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Be the Party Stealer with These 24 Gorgeous African Fashion Skirts

You have an invitation to a party but don’t have any eye-appealing outfit. Fret not! It’s time to try some appealing African fashion skirts.

Most people, when are invited to a party, would love to be the center of attention. To do so, many women have opted for slightly revealing dress or gleaming jewelry. Though that strategy works, perhaps it is time to work on another strategy to steal attention without purchasing unnecessary dress or jewelry. We offer you African fashion skirts to make you that attention stealer. Check out below for gorgeous African fashion skirts you should try!

Ankara Style Skirt

The reason why African fashion skirts are such an eye-appealing is their vibrant colors. Check out the Ankara style skirt! Ankara style offers you rich and colorful patterns. You can choose patterns from floral to tribal, and the skirt also comes in various styles. If you are into an extravagant persona, try the maxi Ankara skirt. Fear not to mix and match this skirt since the already colorful skirt will make any top look fabulous for a party.

Ankara skirts can be more stylish and eye-catching when attending parties. The A-line style has been in trend for a while and becomes more attractive when it is sewn into a skirt. A-line ankara skirt from thrivenaija.
This is a fabulous Ankara skirt that you can style in a very beautiful way. It is very pretty and suitable for any kind of occasion. Long Ankara skirt from thrivenaija.
Ankara mini skirts are unique in their own right. And all you need is to fund a style that makes you comfortable like the layered miniskirt above, quite luxurious and comfortable. Mini layered Ankara skirt from thrivenaija.
Another attractive Ankara skirt that you can wear classy and confidently is the simple style above, perfect for all kinds of shapes and forms. Paired with a white strapless sweatheart and white blazer. High waist pleat skirt from thrivenaija.
This Ankara skirt style is one of the trendiest styles you want to have in your wardrobe. Paired with an off-shoulder denim top and pink high heels makes you even more fashionable. High waist Ankara skirt from thrivenaija.
Miniskirt is another fashionable skirt that you will love. With a lace accent combined with a black top and high heels, it makes you more trendy. Mini frock ankara skirt from thrivenaija.

Kente Pattern Skirt

Kente pattern was originally made by the Ewe and Ashanti people of Ghana back in the 12th century. This beautiful pattern is distinctively known for its colorful threads which are woven together into a particular pattern. Each pattern has its own philosophical meaning since this garment previously only be worn by the royals. With this rich history skirt, surely you can steal any party. Like many African fashion skirts, you should not worry about mix and match. The skirt itself is the party stealer.

Look stylish using a kente pattern skirt. Pair it with a t-shirt equipped with accessories, necklaces and black high heels. Kente pattern skirt from lapassionvoutee.
This kente patterned skirt will steal the show when you attend a party. Paired with a tight black longsleeve complete with a necklace and high heels for a stylish look. Yellow kente patterned skirt from ankarafashionstyles.
This ruffle skirt has a kente pattern. This will add some style to your look with the addition of a blue tank top and necklace. Ruffle skirt has a kente patteren from oonaballoona.

Kaba and Slit

Kaba and slit originally come from Ghana. Traditionally this apparel symbolizes prestige and honor. This outfit is two pieces of clothing. The top is called Kaba, and the skirt is called slit. They usually come in one coordinating pattern, so you don’t need to be confused in looking for a suitable top. This outfit comes in a various lively color. Perfect for your stunning look.

A one-sleeve dress with a fitted style is the perfect look for your date night. Adding a belt to the dress makes the curves look great. One-sleeve dress kaba and slit from outfittrends.
Here’s another kaba and split strapless split for you to try. Using matching colors will rock your look. Blue and red kaba and slit from outfittrends
Kaba and slits make you look more stylish. With matching colors and matching colors will attract people’s attention. Red and yellow kaba and slit from outfittrends.
Mix and match the Kitenge design with a beautiful outfit consisting of a pencil skirt and button-down shirt. With a design like this it will attract people’s attention. Button-down shirt kaba and slit from outfittrends.
This kaba and slit makes you look great at parties. With a motif like the picture above, combined with several accessories and a handbag to make the appearance more fashionable. Yellow kaba and slit from outfittrends.
Looking elegant with harmonious top and bottom in this Kaba and slit African fashion ideas. The combination bold color that consists of green, yellow and blue makes the women look sharp and elegant at the same time. Bold Kaba and slit African fashion from africanfashionandlifestyles.
The same pattern and matching make this kaba and slit look luxurious and glamorous. Complete the look with black earrings and high heels to give it a pretty look. Kaba and slit from africanfashionandlifestyles.
Wearing Kaba and slit in the same color makes you even more stunning. The brocade accents on the sleeves give you a distinct look. Kaba and slit with brocade accent from africanfashionandlifestyles.
The matching color of the Kaba and slit really stole people’s attention. Add a hat with the same pattern to give an attractive appearance. Black and yellow kaba and slit from africanfashionandlifestyles.
Look stylish with this white and yellow Kaba and slit to complete your party look. This will make you look beautiful when wearing it. White and yellow Kaba and slit from africanfashionandlifestyles.
Wearing brightly colored kaba and slit with an African style pattern makes your appearance even more elegant. The mermaid style dress accentuates the fashionable look. Colored kaba and slit from africanfashionandlifestyles.

African Print Patchwork Skirt

Patchwork is a craftwork that combines many different patterns and colors into one. It may seem too much, but if you combine various African prints, it turns out to be rich and gorgeous. If you really aim to be that party stealer, then African print patchwork skirt is definitely for you. 

Wearing an African print patchwork middi skirt is a craftsmanship that combines many colors and patterns. You can combine it with a pink tank top to get people’s attention. African print patchwork middi skirt from lapassionvoutee.
This african printed patchwork skirt features several different types and colors. This may seem too much but it will attract attention when you attend a party. Ruffle african printed patchwork skirt from lapassionvoutee.
An eye-catching mix uses this african print patchwork skirt with this sleeveless pink blush. Complete the look with black high heels. Colorful african print patchwork skirt from lapassionvoutee.
A patchwork skirt with a long african motif combined with a long white shirt will add a fun impression when you attend a party. This style seems too much but it will look perfect if you use it. Patchwork skirt with a long african motif from lapassionvoutee.

From floral to tribal, there are plenty of patterns in African prints. So, what are you waiting for? Try those African fashion skirts and be ready to be the star of the party!

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