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25 Midi Skirt Outfit Ideas for Elegant Office-ready Look

Your office look will never be boring with midi skirt outfit. Scroll down to find some elegant ideas for work.

Most people choose safe apparel such as slacks and shirts for their office look, but that look can be boring. If you are not comfortable wearing short clothing, why not try a midi skirt for your office go-to? This skirt goes under your knees and stops above your ankles, so you can still have enough coverage without sweeping up the floor. Below are some ideas for a midi skirt outfit you can try!

Midi Pencil Skirt

Midi pencil skirt is your go-to for an elegant office look. This skirt is slim-fitted and can make your leg look long and slender. Since the cutting of the skirt is simple, you can try a trendier look by choosing a floral midi pencil skirt. For a fashion statement, choose a big floral pattern, but if you love to be modest, you can pick a smaller floral pattern one.

Wearing a black top with turtleneck details on the neck will make you look more elegant. This pencil midi skirt in a muted pastel color emphasizes a fashionable look. Pastel floral midi pencil skirt from styleoholic.
When you are wearing a floral midi skirt, the right top idea is a plain knit shirt with a nude color like light brown. The necklace used provides many colors so that it is more alive. Floral midi skirt with plain knit shirt from styleoholic.
The midi pencil skirt with colorful floral motifs is suitable when paired with a plain bell sleeve blouse. Use sleek heels with matching colors so that no striking color will spoil your appearance. Floral midi pencil skirt with bell sleeve blouse from styleoholic.
There’s nothing wrong with combining a knit crop sweater with a floral pencil skirt, this outfit idea makes you look attractive. Enter the color of your sweater into the floral skirt you are wearing, which is orange. Floral pencil skirt with crop sweater from styleoholic.
The combination of clothes that make you more feminine when you go to the office is a floral pencil skirt with a long sleeve shirt. Use the dominant white color on your skirt to make it easier to match with any color tops. White dominant color pencil skirt from styleoholic.

Midi Pleated Skirt

Pleated skirt for office will make you look elegant and versatile. This skirt provides a slimming effect for it puts attention to your waist. This midi skirt outfit is so easy to mix match. A boring blouse combined with midi pleated skirt and boots become a statement for your office apparel. 

When you are already using a pleated midi skirt in dark blue, try pairing it with a light blue shirt top for a fresh office look. White sneakers are comfortable to use all day long. Dark blue pleated midi skirt from fashiongum.
Not only wearing a shirt so you don’t get bored easily, this time you can marry a V-neck sweater with a glitter pleated midi skirt. A sling bag is the right choice and is ready to accompany you to work to the office. Glitter pleated midi skirt from fashiongum.
The pleated midi skirt with jersey material provides comfort because it has a material that is not easy to stifle. To go to the office, you can use a ruffle sleeve shirt in a lighter color. Jersey pleated midi skirt from fashiongum.
You can get a monochromatic look with a plaid shirt with a black pleated skirt. Choose a top that has long sleeves and shiny leather heels for a more elegant and classy look. Plaid shirt with a black pleated skirt from fashiongum.
The dark green midi pleated skirt combined with leather boots and the casual shirt is an office outfit idea that is becoming a trend and favorite this year. You can cover the shirt with a jacket when the weather is cooler. Dark green midi pleated skirt from fashiongum.

Midi Trumpet Skirt

If you aim for an extra feminine office look, then midi trumpet skirt is an absolute choice. This skirt is basically a modified pencil skirt with an additional peplum hem. The skirt is already a fashion statement on its own. Simply combine a solid color trumpet skirt with a patterned blouse of your choice and voila! You are ready to rock your office.

When you want to look more feminine and elegant when you go to the office, then try a white midi trumpet skirt with a long sleeved polka dot shirt. Add glasses and a bag as accessories. White midi trumpet skirt from styleoholic.
The midi trumpet skirt boasts an appeal to your curves. Choose a floral shirt with bright colors to match the right outfit and make your appearance more beautiful. Curves midi trumpet skirt from styleoholic.
All white clothes make you appear brighter. Choose brocade for a midi trumpet skirt that is so feminine and pretty. The V-neck shirt is a casual top that is suitable for use in formal and non-formal events. Brocade midi trumpet skirt from styleoholic.
White and pink are a beautiful color combination. Add a belt to your pink trumpet midi skirt to reveal a slimmer body. Pair folding shirts for an elegant and casual top idea. Pink trumpet midi skirt from styleoholic.
The peplum style at the bottom of the skirt is one of the characteristics of the midi trumpet skirt. With this skirt, you can go to the office more beautifully and confidently. The white shirt gives off a professional yet elegant impression. Peplum bottom trumpet skirt from styleoholic.

A-line Midi Skirt

A-line skirt is considered as a safe skirt for it can help you hide your true shape and creates the illusion of a slimmer leg. This skirt comes in many colors and patterns. Feel free to choose your favorite and combine it with a blouse or blazer. A true versatile skirt you must have as one of your midi skirt outfits.

Pair a polka dot blouse with a neutral A-line midi skirt, which is jet black. The white-collar on the blouse is an accent that makes your casual appearance funnier and cuter. Polka dot blouse with neutral A-line midi skirt with collar blouse from styleoholic.
Instead of using a plain A-line skirt, you can choose a motif that makes you more feminine, floral motifs are the best choice you can try. Cover your white shirt with a long cotton blazer. Floral midi A-line skirt from styleoholic.
Use a matching color between the top and bottom, give your skirt a big polka dot motif for a more colorful appearance idea. Pearl necklaces are beautiful and feminine accessories. Big polka dot midi skirt from styleoholic.
A simple and elegant office outfit idea is to combine an A-line skirt with a plain top. Match the color of heels with bags. Add a hat, fedora, and sunglasses, scarf as cool accessories. A-line skirt with a plain top from styleoholic.
Adjust your office wear to make it more enthusiastic and look cool. A-line leather midi skirt with a bright yellow blouse provides a contrasting color for maximum sweetness. A-line leather midi skirt from styleoholic.

Checkered Midi Skirt

Looking vintage and elegant to the office is such a sight for sore eyes. The checkered midi skirt can help you accomplish that look. You can choose many checkered patterns from gingham to the windowpane. The classic checkered pattern is also versatile to combine with your choice of top. So, fear not to try this pattern on your midi skirt.

Wearing a plain black top with off-the-shoulder details like the picture above makes you cute and feminine. Give a different look to the office with a midi pencil checkered skirt. Midi pencil checkered skirt from styleoholic.
The checkered midi skirt with the dominant red color makes you stand out from the crowd. Pair a necklace as an easy accessory idea and make your style sweeter and feminine. Checkered midi skirt with dominant red color from styleoholic.
Elegant and classy clothes you must wear when you go to the office. You can try a midi pencil checkered skirt with a layered top, the blazer becomes outerwear that emphasizes your casual style. Midi pencil checkered skirt with blazer from styleoholic.
Plaid shirts and skirts make your office clothes more elegant, black and red on the skirt are a great color combination. Don’t forget to use bags and footwear made of leather. Plaid shirts and skirts from styleoholic.
If you dare to be different when you go to the office, then use a checkered pencil midi skirt with a dark green blouse, this look will make you look cool and professional. Checkered pencil midi skirt with dark green blouse from styleoholic.

Looking elegant for office is a must, and it can be achieved simply by wearing a midi skirt outfit. So, grab your midi skirt of choice and be ready to steal attention!

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