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55 Smart Casual Attire Ideas for Men

Smart casual style can be a good fashion theme that is comfortable and match any purpose the wearers attend. This style emphasizes on comfort and flexibility.

There are many categories for men’s attire, just like for women’s fashions. Men have casual sets like shorts, jeans, tee shirts, and even hoodies. Some garments emphasize the appropriate purpose for business and job opportunities like a suit jacket and trousers. A fashionable man can put the better of two worlds to mix a smart casual style for men.

The Casual Side

Casual clothing design mostly prioritizes comfort and ease of wear. Garments are one of the best examples of this. A casual piece such as trousers, flip-flops or sneakers, and jackets are good attires that can show a sporty look, perfect for outdoor activities. The problem with these clothes is that they do not work well in professional settings, as they are too casual and sloppy.

Black T-Shirt and Sneakers from outfit-fashion
Navy Longsleeves and Denim from outfit-fashion
Gray Knited from outfit-fashion
Classic Grey T-Shirt from outfit-fashion
Denim Pants from outfit-fashion

Smart Means Business

Clothes that considered as smart attire are usually cut with sophisticated style and details. Sturdy fabrics, formal buttons, collars, and sleeves are embedded in such clothes that feel well fit and proper. They give a sense of professionalism and respect. This aspect of smart casual style can look stuffy at a casual place in the outdoor environment.

Sritped Shirt from urbanmenoutfits
Pinstripe Shirts and Gray Jeans from urbanmenoutfits
White Shirt and Blue Suspender from urbanmenoutfits
White Shirt and Wool Pants from urbanmenoutfits
Blue Checked Pants from urbanmenoutfits
Formal Outfit  from urbanmenoutfits
Black and White Outfit from urbanmenoutfits
Blue Chinos Pants from urbanmenoutfits
Monochrome Bussines Outfits from urbanmenoutfits
Light Blue Shirt from urbanmenoutfits
White Pants and Loafer from urbanmenoutfits
All Black Bussines Outfit from urbanmenoutfits
Checked White Shirt from urbanmenoutfits
Green Pinstripe Shirt from urbanmenoutfits

Smart and Casual Mix

Taking the desired qualities of casual and smart can produce the champion look. A simple example is by taking the sophisticated cut well-tailored men’s jacket in comfortable fabric, combined with looser trousers, can work well in office and outdoors. Lighter fabric can be a good consideration in choosing to clothe, proper for any occasion.

Dark agray Suit from apetogentleman
Brown Suede Suit from apetogentleman
Tonal Blue Blazer & Trousers from apetogentleman
Purple Suit and Trouser from styleoholic

One for All Occasion

Cotton blazer is a versatile essential for men, especially as it covers most of the activities. It keeps men covered in comfortable cloth while maintaining professionalism at work. It also does not look like overdressed cloth outdoors. A cotton pullover with an opening and standard collar can be a good choice any time of the day for the smart-casual style.

Gray Cotton Pullover from petermanningnyc
Navy Pullover and Blue Suit from fashionbeans

There are limitations as to what to wear in this kind of theme, but the main idea is to combine being comfortable and dressing well. Men should be comfortable in any social situation with these smart-casual style-clothing combinations. Do you have your own idea combining the best of comfort and smartness?

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