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26 Perfect Men’s Watch for Every Occasion

You can’t sport your dress watch along with a t-shirt and jeans, and also you shouldn’t pair your dive watch with a suit. Find out more about the perfect men’s watch below.

When wearing watches on their hands, some men simply consider it as a device to show the time while others take it more that than. For several guys, they appreciate watches more and consider it as accessories that can tell a lot about the owner. If you want to know more about the right men’s watch to sport for a certain occasion, this information will help you.

Dress Watch

For a formal or professional look, the dress watch is your first brilliant option. Most of the dress watch features a thin leather band and a plain white face. Because dress watches are worn to complement your suit and other formal outfits, these pieces are all about simplicity and sleekness. Even though they come with almost none complications, they are classically elegant.

Dress Watches For Men from gearmoose
White Dress Watch from hellohis.hellofashionblog
Formal Watches for Men from grayton-watches

Field Watch

Firstly made for the sake of soldiers on the battlefield to tell them the exact time, field men’s watch has evolved and become a stylish item that men love. This timepiece has a black dial with white numbering, making it easy for you to tell time even in poor light conditions. Looking sporty yet trendy, the field watch is perfect for your casual or smart casual attire.

Green Army Field Watch from themodestman
Black Strap Field Watch from themodestman
Brown Strap Field Watch from themodestman
Field watches from themodestman
Khaki Field Mechanical from twobrokewatchsnobs
Black Field Watch from territorysupply

Dive Watch

Besides the field watch, this dive watch is also everyman’s favorite. The dive watch owns its name for it is capable of worn in the water. Most of their bands are made from stainless steel or titanium, even less exclusive look like rubber and silicone are also available. You can count on this item for a sport look, casual, or business casual turnout.

Black Strep Dive Watch from blog.crownandcaliber
Leather Dive Watch Strep from blog.crownandcaliber
Yellow Strep Dive Watch from livwatches
Bigger Diameter Dive Watch from themodestman

Smart Watch

Nowadays, more men rely on the smartwatch as their timepieces. With its lot of capabilities from the touchscreen, heart rate record, GPS, swim-proof, to other health measuring features, teenagers to business persons opt this men’s watch. Besides presenting you with various technologies, the smartwatch also comes in lots of styles and designs.

All Black Smart Watch from themodestman
Round Smart Watch from themodestman
Square Smart Watch from popsci

Consider watches for more than just timepieces. With the perfect choice, a watch can elevate your look and become a great finishing touch to your outfit. Hopefully, those types of men’s watches above will help you grab the perfect item for a certain occasion.

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