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50 Men’s Jewelry for Your Fashion Statement

Men’s jewelry is the new trend now. Here some men’s jewelry ideas that you can try for your fashion statement!

These several years we can see more guys are wearing men’s jewelry for their fashion statements. Famous pop stars are also wearing it, so the popularity of these items is increasing. Here we give you some ideas for men’s jewelry so you can wear them like those models and celebrities.

1. Bracelets

Find bracelets that you can layer easily. Try to combine a cuff with other bracelets in different materials like leather or rope. If you are wearing your watch, then you can add a metal bracelet on your wrist to balance it.

Classic Leather Bracelets from awesomestuff365
Black Leather Bracelets from awesomestuff365
Rope Bracelets with Accents Pearl from awesomestuff365
Brown Rope Bracelet from awesomestuff365
Men’s Infinity Bracelet from awesomestuff365

2. Ring

It is recommended to not wear more than two rings on your hand. When choosing a ring, you have to consider your daily activity. A chunky ring can be distracting and uncomfortable if you are doing physical activities and work. The lightweight is more comfortable daily.

Black Double Rope Ring from awesomestuff365
Black Feather Ring from awesomestuff365
Wrap Silver Ring from awesomestuff365
Crow Claw Ring from awesomestuff365
Dragon Claw Ring from awesomestuff365
Metal Skull Ring from awesomestuff365
Layered Golden Ring from awesomestuff365
Colorful Bead Rings from awesomestuff365
Black Chain Ring from awesomestuff365

3. Necklaces

One of the must-have items for the necklace is a metal necklace with a slim chain and balance length. This men’s jewelry is going to be your fashion statement to hit the street. Wear this necklace with your white t-shirt and jeans for a casual and killer style. Another option is you can also wear a leather necklace as it is also simple, yet stylish and casual.

Rope Necklace from outfittrends
Long Gold Necklace from outfittrends
Silver Necklace from outfit-styles
Brown Leather Necklace from outfit-styles
Necklace with Ring Hanger from outfit-styles
Thin Chain Necklace from lifestylebyps
Small Chain Necklace from lifestylebyps
Long Necklace from lifestylebyps
Choker Chain Necklaces from jewelryshoppingguide
Cross Chain Necklace from jewelryshoppingguide

4. Brooches

Brooches can give you the glamour and luxury look. For instance, you can wear the brooch on your tie. For a more casual style, you can attach the brooches on your favorite blazer.

Cluster of Stars Brooches from buro247
Rocket Brooches from buro247
Small Brooches Ideas from mrkoachman
Round Brooches from mrkoachman
Vintage Style Brooch from mrkoachman
Round Gold Brooch from mrkoachman
Silver and Chain Brooch from mrkoachman

5. Earrings

More men are getting their ears pierced now. There are various earrings available in the market. You can go subtle with stud or bold with a pair of dangling pearl.

Small Stud Earrings from styleoholic
Silver Bold Earrings from styleoholic
Silver Stud Earrings from styleoholic
Triangle Silver Piercing from styleoholic
Stud Pearls Earrings from styleoholic
Big Piercing Earrings from styleoholic
Black Triangle Piercing from styleoholic
Triple Bold Piercing from styleoholic

Men’s jewelry is various and can give you a bold statement. You don’t have to wear fully of them; you can just choose one which is more interesting for you.

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