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21 Stylish and Formal Suits for Men

Formal suits are a necessity for men, as it is a must during important social events. Even though it is formal, it can also be stylish depending on your taste and choice.

Formal suits are one of the most important attire for men in their life. There are opportunities for life that can be breezed with the established style of this formal wear. Although it is formal, we have hundreds of style combinations that you can choose. Formal suits do not have to be strict, as it can also include some ornaments that personalize your taste and style, creating your stylish formal look.

Suits material

One of the important aspects of formal suits is material. For starters, wool is an excellent choice of material. You can never go wrong with wool, as it is warm, soft, and it looks especially good. Wool is durable, so it can last for many years to come. The wool based suit is stylish, and it can provide extra comfort in the infamously uncomfortable formal wear.

This wool suit makes your clothes look formal. Paired with navy trousers and suede shoes to complete the look. Gray wool suit from fashionbeans.
Complementing the formal look with this patterned wool suit provides extra comfort. Black t-shirts, trousers, and sneakers make you more stylish. Patterned wool suit from fashionbeans.
This plaid suit with wool material looks stunning for a formal event. Combined with white pants and a white shirt, it makes you more fashionable. Plaid suit with wool material from fashionbeans.
This gray wool suit makes you look fashionable with the combination of a gray shirt and gray scarf. This provides the perfect contrast and keeps you stylish. Gray wool suit from lifestylebyps.
Using a suit made of wool will provide comfort when you use it. The light blue suit combined with a white t-shirt, light blue pocket square and white sneakers looks really good. Light blue suit from lifestylebyps.
This gray suit makes you look stylish when attending formal events. The white shirt, red tie and loafers have a fashionable look. Gray suit from urbanmenoutfits.
Blue suit with a vest, white shirt, and double monk strap shoes. A wool suit makes you look stylish. Blue suit from urbanmenoutfits.

Suits design and form factor

Each suit possesses its own cut and design, and there are options like a single-breasted or double-breasted suit. It is an unspoken rule that double-breasted suits are the better choice for formal events. It is stylish and establishes class and luxury. For the suit collar, be considerate in the placing of the collar. It should symmetrically hug your neckline. Avoid tight collars and wide collars as well.

The double-breasted suit is a better choice for formal events. With a neat look, you can add a red tie for the perfect look. Double-breasted suit from fashionhombre.
This gray double-breasted plaid suit is the go-to choice for formal events. Complete with a black turtleneck and shiny leather shoes. Gray double-breasted plaid suit from fashionhombre.
This maroon striped pattern complements your look when attending a formal event. A neat collar and black turtleneck complete the look. Maroon striped patterned double-beasted from fashionhombre.
Use a brilliant double-breasted suit to complete any formal event. A white shirt and black tie make an elegant look. Gray double-breasted suit from fashionhombre.
A white shirt and bow tie complete the double-breasted navy suit. The collar that is not tight and wide makes your appearance look neat. Double-breasted navy suit from fashionhombre.
This light blue double-breasted suit option makes for a stunning look at any party. This white pocket makes your appearance even more formal. Light blue double-breasted suit from fashionhombre.
Look great with a white double-breasted suit with a luxurious impression. Consider the size of the collar for a neater look. White double-breasted suit from fashionhombre.

Suit sizing for the wearer

The larger suit is comfortable to wear, but they are sloppy and not stylish. The suit must fall around the arms. Keep in mind that the sleeves must be long enough to create professional appeal, but not covering your hand. An etiquette says sleeves are designed to fall, reaching the point where your wrist meets the hand.

A comfortable suit that is the right size gives you the perfect look. To create the perfect appeal you can pair it with a purple shirt and tie. Gray suit from lifestylebyps.
The fit suit that fits the body gives a perfect look and will feel comfortable when you wear it. Pair it with a blue shirt, tie, and shiny leather shoes to look elegant. Black fit suit from lifestylebyps.
A handsome and formal look wearing the right size suit will make you look neater. This will create a professional appeal but will not cover your hands. Blue suit from lifestylebyps.
To give a neat appearance wearing a suit that fits your body makes you look dashing. Pair it with a white shirt and white sneakers. Khaki Suit from lifestylebyps.
This well-fitting suit, vest, shirt, and tie completes your look. Derby shoes and sunglasses make for a stylish look. Well-fitting suit from lifestylebyps.
This derby-breasted suit with the right size makes your appearance even more charming and neat. This will create an attractive appeal. Black derby-breasted suit from lifestylebyps.
This navy striped suit has the right cut to make you look neat. A white shirt and tie complete your look. Navy striped suit from lifestylebyps.

Formal suits are flexible and essential. They are one of the most important attire in your wardrobe. Although the idea of formal wear might be strict and tacky, some considerations let you choose the most suitable and stylish suit for you. Little ornaments within the suit can also add up to your own unique style. Although not much is listed here, what is your idea of catchy accessories for your formal wear?

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