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24 Cute Floral Modest Outfits to Try This Summer

Though the temperature is rising, that is not a reason to leave your modest outfits in the closet. Scroll down for cute and modest summer outfit ideas!

Warm summer should not be a reason for you not to wear modest outfits. Those apparel may actually become handy in protecting your skin against direct sunlight. Though many patterns available for cozy summer, we suggest you dive down into floral patterns for a cute and sweet look. Below are some ideas for cute floral modest outfits you should wear this summer.

Maxi Dress

Contrary to the popular belief that one should wear short clothing during summer, a maxi dress is likely to be worn in this particular season. Especially if you aim for a cute and feminine look, this apparel will provide you with that classic and beautiful silhouette. A floral maxi dress will step up your cute and feminine look to the next level. Choose flowy and thin material for comfortable wear during summer.

Change your summer outfit to make it look more different with a maxi floral dress in bright colors. With this dress, your street style will look more beautiful and feminine. Blue maxi floral dress from stylemotivation.
The dominant white maxi dress will appear more confident when accented with blue flowers on all parts of the dress. Make the bottom of the dress in a sweet ruffle style. Ruffle maxi floral dress from stylemotivation.
So that you look more feminine and beautiful in the summer, then trying an off-shoulder maxi dress with a floral motif is a suitable and appropriate outfit idea. You can complete this look with a rattan tote bag. Off shoulder maxi floral dress from stylemotivation.
Make your summer outfit as perfect as possible, the Sabrina floral maxi dress makes your appearance even more colorful. You can add sunglasses and a tote bag as elegant accessories. Sabrina floral maxi dress from stylemotivation.
The high slit on your floral maxi dress makes your style even more appeal. Shiny leather boots are the right and suitable footwear, you can try them now with passion. High slit maxi floral dress from stylemotivation.

High Low Top

Summer is that time of the year when you can enjoy the sunshine and warm breeze. Why not compliment the wind by wearing a flowy floral high low top? This top has a unique design with a low cut at the back and high cut in front. The asymmetrical look shows how much you are ready for the holiday season. 

Prepare for your summer by choosing suitable clothes to enjoy your vacation. One of them is with a white floral dress with a unique style cut. You can cut the front dress shorter. White floral print dress with shorter front cut from defrenteparaomar.
The floral dress cut with a longer back makes this dress look different from the others. You can use the V-neck style on the chest as items that make your appearance more appeal. Floral dress cut with a longer back from defrenteparaomar.
Floral dress with sheer fabric is the right choice that provides air space so it doesn’t make you hot in summer. High slit makes your appearance more beautiful and elegant. Sheer floral dress from defrenteparaomar.
The high low top floral dress with the bottom ruffle accent makes this dress appear more feminine, plus the tassel on the chest, try this dress when summer arrives. High low top floral dress from defrenteparaomar.

Bell-Sleeve Dress

Even though summer cannot prevent you from looking charming with modest outfits, you should not deny that summer brings the temperature up to several degrees, and this means discomfort. Fret not, simply opt for a bell sleeve dress to overcome the heat. This type of sleeve is loose and lets the wind cool down your arm. Don’t forget to choose a floral pattern for an extra statement of your apparel.

Boho style you can bring into your appearance during the summer, floral mini dress with bell sleeves provides flexibility when used so you can move freely. Boho bell sleeves floral dress from clbxg.
Black and white in floral dress is a beautiful and not boring color combination. Give a different style to the dress by using tiered bell sleeves which looks elegant and luxurious. Tiered bell sleeves floral dress from clbxg.
When you choose a mini floral dress, knee length boots are the perfect blend. You can choose this dress with short bell sleeves which looks great when your hands are raised up. Mini floral dress with bell sleeves from clbxg.
Give a ruffle accent on your bell sleeve for a more distinct and unique look. You can also apply a ruffle at the bottom of the dress to make it look more feminine. Ruffle bell sleeve floral dress from livingly.

Dirndl Skirt

If this is the first time you hear a dirndl skirt, you are not alone. Initially, this skirt came from Austria and brought to high fashion in late 1800. This tight waist with full, wide, and circular bottom skirt originally comes in plain color. However, why prefer plain when the floral dirndl skirt exists to brighten up your summer? Combine your floral dirndl skirt with a solid color top for an elegant summer look.

Summer style will be more complete if it gives a floral print accent. You can use a floral dirndl skirt with a dominant white color. Sneakers are a suitable and appropriate footwear idea. White floral dirndl skirt from styleoholic.
Not only having to be short, but the long floral dirndl skirt also gets the impression of totality to make your appearance more different. You can go for a tiered style with sheer fabric, which is cool to use. Long tiered floral dirndl skirt from styleoholic.
Tops and bottoms with matching colors make you look more charming. You can give a floral accent motif to give it a more passionate color. Necklaces are easy to find accessories. White floral dirndl skirt from styleoholic.
The floral dirndl skirt will look more elegant when combined with a white shirt and pumps. This skirt is characterized by a tight waist. Elegant floral dirndl skirt from styleoholic.
The purple flower motif on the white cloth skirt provides a beautiful color contrast. You can pair it with a plain top with cute collars in different colors. Purple flower motif on the white dirndl skirt from styleoholic.


If you are into modest style, then a jumpsuit is must-have apparel in your closet. This one-piece clothing is versatile and definitely a go-to for this summer. For a festive vibe, choose a cute floral jumpsuit to complete your holiday season.

The floral jumpsuit with lace accent on the V-neck makes your appearance even more attractive, this outfit has a beautiful and fresh motif. You can choose a jumpsuit in the style of trousers that are long and sleeveless. Floral jumpsuit with lace accent from prettydesigns.
Pair a floral jumpsuit with a black blazer for an outfit idea that’s ready to wear to the office. This combination idea is suitable for use in the summer, watches and wallets are important accessories. Floral jumpsuit with a black blazer from prettydesigns.
Choose cotton fabric to make a beautiful floral jumpsuit to use during the hot summer days. Here you just need to add a straw hat to protect you from the hot sun. Cotton floral jumpsuit from prettydesigns.
The floral jumpsuit in green makes your appearance look fresher. Choose a jumpsuit with a sleeveless style to look more perfect in the summer. Green floral jumpsuit from prettydesigns.
Add the leather belt at the waist of the floral jumpsuit to reveal your curves perfectly. Sunglasses are suitable accessories to use for a sweet final look. Floral jumpsuit with leather belt from prettydesigns.
Not only using a long jumpsuit, you can also choose and use a short floral jumpsuit with a V-neck style on the chest. Choose a material that has a cavity so it doesn’t stifle you. Short floral jumpsuit from prettydesigns.

Never let anything or anyone limit your fashion style. Pick modest outfits whenever you please and keep looking cute and fabulous.    

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