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Welcome Summer! 50 Warm Cottagecore Fashion Ideas

The best season of the year has come! The warm sunshine and the breezy wind are best celebrated with cottagecore fashion!

It’s time to get closer to nature. Summer is the perfect time to embrace the smell of grass, feel the heat of the sun, and forget all the notifications on your phone. All those warm feelings are best represented by cottagecore fashion. It is a visual culture that inspired by the Edwardian era and ideal life in rural nature. It upholds the warm colors of nature and comfortable farm-style. Scroll down to find out more about this emerging style!

Lace Dress

Women’s cottagecore fashion mostly consists of dresses. One of the dresses you should try is a lace dress. This dress is light and breathable, therefore perfect for summer. Lace dress offers you that timeless, vintage, and warm look. Such suitable attire to enjoy nature. Try to combine this sweet dress with your boots and straw hat. Voila! You are ready to enjoy the summer.

3D Floral Lace Dress from stylemotivation
Lace Dress with Peplum Skirt from stylemotivation
Mini White Lace Dress from stylemotivation
Short Sleeves Lace Dress from stylemotivation
Lace Dress with Fedora Hat from stylemotivation

Cotton Overalls

If you are not into dresses or skirts, then overalls are for you. To fully embrace the cottagecore fashion better, opt for cotton than the regular denim ones. Cotton overalls come in many colors and patterns. If you prefer the plain ones, try to pick a warm color such as brown. Overalls are versatile, and you practically can combine this apparel with any top.

Black Cotton Overalls from outfittrends
Short Cotton Overalls from outfittrends
Long Pants Cotton Overalls from outfittrends
Floral Cotton Overalls from outfittrends
Dark Color Cotton Overalls with Shirt from outfittrends

Ruffle Blouse

To enjoy summer completely, you need a nice top. Why not try ruffle blouse? This type of blouse usually comes in thin and breathable fabric. So, you won’t feel stuffy or overheated while wearing it. Ruffle blouse has that vintage and sweet looking. You can choose the size and the number of ruffles it has.

White Ruffle Blouse from styleoholic
Sabrina Ruffle Blouse from styleoholic
Ruffle Button Blouse from styleoholic
Black Ruffle Blouse from styleoholic
Tiered Ruffle Blouse from styleoholic
Elegant Ruffle Blouse from styleoholic

Apron Dress

Apron dress is a sleeveless dress that has a similar look as an apron. This dress captured the spirit of the Western farm that cottagecore fashion tries to exhibit. You can combine this apron dress with a simple cotton blouse or a puff sleeve blouse. Either way, it is such a comfortable outfit to wear during summer.

Checkboard Apron Dress from fashioninspo
Small Floral Apron Dress from fashioninspo

Prairie Dress

The last cottagecore fashion idea would be a prairie dress. Farm girls originally wear this dress in a Western country. Even though it usually comes in long sleeves and a long skirt, this apparel is super comfortable to wear. This dress comes in various fabrics as well. Try the one made of cotton for extra comfort to your skin.

Polka Dot Prairie Dress from chicobsession
White Cotton Prairie Dress from chicobsession
Dark Floral Prairie Dress from chicobsession
Lace Prairie Dress from chicobsession
Pink Prairie Dress from chicobsession
Blue Graphic Prairie Dress from chicobsession
Ruffle Prairie Dress from chicobsession

Let’s enjoy this summer by getting closer to nature and represent your style through cottagecore fashion!

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