50 Men’s Pants Styles that Every Man Should Own

When choosing pants to buy, most men will look for pants that are comfortable and easy to mix-and-match. For example, skinny black jeans are a favorite type of trousers because of their flexibility. You can use them at any event conveniently.

But are you satisfied with black jeans only? Try exploring other types of men’s pants which might be suitable for your character and body shape. Take a look at the following ideas and show a little courage to get out of your comfort zone!

1. Chinos

Chinos, the men’s pants trend of the past few years, are a must-have item. With its lightweight material and many color choices, chinos can be paired with a t-shirt when hanging out with friends or paired with a blazer when attending a semi-casual meeting.

Navy Chinos from themodestman
Brown Skinny Chinos from themodestman
Loose Chinos Pants from themodestman
Gray Chinos from themodestman
Black Skinny Chinos Pants from themodestman
Beige Chinos Pants from themodestman
White Chinos Pants from themodestman
Chinos Pants from themodestman
Dark Brown Chinos Pants from themodestman

2. Cropped Pants

Show off your favorite ankles and shoes with these cropped pants! You can use it while attending a birthday party complete with your loafer, or they can be combined with a leather jacket and t-shirt for your weekend night outfit.

Beige Cropped Pants from weddingomania
Gray Cropped Chinos from styleoholic
Cream Cropped Pants from styleoholic
Gray Plaid Cropped Pants from styleoholic
Black Cropped Pants from styleoholic
Cropped Skinny Pants from styleoholic
Grey Chinos Pants from styleoholic
Stripe Cropped Pants from weddingomania
Plaid Cropped Pants from sospedro

3. Cargo Pants

The use of cargo pants has changed functions over time, from army wear to casual outfit that can make you look stylish. Choose cargo pants in khaki color and pair them with sweatshirt and overcoat if you want to look different.

Beige Cargo Pants from instaloverz
Green Cargo Pants from instaloverz
Floading Up Cargo Pants from instaloverz
Green Cargo from instaloverz
Cream Cargo Pants from instaloverz
Black Cargo Pants from instaloverz
Green Army Pants from instaloverz
Army Cargo Pants from instaloverz
Cargo Army motif Pants from instaloverz

4. Joggers

A booming style of┬ámen’s pants, jogger pants offer athleisure wear that also provides comfort. Just add sneakers and longline sweaters, and you’ll look trendy.

Dark Green Jogger Pants from stylegirlfriend
Navy Jogger Pants from stylegirlfriend
Dark Gray Jogger Pants from styleoholic
Maroon Jogegr Pants from styleoholic
Green Army Jpgger Pants from styleoholic
Terracotta Jogger Pants from styleoholic

5. Pleated Trousers

Getting back into a trend, pleated pants are worth trying to replace your tight jeans and give a little air for your feet. You can also wear them with a Cuban shirt or blazer.

Brown Pleated Trousers from mrporter
Light Gray Pleated Trouser from thefilodapper
Dark grey Pleated Trouser from myfashiongalore

Hopefully, these man’s pants ideas inspire you to try other fashion trends. It’s time to give something new to your appearance to make you look fresher and better.

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