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30 Chic and Beautiful Vintage Outfits for Special Occasion

Vintage outfits will help to elevate your sense of fashion because something is charming and personal about these old, unique styles of clothing.

From plain chiffon to bold patterns, the value of vintage outfits makes it one of the most popular trends all over the world. Instead of following random fashion trends, vintage allows you to buy and wear according to your taste and style. To make your choice more fulfilling to wear, here are some ideas that may inspire you.

Vintage Dresses

The easiest option to get a vintage look is to wear dresses. The length of truly vintage dresses should usually fall into the knee-length, and the necklines can consist of boat-neck shapes, V-shaped, and sweetheart. You can also have them with lace accents.

You will look vintage in a white dress with this interesting pattern. And surprisingly, it makes you look beautiful in the summer. White dress with pattern from outfittrends.
With this vintage dress with lace, you will exude the aura of the greatest goddess. Vintage dress with lace from outfittrends.
With this vintage red flower pattern dress, it will make you look stylish in summer. Vintage red flower pattern dress from outfittrends.
For an outfit that provides comfort in the summer, consider wearing a black vintage floral dress. Black vintage floral dress from stylesweekly.
Look chic yet comfortable in a vintage green dress and brown coat. T-shirts and high heels are added for a cool look. Green dress and brown coat from stylesweekly.
Choose a vintage floral dress to add a casual touch to your summer outfit. Let your fashion skills really shine by complimenting your outfit. Vintage floral dress from stylesweekly.
The perfect black dress. It has an added color to the bottom of the dress. It will look very beautiful when you use it in summer. Rainbow printed midi dress from ladyfashioniser.

Vintage Look in Summer

What is a better season than summer that gives you the best moment to dress in vintage when you have an endless option of dresses and colors? You can go with denim shorts, leather ankle boots, and a long-sleeves plaid pattern shirt. You can simply tuck in your shirt or make a bow of it on the front of your waist.

If you’re into vintage clothing in the summer, why not wear these short jeans and a flannel shirt. Complete the look with boots, bandana and sunglasses. Short jeans and a flannel shirt from outfittrends.
Make a floral shirt and shorts as your outfit choices to get an attractive and contemporary vintage look. Floral shirt and shorts from outfittrends.
Consider wearing a white vintage shirt and trousers for a stylish vintage look with a modern look. White vintage shirt fom fashiontasty.
The floral patterned shirt will add a graceful impression to your vintage look. Pair it with denim pants and sunglasses for the perfect summer look. Floral patterned shirt from ladyfashioniser.
The patterned red shirt looks really pretty. To make it suitable for vintage summer clothes like in the photo above, you can combine it with shorts. Vintage patterned red shirt from society19.

The Timeless Rompers

No doubt that a chic, beautiful romper is one of everyone’s favorite vintage outfits from all ages. A denim romper is best paired with a patterned crop top or plain shirt. You can add accessories like a long strap bag and a vintage hat.

This is among the summer vintage outfits. Gray timeless rompers in vintage style will look more stylish. Gray timeless rompers from viviehome.
These pink blush timeless rompers have the perfect vintage style. Using puffy arms gives you a great chance to look fabulous. Pink blush timeless rompers from viviehome.
When you want to give it a vintage look, you can use timeless rompers in creamy colors to get a fabulous summer. Pair with sneakers. Creamy timeless rompers from viviehome.
These vintage timeless rompers give off an eye-catching summer look. Mother’s hat is added to protect your head from the sun. Vintage timeless rompers frolm viviehome.
For a vintage summer style, you can use timeless rompers with floral off the shoulder. High heels and a handbag complete the look. Timeless rompers with floral off the shoulder from viviehome.
The V-neck of the timeless rompers gives a vintage style to your summer outfit. You can add accessories such as a long strap bag and vintage hats. V-neck the timeless rompers fom viviehome.

Floral Tops

A simple floral top is sufficient for you to get a vintage look; you can wear them with denim shorts or any style of skirts. Choose your colors and floral patterns that are so you and dress them up with retro style sunglasses.

Go for a cool look in vintage style by wearing a green floral print shirt and black jeans. Don’t forget to add a leather belt to complete the look. Green floral print shirt and black jeans from outfittrends.
Wear a button down shirt with a floral pattern. Complete the appearance by using a short skirt, high heels and a tote bag to make it look vintage. Button down shirt with a floral pattern from outfittrends.
The easiest way to create a nice vintage look is to use a floral top. Black trousers will complete your look. Vintage floral top from styleoholic.
A floral shirt like this is always a great idea for vintage inspiration. Ripped jeans complete the look. Black floral shirt from styleoholic.
Long sleeve pink floral print shirt complimented by high ripped jenas pants. The pink sling bag and flatshoes complement the vintage look brilliantly. Long sleeve pink floral print shirt from styleoholic.
This long floral print shirt features denim and flat shoes for you in a soothing summer. Long floral print shirt and denim from styleoholic.

Knee Length Puffy Skirts

Retro puffed skirts in the knee-length category are super chic and cute. Wear it with a fitted print top that tucked inside the skirt, a pair of pretty heels, and complete the look with curled hair and bright red lipstick.

Stunning knee-length puffy skirt with a stylish patterned blouse. High heels complete the look with a summer vanity. knee-length puffy skirt from outfittrends.
You’ll be ready to go to the party in a knee-length puffy skirt with a brown t-shirt and high heels that accentuate the vintage style. Tille knee-length puffy skirt from stylecaster.
Gray retro puffed skirt with sleeveless tee makes your look even more attractive. Add high heels and a hand bag to complete the look. Gray retro puffed skirt from stylecaster.
A white tutu skirt combined with a light blue shirt will look more stylish. white handbag and high heels will complete your vintage style. White tutu skirt from stylecaster.
A knee-length puffy tutu skirt is the perfect way to add a vintage look to the summer. A pair of gorgeous high heels completes the look. Puffy tutu skirt from stylecaster.
Wearing a puffy black tutu skirt makes your vintage style more attractive. Combined with a black long sleeve t-shirt, high heels, this handbag will make you more stylish. Puffy black tutu skirt from stylecaster.

Make sure not to buy pieces that don’t fit you even though you dream about it and avoid wearing vintage from head to toe – there are many modern pieces you can pair with. Even so, you can always complete your vintage outfits with nice accessories.

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