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24 Tips to Select the Perfect Men’s Tie

Men’s tie is a flexible ornament that can enhance the overall look for men’s overall look in any special or casual outings. There are vast options for men’s tie design.

A tie is one of the most versatile attire that suits a lot of social situation. Choosing the proper tie according to your clothing, is crucial, but often confusing. There are a lot of design options, such as colors, shapes, sizes, and even materials. The best men’s tie is not the same for everyone, so here are some tips for choosing the most appropriate.

Men’s Tie Color

The color of the tie is obviously important. It represents the man who will be wearing it. It is a good idea to choose colors that are suitable for flexibility. Solid colors can be worn anywhere and would still look awesome. Office worker’s tie is usually white, blue, or black. On formal occasion, the tie can be black, gold, or silver.

Choosing a black-tie color is perfect for you to pair with a gray blazer and black trousers pants. Use a pale blue shirt for a stunning look. Black tie color from nextluxury.
Looking stylish in an all-black work outfit makes you look stunning. The added black tie will give you an elegant look. Black skinny tie from nextluxury.
A navy tie paired with a white shirt and knitted cardigan makes your appearance look casual for your business outfit. Navy tie from nextluxury.
Recommended business attire with the addition of a striped navy tie to make your formal look even more attractive. Pair it with a blue shirt and brown pants. Navy stripe tie from nextluxury.
Looking stylish with the addition of a black tie makes you look formal. A white shirt, beige blazer, black pants, and loafers complete your look. Black skinny necktie from jjsuspenders.
Wearing a gold patterned tie makes you look both formal and casual. Match it with a blue blazer, white shirt, and jeans. Gold patterned tie from hespokestyle.

Design and Patterns

A tie can be stripped, dotted, or even crossed. There are abundant options for designs. In some unique cases, it can also embed images and letters. The ties would not be preferable for a very formal event, but it eventually depends on the wearer’s preference and personality.

This colorful patterned tie design makes you look stylish with a combination of blue suits. The blue shirt adds a formal feel to the look. Colorful patterned tie from dmarge.
The blue suit paired with a white shirt and striped tie gives a pattern to your look. The oxford shoe was added to complete the look. Striped tie and white shirt from dmarge.
This tie with a dotted pattern makes you look stylish. Combined with a navy blazer and dotted shirt, it adds a formal impression. Dotted pattern tie from dmarge.
Striped ties are frowned upon for very formal occasions. But you can use it at work and it makes you look stylish. Red striped tie from dmarge.
The white shirt is paired with dots to add style to your work outfit. a black blazer added for the perfect look. Dotted tie from mensfashionmagazine.
This floral pattern tie provides an attractive look for you to try. A white shirt and black pants are added for a stylish look. Floral pattern tie from outfittrends.

Men’s Tie Material Selection

The material for the tie is important. It can come in more materials that you can imagine; from silk to cotton, nylon to polyester. Silk ties are easy to handle because they do not need iron conditioning. This type of tie is not only more expensive but also very elegant. Cotton ties are common but iron it well before using.

This silk tie adds style to your look. Paired with a patterned shirt, denim complete with a belt to make your look elegant. Gray silk tie from famousoutfits.
Using a purple silk tie with a combination of a patterned red shirt and gray blazer makes you more attractive. Denim pants and curvy oxfords. Purple silk tie from famousoutfits.
Pairing a silk striped tie with a white shirt and striped blazer gives it a formal look. Add denim pants to complete the look. Silk striped tie from famousoutfits.
Go stylish with a black cotton tie and a pale blue shirt to make you look more formal and elegant. A gray blazer, denim and derby shoes complete the look. Black cotton tie from famousoutfits.
The striped cotton tie and blue shirt make you look stylish. This makes you look relaxed but still formal. Striped cotton tie from famousoutfits.
A navy cotton tie and dark blazer make for the perfect combination. A plaid green shirt and denim make you look handsome. Navy cotton tie from famousoutfits.

Type of the Tie

In a glance, there are two types of men’s ties, which are a long and short ties. There are other categories such as wide and skinny ties and even bow-shaped ties. Overall, the tie combination highlights the length of the tie. A short tie is suitable for a shorter man, while a longer tie would be for a taller man. Bow ties are used in very formal events or special occasions only.

This dotted skinny tie makes a stylish look when you pair it with a plaid patterned shirt. This will inspire you to wear work clothes. Black dotted skinny tie from nextluxury.
Completing the look with a striped skinny tie looks stunning. white shirts, blazers and trousers make you look more stylish. Striped skinny tie from nextluxury.
Wearing a black wide tie and white shirt and gray blazer gives you a stylish look. Adding black trouser pants will look stunning. Black wide tie from lifestylebyps.
This wide red tie is suitable for you to try for taller men. A navy suit paired with a white shirt for a stylish look. Wide red tie from lifestylebyps.
This black cardigan makes you look stylish, combined with a wide navy tie when attending a very formal event. Pair it with a navy chinos shirt and pants for a more striking look. Black cardigan and wide navy tie from lifestylebyps.
Looking relaxed at a party wearing a black bow tie and white shirt will really make you look stunning. Trousers and oxfords complete the look. Black bow tie from outfitideashq.

Choosing the right tie can be confusing. It all depends on the preference of the wearer. Buy your tie and match it with the overall clothes. Do not build your style in the other way around. Men’s tie is a good supplementary ornament for any events you can think of!

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