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20 Comfy and Edgy Plus Size Fashion for Women

Things we wear should be comfortable and show our unique self. Check out some ideas of comfy and edgy plus size fashion for women below.

Looking edgy means looking unique, celebrating every individuality that you have, and being comfortable. Having plus size doesn’t mean you cannot wear the recent fashion. By applying an edgy look, you can set your own fashion. Scroll down for comfy and edgy plus size fashion for women you should try!

Dark Jeans

Jeans are one of the staple apparels one should have. While lighter color jeans are way too common, and darker color jeans offer a fashion statement. This color choice also has a slimmer effect which is an advantage for plus size women. Don’t be afraid to combine dark jeans with any top you have. The darker color is neutral, therefore versatile. So, any combination of style and color should be perfect for any occasion.

Dark jeans pants look trendy for women plus size when paired with a white t-shirt and white blazer. Dark jeans pants fom liveabout
Wearing dark denim pants will make your legs look small. Pair it with a spaghetti strap top for a stunning look. Dark denim pants fom liveabout.
A stylish outfit with black jeans paired with a strapless top that will shape your body. Your look is so gorgeous. Black jeans from liveabout.
The black blouse and bomber jacket look very trendy and stylish when paired with black jeans. The black outfit will make you look slim and stylish. Black jeans from splendidwoman.

Pencil Skirt

Never limit your fashion choice just because you have plus size. A pencil skirt is both comfortable and edgy for you. It compliments every curve you have. Make sure you have a perfect fit pencil skirt, something that is not too loose and too skintight. This skirt is great for semi-formal to the casual occasion you need to attend. For slimming effect, you may want to choose a solid color one.

The sophisticated blend of a black pencil skirt and sleeveless white blouse will prove your wardrobe coordination skills. Those combinations will never fail to increase your look. Black pencil skirt from styleoholic.
A black sleeveless chiffon top, a knee-length pencil skirt with floral pattern, white shoes for dates or work are all great choices for a very stylish and elegant look. Knee-length floral pencil skirt from styleoholic.
For an attractive finish the leopard print knee skirt and army green top with long sleeves don’t disappoint. Finish with high heels and a tote bag for a very trendy finish. Leopard print knee pancil skirt from styleoholic.
A leopard print skirt, a white blouse with a ribbon, a black cape, and black heels are the perfect base for a plus-size women outfit. Leopard print skirt for women plus size from styleoholic.

Color Blocking Outfit

Color blocking is a great choice for looking edgy. This style combines multiple solid color in one look. The color choices usually are complementary colors. They are the ones that opposite of each other in color wheel. The result of color blocking is chic to look with a slimming effect, especially if the darker color block is perfectly positioned in places where you want to look slimmer.

Wearing a navy-blocking dress and white accents at the waist will make you look slimmer. This is suitable for those of you who have a plus-size body. Navy blocking dress from curvyoutfits.
To give a slim look, you can wear a color blocking dress. The bold color will hide your real body size. The purple and black color paired with high heels add a beautiful look. Purple and black color dress from dressxnetwork.

Wrap Dress

Yes, a wrap dress is a perfect plus size fashion for women. The reason is that this dress hug in every curve of your body. The V-neck of this dress is appealing, especially if you are heavier on top. The wrap on the dress accentuates the waist and makes that beautiful hourglass silhouette.

The easiest way to look slim in a wrap dress with green flowers is a great choice for plus size women. The shape of the dress will cover every inch of your curve body, so it will create a slim look. Wrap dress with green flowers from jumbled-niche.
Olive green wrap dress for plus size women is the right outfit for you to wear. This will make you look slimmer thus creating a lovely hourglass silhouette. Olive green wrap dress from jumbled-niche.
Wrap dresses are always a great idea to inspire outfits for plus size women. A green dress in a vintage style makes you look stylish. Geen wrap dresses from jumbled-niche.
This women’s green striped midi wrap summer dress makes your body look slimmer. Coupled with a shoulder bag and high heels will complete the look. Green striped midi wrap dress from jumbled-niche.
This green floral print summer wrap dress is perfect for plus size women. Just pair it with suitable sandals will add to your style. Green floral print summer wrap dress from jumbled-niche.
V-Neck wrap dress with ruffle accents makes you look slimmer and more stylish. This wrap dress will make you look stylish with the addition of a handbag. V-Neck wrap dress with ruffle accents from jumbled-niche.


This loose-fitting attire looks good on all body types. The tunic is surely advantageous for plus size since it can help cover parts that you’re not comfortable with. This top comes in various fabric, models, and pattern, therefore quite easy to mix and match. Combine it with your favorite jeans, and you are ready to go.

This floral pattern sleeveless tunic looks stylish when you pair it with black leggings. This is perfect for you to try as it can help cover any areas that are uncomfortable for you. Floral pattern sleeveless tunic from outfittrends.
Combined with a long sleeved purple tunic and black leggings it will cover up the uncomfortable place for you. Flat shoes will complete your look. long sleeved purple tunic from outfittrends.
Look stylish for plus size women with tunic clothes with floral patterns you can mix with black leggings. Complete your look with boots and sunglasses. Plus size women with tunic from 40plusstyle.
With a gray tunic, the black leggings are perfect for plus-size women to wear. In this way, it will help cover up any places that are uncomfortable for you. Gray tunic and black leggings from 40plusstyle.

From jeans to the tunic, there are various clothing that is perfect plus size fashion for women. The key is being confident and celebrating every curve you own.

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