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21 Men’s Blue Suits Pattern Combinations

Men’s blue suit is common formal wear for men that can be fun to combine. Patterns combination of each attire can contribute to the overall suit feel.

For men’s suits, color selection is important, as it describes the occasion and the combination with the other clothing ornaments. In terms of color, blue symbolizes royalty, calmness, and professionalism. The final appearance for men’s blue suit is usually accompanied by the combination of white color shirt and tie with the combination of red and black color. There are several unspoken rules though to be considered as not to mismatch this kind of wear during your important moment.

Men’s Blue Suit Pattern

It is clearly important that how good the selection of colors and pattern of the suit will have a big impact on the overall look. The combination of the solid color of the suit in case of blue suits, and shirt with patterned tie is a safe choice on many occasions. While a solid navy-blue suit might look better with a white or light blue shirt along with a striped tie, the verdict is that if you choose pattern suit and tie, then the shirt must be plain. For striped navy-blue suit, white shirt and striped tie can be good.

Put on your striped navy suit and pair it with a patterned tie and white shirt. This way it makes you appear formal and stylish. Striped navy suit from hespokestyle.
A plain navy suit paired with a freckled tie looks amazing with a white top and pants complete with a belt. Navy suit with pattrend tie from nextluxury.
A blue plaid shirt is paired with a white shirt top and a polished tie. Blue plaid shirt from nextluxury.
The elegant look with patterned suits and ties gives the perfect look for you to try. A plain white shirt was added to complete the look. Patterned suits and ties from nextluxury.
This striped navy suit and striped tie makes you look stylish and well-groomed, so it’s worth giving it a try. Striped navy suit from nextluxury.
The combination of a plain navy suit and a plain shirt with a tie in red stripes creates a neat impression. This makes you look stylish. Navy suit with tie ed striped from hespokestyle.
This male style attracts people’s attention. With this navy suit, this plain white shirt and striped tie give it a formal, eye-catching look. Navy suit and stiped tie from hespokestyle.

Ideas for Combining Different Patterns

If you want to have a unique approach, selecting the same color of the suit, shirt, and tie with a different tone from the same color root can create good color harmony. Mixing two different stripes with different width can also coexist properly. An example, in this case, is the usage of bold striped tie and narrow striped shirt. The small patterns will be a beautifying feature of the bold patterns.

Want a formal look with a small striped shirt and a wide tie in gold and silver. A navy suit can create a great color harmony. Gold and silver striped wide tie from hespokestyle.
A green striped tie combined with a striped shirt makes your look even more stylish. The navy suit makes an interesting splash. Green striped tie from hespokestyle.
Another great outfit for a casual look, pair it with a striped blue shirt and a navy shirt. This wide striped tie is both stylish and eye-catching. Wide striped tie from alanflusser.
A blue striped shirt and wide striped tie make for a casual yet eye-catching look. This blue suit completes your look. Grey Wide stiped tie from alanflusser.
Look fashionable with a thin striped shirt and thick striped tie in yellow and black. A navy suit will make you look great. Thick striped tie yellow and black from alanflusser.
A narrow striped shirt, thick striped tie and a navy suit can complete the casual look. It makes you look handsome so you have to imitate it. Narrow striped shirt from gentlemansgazette.
Striped shirts and striped ties make you look dashing. Paired with a navy suit and sunglasses for an elegant look. Striped shirts and striped ties from thesunglassesman.

Overall Look of the Suit

If you already get a grasp of the pattern and color selection, then the suits need to be ruminated as well. The formality of the suit can be seen from the ornaments and the small details within the suit. Never combine formal with casual attire, so formal suit should be complemented with a formal shirt. Double-breasted suit with a button-down shirt might look gallant, but it is not a good selection for men’s blue suit.

A navy suit, white shirt and patterned tie make you look stylish at formal events. Sneakers give the perfect look. White shirt and pattrened tie from urbanmenoutfits.
Going formal in a white shirt and navy suit will really make you look great. Skinny trousers and a tie complete the look. White shirt and skinny tie from urbanmenoutfits.
Nice navy suit to match with a light blue shirt for a smarter occasion. This is suitable for you to try so that it adds to an elegant appearance. Navy suit from patyrns.
Combining a white shirt and a navy suit creates a formal impression. A striped tie and brown coat complete the look. White shirt and a navy suit from urbanmenoutfits.
A white shirt paired with a navy suit creates a fashionable look. A bow tie balances your look. White shirt and navy suit from urbanmenoutfits.
Wearing a blue shirt will look stunning with a navy suit combination. A spotted tie brings elegance to those of you who want to look more formal. Blue shirt from theunstitchd.
Pairing a navy suit and light blue shirt gives it a more formal look. Combined with a wide tie will make you even more attractive. Navy suit and light blue shirt from outsons.

Selecting the proper men’s blue suit can be fun, as there are interesting variations in the ornaments and details. But the unspoken rule of men’s suit can be good guidance for those in need.

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