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23 Men’s Blazer Types from Formal to Casual Style

Who said that men’s blazer is only suitable for ceremonial occasions? Follow our fashion tips, and your blazers can be useful at any time!

Where do we often see people wearing blazers? Of course, the answer is at weddings, academic conferences, gala parties, or important big events for professionals. Blazer is an option to look clean and tidy with an expert look.

But over time, a blazer is not only meant specifically for formal events. Blazer is becoming more familiar in our eyes, with different and less rigid models. The following are guides forĀ men’s blazerĀ for any occasion that you can copy!

1. Adjust the Type of Blazer with Needs

In general, we know two types of men’s blazer designs, namely structured and unstructured. Choose unstructured blazer for casual events and structured one complete with shoulder pads for formal events.

Choose a structured striped colorful blazer to attend formal events in your office, you can use sunglasses as accessories that are easy to find around you. Choose a white shirt to neutralize your blazer. Structured striped colorful blazer from samuel-windsor.
In order for your appearance to look more striking in the crowd, using a brightly colored blazer is a smart idea that you can try. A white long sleeve shirt makes for an elegant blend. Bold color blazer from samuel-windsor.
Add a yellow tie to give the impression of a more classy look, a thick cotton black blazer doesn’t make you hot because it’s lined with a shirt that absorbs sweat well. Thick cotton black blazer from samuel-windsor.
You can try casual clothes but still look formal with a dark unstructured blazer, you can choose chinos in gray for a fun color tone. Dark unstructured blazer from thenordicfit.
Neutral colors will never fail to do their job, a white blazer combined with dark fabric pants makes for an elegant blend. This combination of clothes is ready to accompany your casual outdoor event. White blazer combined with dark fabric pants from permanentstyle.

2. Pick Cotton Blazer

Lightweight fabric can give a casual and friendly impression to your appearance. Choose a cotton blazer to attend lunch at your friend’s backyard and pair it with jeans and sneakers.

A cotton blazer can be an outer garment that will accompany your outdoor activities, a dark blazer can be paired with a black tee and long jeans. Cotton blazer with dark color from medium.
Combine black and white into one color tone for your casual outfit, a white t-shirt lined with a black cotton blazer is ready to accompany you for a date. Basic sneakers are comfortable to use throughout the day. Black and white outfit from medium.
Bright top with dark underneath is one of the styles that you can try on your next look, don’t forget to use a cotton blazer with a soft material and has a fabric cavity that doesn’t make you feel hot. Bright color cotton blazer from Bright top blazer from medium.
Give your outfit a different look by pairing a classic cotton blazer with a bright blue shirt. Black jeans are a perfect match when combined with any top color. Classic cotton blazer from medium.

3. Pair up with Shorts

The idea of mix-matching men’s blazer with shorts will make you look more fresh and playful. When sunny days arrive, use the following formula as your summer outfit: blazer, t-shirts, chino shorts, and boat shoes.

Combining a blazer does not have to be with trousers, you can try other styles with brightly colored chinos shorts pants. Boat shoes that have a matching color with the pants make it look more elegant. Masculine outfit with gray blazer and ivory chinos pants from looksgud.
Modern glasses are an accessory idea that you can use together with a blue blazer and chinos. A white polo shirt with a white collar provides a muted neutral color. Blue blazer with modern glasses from gq.
When you don’t want too much color in your appearance, then choosing a light gray blazer with short chinos is a casual street style idea. Suede boat shoes make your style even more luxurious. Light gray blazer with short chinos from gq.
Wearing a dark blazer with short chinos is a trend this year. This fashion looks simple but charming, you can include accessories that emphasize your cool appearance, such as sunglasses and watches. Dark blazer with short chinos pants from outfittrends.
The bright colors on your appearance this year will make you look fashionable, no need to use flashy colors that will ruin your casual style, here you can just use a plain blazer with white pants and a tee. Plain blazer with white pants and a tee from outfittrends.

4. Put a Polo Shirt

If you want a sporty impression at a semi-formal event, you can try this pair of blazer and polo shirt. Change your standard shirt with a polo shirt as your inner blazer, and you will look sophisticated.

Polo shirts in white are a hot summer trend. This collar model makes the blazer look more casual and suitable for casual activities. Collar polo shirts from dmarge.
The polo shirt has a neat collar so it is suitable as a casual top. You just need to add a black blazer and red pants as a bold color to your current style. Polo shirt with bold color pants from petermanningnyc.
Pair a red polo shirt with plain dark blazers and plaid trousers for a vibrant color mix. This casual style of clothing will look stylish all day long. Red polo shirt with dark blazer from gentwith.
You can complete a polo shirt that matches the cotton pants with a brightly colored plaid blazer. Brown glasses are easy accessories to find in your home. Polo shirt that matches color the cotton pants from gentwith.

5. Try Pairing with Turtle Neck

You can use the style of men’s blazer in various seasons. When it comes to winter, you can take your wool blazers and wear them together with a black turtle neck and shawl.

In general, a turtleneck is an inner layer of clothing that fits well on the body. Long sleeved blazer is best combined with a slim fit top. Inner turtleneck from stylegirlfriend.
The orange inner length is slightly at the neck so it warms your body well. Cover with a black blazer to protect your skin from sun exposure. Orange turtleneck with black blazer from stylegirlfriend.
Summer looks will stay cool with a cotton turtleneck covered in a sleek blazer. No need to use accessories to make your appearance look lighter. Cotton turtleneck covered in a sleek blazer from stylegirlfriend.
Men will look cool when wearing plain tops and bottoms in matte black. As a reference, you can use sunglasses and shiny luxury shoes. All black color outfits from stylegirlfriend.
When you are getting bored with plain fabrics, then you can switch to the plaid blazer which is attached with an inner cotton turtleneck. Choose a matching color for a more harmonious look. Cotton turtleneck with plaid blazer from stylegirlfriend.

Nowadays, it’s easy to find various models of men’s blazer at the nearest clothing store. Complete your blazer collection and have a large selection of clothes when going out or attending large events. Blazer will help you to look nice even when you don’t intend to.

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