Celebrate Fabulous Summer with These 25 Long Skirt Fashion

A fabulous summer should be celebrated with an elegant yet comfortable outfit. Long skirt fashion can give you that whole package. Some of you maybe are not convinced that the long skirt is appropriate to be worn during summer. However, once you scroll down to some of our long skirt fashion suggestions, we believe you’ll rush to your closet to find one and be ready to look fabulous this summer.

Floral Long Skirt

If you are looking for an elegant and cute pattern, then floral is the answer. Floral pattern on a long skirt is a fashion statement. You can choose the size of the flower according to your occasion and mood. The bigger floral pattern is suitable for semi-formal summer soiree while the smaller floral pattern will look super cute for your day-to-day summer outfit.

Attractive summer women’s outfit with long black floral patterned skirt, black tank top, sling bag and gold belt. Long black floral patterned skirt from glossyu.
Pink patterned skirt with flowers, white blush, high heels for a date or just to celebrate a summer party. Pink patterned skirt with flowers from glossyu.
The long flower-patterned skirt with the sides makes you look cute. You can mix with tank tops, high heels and tote bags. Long flower patterned skirt from glossyu.
A-line long floral pattern skirt will make you more stylish at summer parties. The crop top and slippers make you look relaxed but still attractive. A-line long floral pattern skirt from glossyu.
Wearing a long floral skirt gives a stylish look in the summer. Sleeveless top makes you even more stylish. Blue and purple long floral skirt from glossyu.

Long Striped Skirt

Summer is the time of the year to look bold and eye-catching. You can achieve those looks by wearing the timeless pattern ever: stripes. The long striped skirt helps you become the attention stealer and look taller at the same time. Make sure you opt for vertical stripes instead of horizontal for slimmer effect.

You can look stylish with a colorful long striped skirt, blue T-shirt, and trendy classic red high heels. Colorful long striped skirt from fashiontasty.
Wearing this big striped skirt gives a trendy look in your summer. The crop top and denim jacket give off a modish look. Big striped skirt from fashiontasty.
Looking cute with a pink striped skirt makes you look beautiful in summer combined with a pink tank top and a pink bag. Pink striped skirt from fashiontasty.
The black and white vertical striped skirt gives a unique look. The slim fit yellow tank top and yellow bag give it a stylish look. Black and white vertical striped skirt from fashiontasty.
Getting a stylish look with a vertical long striped skirt helps you stand out and look taller. A denim shirt and leather handbag complete the look. Vertical long striped skirt from magicpin.

Tie-dye Long Skirt

Nothing is more festive than celebrating summer with vibrant colors. Tie-dye long skirt is the perfect long skirt fashion for such a celebration. Not only tie-dye gives you plenty of colors to work with, but you can also choose many tie-dye patterns to your liking. Simply, combine your tie-dye long skirt with a tank top, and you are ready to stroll anywhere you want or on the beach looking vibrant and festive.

Brighten your day with festive clothes such as a tie-dye long skirt, gray T-shirt, and sunglasses. Colorful tie-dye long skirt from glamradar.
You can pair colorful tie-dye skirts with various tops. T-shirts and sunglasses will have an interesting look for you to try on. Colorful tie-dye skirts and T-shirt from charmedbycamille.
Looking glamorous by using a tie-dye long skirt makes you look beautiful. Combining it with high heels gives a festive look. Blue and red tie-dye long skirt from vogue.

Long Wrap Skirt

Do you have a plan to go to the beach this summer? Then a long wrap skirt should be on your list of outfits. This skirt is available in many colors and patterns. So, you can easily combine it with any top you have. Combination of crop top and long wrap skirt is sexy and pretty.

A long wrap skirt is suitable for you to try because it has many colors and patterns, so you must try it. Floral long wrap skirt from livvyland.
A gray wrap skirt is a great choice for a stunning summer look. Pair it with a lace crop top for a stylish look. Gray wrap skirt from beautyandu.
This long wrap skirt is a multicolored look, while the floral pattern top is able to dampen clashing tones. Long black wrap skirt from styleoholic.
Combining a long wrap skirt with a plaid pattern and a white T-shirt looks stylish. Long wrap skirts look trendy with a t-shirt top inside. Plaid pattern long wrap skirt from styleoholic.
The beige wrap skirt with ruffle accents makes you look trendy in summer. Paired with a white T-shirt, belt belt and sneakers complete the look. Beige wrap skirt with ruffle accents from styleoholic.
Look trendy by wearing a long wrap skirt combined with a white T-shirt and leather jacket. A painter’s hat, slip-on shoes and a red shoulder bag complete the look. Long blue wrap skirt from styleoholic.
To complete the look for going to the beach you can wear a long slit wrap skirt. Complete the look with a tight t-shirt to make you more stylish. Long slit wrap skirt from outfittrends.

Long Accordion Pleated Skirt

The holiday season should be fun, and it should also show in your outfit. Celebrate your long skirt fashion by opting for an accordion-pleated one. Accordion pleated gives the advantage of lengthening your leg, thus make you look slender. The flowy fabric of this skirt gives extra effect when the warm breeze blows. Match this skirt with a basic tee, and you are ready for the holiday.

Pairing a long blue accordion pleated skirt makes you look slimmer. A brown t-shirt, high heels, handbag, and sunglasses complete the look. Long blue accordion pleated skirt from fashiongum.
Pair a long navy accordion pleated skirt with a gray sweatshirt top and complete your outfit with a pair of sneakers. Long navy accordion pleated skirt from fashiongum.
A long gray accordion pleated skirt paired with gray knitwear and sandals creates a trendy look for your summer. Long gray accordion pleated skirt from fashiongum.
Pair your a long emerald green accordion pleated skirt with a striped t-shirt and complete your look with an about bag. This is the kind of look that’s perfect for a casual summer. Long emerald green accordion pleated skirt from fashiongum.
Wearing a long accordion pleated skirt will make you look slimmer than ever. Pair it with a light blue shirt and a pair of sneakers. Long navy accordion pleated skirt and light blue shirt from fashiongum.

Are you ready to embrace the summer with long skirt fashion? Get one of our suggestions and see how gorgeous you look this summer

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