares from the sides and the forms the capital “A”.

To hide the imperfections of the waist line, an A-line dress style is an idea that you can try. This dress has a wide waist and long lace sleeves looks gorgeous in this silhouette dress. A-line dress with long lace sleeves from thebestweddingdresses.
An A-line wedding dress will show your body silhouette beautifully, you can use lace on the top and tulle on the skirt. This fabric combination is a favorite style for elegant and modern dress ideas. A-line wedding dress with lace bodice from thebestweddingdresses.
The appearance of this A-line wedding dress will look more minimalist when decorated with lace at the top. Use three quarter sleeves with a high necklace for a more stylish neckline. A-line wedding dress with high necklace from thebestweddingdresses.
Give your A-line dress a different look with a beautiful fluffy tiered tulle skirt. Lace bodice is a dress style that looks more elegant, giving a transparent tulle on the top of the dress. A-line dress with transparent tulle top from thebestweddingdresses.
The V-neck is one of the most popular wedding dress trends today. Use satin fabric for the bodice and lace for the skirt, you can also make this skirt with a pleated style that can instantly change the dress to be more elegant. V-neck wedding dress from thebestweddingdresses.

Vintage Design

A vintage dress is never a wrong choice. Though the design gives the retro and old vibe, the aesthetic it offers never goes out of style. It is timeless and a perfect pick for your blush wedding dress.

A mermaid wedding dress shows your curves beautifully, a V-neckline with a layered tulle skirt into a vintage wedding dress this year. Don’t forget to add sequins on the lace fabric. Vintage mermaid wedding dress from thebestweddingdresses.
Even though this wedding dress has a vintage feel, its style and appearance will never go out of style. Use lace fabric as the main material of this short dress, let it be sleeveless to show your body a lot. Vintage sleeveless dress from thebestweddingdresses.
Bridal fabrics don’t have to use lace, instead of satin for a shinier look when exposed to the light or the sun. This dress is suitable for outdoor weddings. Satin wedding dress from thebestweddingdresses.
The vintage A-line dress will never fail, you can add a pearl belt at the waist for a slimmer look. The net veil enhances the look of the bride to be more beautiful. Vintage A-line dress from thebestweddingdresses.

Mermaid Gown

A mermaid blush wedding gown will bring the feminine aura of yours strongly. Your body down to the hips will be subtly outlined and then flare out to the bottom like the fishtail shape. Its ability to shine the romantic spirit and show off your curves is highly astonishing and well appreciated.

If you like a cute neckline, then go for the off shoulder lace style with long sleeves. Decorate this mermaid dress with luxurious 3D flower embroidery. Off shoulder mermaid dress from thebestweddingdresses.
Try a tiered skirt for your wedding mermaid dress idea, this skirt idea makes you look slimmer because it gives the illusion of being comfortable with a beautiful cut. The thin belt in the waist area is a sweet addition. Mermaid dress with tiered skirt from thebestweddingdresses.
The lace trim on the chest and waist of the mermaid dress made her appear more luxurious and glamorous. So that this dress doesn’t give a lot of appearance, then you can use a strap at the top of the dress. Strap mermaid wedding dress from thebestweddingdresses.
Use a dress that looks attractive and comfortable at your wedding, a lace mermaid dress is the right answer and can be tried. This dress has a beautiful cut that offers a cool back design. Lace mermaid dress from thebestweddingdresses.

Light and Airy

A light and airy dress is more comfortable for you to wear on your wedding day. It does not feel much burdened than the other types of wedding dress. Moreover, this dress is really suitable for your summer wedding.

To add a stunning impression, wear a boho dress decorated with lace embroidery on the skirt. White wedding dresses don’t give the impression of being bored when used. Boho wedding dress from intimateweddings.
When you want to get married in the summer, then you can use a tulle dress with a fresh color, namely blue. Use several layers of tulle to make it more fluffy. Blue tulle dress from intimateweddings.
Off the shoulder with tulle will be easier to adjust when used. White tulle being an elegant and delicate wedding dress idea, the A-line dress is one of the dresses for the summer. Off shoulder tulle dress from intimateweddings.
There’s nothing wrong with trying a satin mermaid dress for a summer wedding, this dress will be lighter when used so it doesn’t make you stifling during the day. Mermaid wedding dress from intimateweddings.

Tulle Dress

The pretty lacing on a tulle dress might be the most stunning and aesthetic kind of decoration. It is stylishly practical and makes you feel glorious once you wear it. The blush tone of this dress goes well with the tulle.

Give a different look to your wedding dress, for example choosing a polka dot patterned tulle. With a tiered skirt style, this dress looks more elegant and beautiful. Tulle polka dot dress from weddingomania.
Create several tiered of your tulle dress for the illusion of a taller body. Use thin straps at the top of the dress for a less revealing look. Tiered tulle dress with thin straps from weddingomania.
High necklace is a choice of cut tulle dress, choose black for a more unique and different look. You can add some lace at the top of the dress for a more elegant look. Black tulle dress from weddingomania.
Ruffle strapless dress made of tulle with nude color gives a sweet appearance. You can use several layers of tulle for this dress model. Nude tulle dress from weddingomania.

Be ready to be a princess for a day and looking fabulous with those blush wedding dress inspirations!

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