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44 American Fashion Skirt Mix and Match for Trendy College Look

Stop looking too casual by wearing jeans and a t-shirt to college. Try combining American fashion skirt into your outfit and be ready to look trendy.

Most students in college opt for a super casual and common outfit such as jeans and t-shirt. It is without reason, in college you have many things to do from attending classes to doing some laboratory works, and it requires you to wear something comfortable. However, there is nothing wrong by showing your beauty and brain persona and wear something trendier. Here are some mix and match idea of American fashion skirt you can try!

Tennis Skirt and Oxford Shirt

Originally, a tennis skirt is worn for playing tennis. However, thanks to its trendy design, it enters the fashion world and can be worn without its original intention. This skirt offers you room to move, therefore perfect for your activities in college freely. If you want extra movement, you can pick a pleated tennis skirt. This skirt is actually versatile and can be combined with pretty much any top. If you like a semi-casual look for your college go-to, try to match this skirt with an oxford shirt or another top. 

Blue Polkadot Skirt from fashionmakestrends
Gray Tennis Skirt from fashionmakestrends
White Tennis Slirt and Denim Vest from fashionmakestrends
White Tennis Skirt and Black Blazer from fashionmakestrends
Pleated Tennis Skirt from fashionmakestrends
Green Sweater and White Tennis Skirt from fashionmakestrends

Tennis Skirt and Sweatshirt

American fashion skirt is all about casual and trendy. What’s trendier than a tennis skirt? Normally a tennis skirt is between 28 – 38 centimeters long, so it is a quite breezy skirt. If it happens to be a little bit cold day, you can combine this skirt with your favorite sweatshirt. It will create a trendy and chic look to go for college.

Blue Sweatsshirt from byabbie
Red Sweatshirt from selfiesandootds

Prairie Skirt and Crop Top

Prairie skirt is a home dress worn by American girls back in the 19th century. It was in the 1960s that this skirt became high fashion. This skirt is full and has multiple ruffles. Combine this skirt with a crop top or any top you have to achieve the trendy look. In this mix and match, you can truly celebrate the beauty and the brain you possess.

Black Prairie Skirt from styleoholic
Blush Pink Prairie Skirt from styleoholic
Navy Prairie Skirt fom styleoholic

Denim Skirt and Striped Top

Who can say no to denim? This highly worn fabric is an American fashion statement. Embrace your American fashion skirt by choosing a denim skirt into your closet. Denim skirt comes in various design and can give you that trendy and comfortable look. Perfect for going to college. For a super casual look, try to combine this skirt with a striped top.

Striped Longsleeves from society19
Pleated Denim Skirt from styleoholic
Ripped Denim Skirt from styleoholic

There are still many possible combinations you can try with American fashion skirt. Check your closet and find your unique mix and match!

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