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25 Solid Color Fashion Dresses Casual Ideas for Trendy and Comfy Look

Pattern dress is cute, but give your dress cutting a chance to shine with solid color. Scroll these fashion dresses casual ideas in solid color and be convinced.

Solid color is a fashion style that prefers a single color outfit. Unlike monochrome that allows multiple shades in one color, this style omits both pattern and color variation in one outfit. Solid color is effortless and timeless. Therefore, it perfectly suits your fashion dresses casual choice and will help you achieve a trendy and comfy look. Below are some of our dress ideas in solid color. 

Orange Shirtdress

A shirtdress is probably the staple dress. This button-down shirt-like dress is easy to wear and comfortable. It comes in various pattern and colors. Yet, solid color will give the extra benefit of versatility. Try orange shirtdress to bright up your day then style it with your favorite pair of boots.

Add leopard motif heels to sweeten the orange midi shirtdress and make it look different. This shirtdress is ready to accompany your casual style perfectly. Orange midi shirtdress from sydnestyle.
Only by adding shiny leather high boots, this pleated orange shirtdress will make you look chic casual. For different styles you may not need to button all your buttons so that the lining of the underwear looks beautiful. Pleated orange shirtdress from howtowearfashion.
Use a cotton shirt dress for clothing ideas that don’t make you feel hot easily, cotton fabrics have air cavities so they are comfortable to use throughout the day. You can choose it in a bright color like orange. Cotton orange shirtdress from howtowearfashion.
You can try combining an orange shirtdress with white boots, adding a strap at the waist for a slimmer and more casual look. Orange shirtdress with white boots from howtowearfashion.
You can use the maxi orange dress by adding a drawstring belt at the waist so that it shows your body shape. Don’t always use plain fabrics, you can also use sweet floral cotton fabrics. Floral maxi orange dress from howtowearfashion.
Not only using a plain orange dress, instead with a mini orange polka dot dress that is equipped with a strap at the waist to make it look slimmer. Orange sneakers instantly complete your look. Mini orange polka dot dress from howtowearfashion.

Blue Blouson Dress

Blouson dress firstly became popular in 1900 and not without reasons. The dress is tucked in waistline, which gives a blouse-like silhouette; it is perfect for any body type. The safe dress cutting is perfect with a safe color such as blue. This cool color choice is safe for every occasion and may even look classy. 

Give the mermaid blue blouson dress a unique cut for a more sleek, sleek look. The button on the body becomes an elegant accent, the jersey material looks more falling. Mermaid blue blouson dress from davincibridal.
Make your blue blouson dress look more casual chic with a slim fit at the waist. Gold necklaces are accessories that are easy to find and you definitely have them so you don’t need to buy them anymore. Slim fit blue blouson dress from jolynneshane.
You can easily wear casual clothes that are simple, match the ruffle neckline blue blouson dress with the shiny strap heels. You can use silk fabrics for a more elegant style. Ruffle neckline blue blouson dress from odetosew.
The bell sleeves accent is indeed very cute and adorable. The color of this blue blouson mini dress will instantly transform you into a feminine and casual one. Blue blouson mini dress with bell sleeves from fmag.

Red Tent Dress

Tent dress offers you free movement; therefore, it is a completely comfortable dress. The missing waistline let you camouflage your body shape. The special cutting of this dress is best celebrated with a solid color. Pick a red tent dress for a vibrant and trendy look.

For energizing clothing ideas during the summer, you can try the one shoulder red casual tent dress. The ruffle sleeves add a classy effect that’s not over the top. One shoulder red tent dress from gorgeautiful.
To free your movement during casual activities, then using a dress tent is a suitable outfit idea. You can choose red as a classy and luxurious bold color. Bold red tent dress from fabrickated.
Use lace for a casual and striking red tent dress. Here you can combine it with a leather bag and heels with matching colors. The V-neck necklace is an attractive item. Lace red tent dress from buzfr.
Change up your simple look with a red tent dress, create sleeves with an off sleeve and tiered skirt for a different style. You can use it to attend parties with casual outfit ideas. Off shoulder red tent dress from buzfr.

Black Wrap Dress

This fashion dresses casual idea is probably the sexiest dress ever. Wrap dress not only compliments your body shape, but it also gives an attractive silhouette. What is the best color choice to enhance the already beautiful dress? Yes, black it is. You cannot go wrong with black. It goes smoothly from party to funeral. Own one black wrap dress, and you will be just fine.

This black wrap dress features a waist strap detail that gives it a touch of elegance. You can choose a maxi dress with a V-neck accent as an outfit that makes you more appeal. Maxi black wrap dress from sydnestyle.
Give a unique dress cut with a higher front than back. This black wrap dress makes for one of the most beautiful and classy minimal clothes. Minimal black wrap dress from fmag.
Semi-formal casual wear with a very distinctive black wrap dress. Three quarter sleeves with mini dress style add elegance to your look. Quarter sleeves black wrap dress from fmag.
Create a high slit on your black wrap dress to reveal some of your legs with great appeal and beauty. The most suitable footwear is the black heel strap, which is made of suede. High slit black wrap dress from fmag.
Give your all-black appearance another color with a brown leather tote bag. You can choose a black wrap dress that has a collar for a different and less boring outfit idea. Collar black wrap dress from fmag.
For a casual look that’s really stylish, wear a black mini wrap dress with high slit, and long sleeves ideas. Wear it with a pair of tall boots with vintage motifs in a combination of gold and black. Long sleeves black mini wrap dress from fmag.

Yellow Drop Waist Dress

As the name suggests, this dress has a low waistband that goes down to the hip. It gives a body lengthening effect and hip widening. This dress is also known as a flapper dress. It gives that 1920s vibe and will be more flattering in a solid color. Pick yellow for this dress and embrace that comfy look.

To create a breezy impression you can simply wear a yellow waist mini dress with black heels for a minimalist and refreshing look. Sunglasses and long necklaces are accessories that you can wear simultaneously. Yellow waist mini dress from styleoholic.
When using a yellow waist dress with a high necklace, it creates a casual chic impression. No need to use excessive accessories to minimize your appearance. High necklace yellow waist dress from refinery29.
Another style that you can try from this yellow waist dress is to add a collar to the neck with a matching color. This dress is ready to accompany your casual events throughout the day. Collar yellow waist dress from honeykennedy.
To give a slim effect to your body, the yellow waist dress is a suitable outfit for you to try. This color will make you stand out more in the crowd. Solid color waist dress from instyle.
This yellow waist dress was created to fit your figure. This dress looks simple but when combined with peach heels and a shiny leather bag, it makes you more stylish. Yellow waist dress with peach heels from runninginheelsblog.

So, what do you think about those fashion dresses casual ideas? Ready to try some solid color?

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