22 Modern Men’s Bottoms for Stylish Looks

Let’s say you already have all of those classy jackets and sneakers, but they are not complete yet without a pair of trousers to match them. The right pair of bottoms can be a statement for your outfit. Here we give you some ideas for modern men’s bottoms to make you even more stylish.

1. Chinos

Chinos are easy to match with your t-shirt. Also, they look great in almost anything. They can give you the breezy, yet classic without being too casual. They have a wide range of colors like black, navy, burgundy, and cream.

Wearing black chinos paired with a white shirt and black coat gives a stylish look. This makes you more attractive and neat. Black chinos from lifestylebyps.
Going stylish with these chinos makes you look elegant and neat. Combining it with a gray suit and white shirt makes you more stylish. Navy chinos with gray suit from lifestylebyps.
Navy chinos, white shirts, navy blazers and white sneakers make you look stylish. It will look great in almost anything. Navy chinos with White shirt from lifestylebyps.
Looking elegant in cream chinos and a blue shirt looks great for you to try. Add a leather belt, and oxfords to complete the look. Cream chinos from theunstitchd.
Wearing black chinos combined with a slim fit blue shirt adds style and a casual look. In addition to the sunglasses, handbag, and black leather shoes. Black chinos with slim fit blue shirt from urbanmenoutfits.
This navy chinos paired with a white button down shirt. This leather oxford shoe completes the look. Navy chinos from urbanmenoutfits.

2. Corduroy Trousers

Corduroy is composed of woven, wool, or twisted cotton in parallel lines. Wool corduroy is durable. If you want to have that intelligent look, corduroy trousers can give you that style. Try to pair dark corduroy with leather sneakers and sweatshirts.

This Khaki corduroy pants looks amazing with red coat and black boots. A great preppy winter look. Khaki corduroy pants from outfittrends.
Brown Corduroy Pants and Gray Sweater are perfect for casual wear and evening outings. It is suitable for wearing in winter. Brown Corduroy Pants from outfittrends.
Corduroy pants are always a stylish item to choose for your formal wear. This striped coat with printed shirt blends well to create a formal look. Corduroy pants from outfittrends.
Corduroy burgundy pants with a denim shirt for a fall street look. Leather boots will complete the look. Corduroy burgundy pants from outfittrends.
Brown corduroy pants with a blue V-Neck shirt and sweater are great for a winter polo game. Pair it with loafers and sunglasses. Brown corduroy pants from outfittrends.
Black corduroy pants and a denim shirt with a gray sweater are great street looks and are also great for college wear. Black corduroy pants from outfittrends.

3. Wool Trousers

Have that fashion blogger looks with this men’s bottom type. Wool trousers can be paired with a shirt layered with a black jacket, or simply just wear them with your long sleeves and a pair of your favorite sneakers.

Look stylish with this gray wool trousres trousers paired with a navy sweater that looks stunning. Combined with white sneakers, it makes you more stylish. Gray wool trousres from muted.
Completing the look with wool trousers makes you more stylish. Paired with a gray knit sweater for the perfect contrast. Wool trousers pants from ashleyweston.
Its stylish look is complemented by dark gray trousers and a turtleneck sweater. The black coat is added to protect you from winter. Dark gray trousers and a turtleneck sweater from ashleyweston.
These trousers are completed with a white T-shirt and black coat. Loafers and sunglasses make you more stylish. Gray trousers and black suit from ashleyweston.
This navy trousers suit makes you more stylish. Use a plaid sweater and leather boots to complete the look. Navy trousers suit from ashleyweston.

4. Drawstring Trousers

This bottom is comfortable and makes you easier to move here and there. They are lightweight and can make you look more casual. You can hide the securing tie with a sweatshirt. But if you feel comfortable enough, you can just show them up and wear a basic t-shirt.

Using the bottom that is comfortable and makes it easier for you to move, you can use a drawstring trouser. Combined with a green t-shirt and white sneakers, it makes you look stylish. White drawstring trouser from fashionbeans.
This brown drawstring trouser suit really makes you comfortable and makes it easy for you to move around. Pair it with a red sweater with a V neck to give it a different look. Brown drawstring trouser suit from fashionbeans.
You can combine the outfit with blue trousers with a brown t-shirt and shirt. This will leave you comfortable and free to move around. Blue trousers from fashionbeans.

5. Slim-Fit Bottoms

These trousers can give you the feel of skinny jeans with smarter looks. You can wear it to your office by choosing a dark color. But, if you feel like want to play with bold color, you can try other range colors like red, orange or green.

Combining slim mint green bottom pants with a blue shirt complete with tie gives a look that you should emulate. Loafers complete your look. Slim mint green bottom pants fromllegance.
These gray patterned trousers make you look stylish. Pair it with a white slim fit shirt and a suit that matches the pants to make your appearance even more attractive and manly. Gray patterned trousers from llegance.

Men’s bottoms can boost your whole outfits and make you more confident. By choosing the right pair for your look, you can get the maximum result.

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