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51 Men’s Hat Styles for 2021

Men’s hat is known as a stylish accessory and has various range of look. Here some men’s hat styles to level up your look.

Hats had been known as a stylish accessory, including a men’s hat. It has various ranges from fedora, baseball caps, to snapbacks. They are not only functional but also versatile and add a more stylish look for your appearance. Here we give you some men’s hat style to bring your appearance to the next level in 2021.

1. Fedora

Fedora has been the choice of many, from gangsters to hipsters. It has various sizes and also colors, but it is suggested for neutral tones and medium size.

Black Matte Fedora Hat from stylemann
Ivory Fedora Hat from stylemann
Plain Fedora Hat from stylemann
Light Brown Fedora Hat from stylemann

2. Panama Straw Hat

If you want to travel to the beach or other exotic place, this white Panama straw hat with a black band around is the perfect one for you. It looks great for your casual outfit, and it is comfortable and can protect you from sunlight.

White Panama Straw Hat from duendebymadamzozo
Plain Panama Straw Hat from duendebymadamzozo
Casual Panama Straw Hat from duendebymadamzozo

3. Trilby

Don’t be confused between trilby and fedora as they are similar. Trilby is featured with a smaller brim, and the crown is taller than a fedora. You can wear it almost every season.

Suede Trilby from dmarge
Velvet Trilby from dmarge
Black Matte Trilby from dmarge
Elegant Trilby Hat from dmarge
Light Brown Trilby from dmarge
Casual Trilby Hat from dmarge
Round Trilby from dmarge

4. Bowler

This men’s hat is one of the most iconic British styles, and you will recognize it easily on Charlie Chaplin. This hat is hard, felt made, and narrow brim. This hat will look even cooler with tailored pants, dress shoes, and a vintage Corvette.

Green Bowler Hat from thetrendspotter
Suede Bowler Hat from mrporter
Dark Brown Bowler Hat from mrporter
Velvet Bowler Hat from dmarge
Round Bowler Hat from dmarge

5. Snapback

Snapback is gaining its popularity as many fashionistas, coo kids, and ballers around the world are wearing it. The hat has an adjustable fastener at its back. Snapback is rigid on its tongue and has a structured body. It is instantly can give you an instant cool vibe.

Snapback with a Ponytail from outfittrends
Floral Snapback from outfittrends
White and Plain Snapback from outfittrends
Snapback for Straight Hair from outfittrends
Snapback for Short Hair from outfittrends
Embroidery Snapback from outfittrends
Leather Snapback from outfittrends

6. Newsboy

It has a noticeable button on the top to attach the front to the brim. Even if it looks vintage, but it is back to the hat game now.

Wool Newsboy Hat from stylemann
Classy Newsboy Hat from stylemann
Checked Newsboy Hat from stylemann

Men’s hat not only providing functional but also enhances your appearance, and it can give a dramatic change in your outfit. Stand out from the crowd with these hats.

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