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Looking Elegant and Glamour with 25 Vintage Fashion Dresses Party Ideas

Party is time for you to show how elegant you can be. Among many styles, why not try vintage? Here are some vintage fashion dresses party ideas you can try.

Vintage fashion relies on what was popular back in the 1920s until 1980s and combination of modern attires. The balance between classic and modern is what defines vintage. This style is perfect for an occasion such as a party for it emits elegant and glamour aura. Most vintage fashion comes in dresses which is another score for your party attire. So, let’s check out some of our vintage fashion dresses party ideas!

Empire Dress

If you are looking for something romantic, then the empire dress is the answer. This dress was firstly popular in 18th centuries and brought that kingdom vibes. This dress has an elongated effect since the waistline is located above the waist and even right under the bust. The cutting of the dress is already flattering on its own, so you don’t need to work hard on accessories.

You can feel the elegance of this empire gown with a beautiful line above the waist. Colorful floral empire dress makes your appearance more passionate and not easily boring. Floral empire dress from fashiongum.
When you use a mini empire dress, you don’t need to use accessories excessively. The pink headdress is enough to be a sweet finishing touch. Mini empire dress from fashiongum.
This empire patterned dress is made attractive with a waist line just below the bust. The green color of the dress gives a casual impression and is perfect for casual events or evening parties. Empire patterned dress from fashiongum.
This is a nice empire dress with a waistline that shows an appeal. This waistline shows your slim body and is quite fashionable. Choose a floral pattern to make it look more feminine. Waistline empire dress from glamour.

Peplum Dress

This dress was popular in the 1940s and 1980s, what a great choice to celebrate vintage style! If you are concerned that this dress will not be suitable for your body, fret not! This dress is perfect for any body type. The flare on the waist will steal attention and helps accentuate an hourglass figure. So, don’t be afraid of trying this fashion dresses party idea.

This peplum dress at the lace waist adds a unique and different impression to your appearance, for the skirt you can choose a satin fabric that looks shiny and drop. Lace waist peplum dress from weddingomania.
Get comfortable with a light pink peplum dress that is perfect for any party event. This peplum dress is made luxuriously with shiny materials, you can choose transparent heels for a dress combination that blends perfectly. Light pink peplum dress from weddingomania.
Strapless peplum dress makes your appearance even more appeal. This dress can have a unique cut that makes it look slimmer and more stylish. Strapless peplum dress from weddingomania.
Her luxurious and glamorous style makes this peplum dress suitable to be worn at weddings. Sweeten the look of this dress with one shoulder that shows part of your shoulders with appeal. One shoulder peplum dress from weddingomania.
Peplum dress will never fail when doing its job, this dress manages to attract the attention of those who see you. Use lace and satin as the main material with a silver belt blend. Lace with satin peplum dress material from weddingomania.
Try out this stunning sleeveless peplum dress for the perfect party outfit idea. The dark gray satin dress flowed beautifully and looked very stylish. Sleeveless peplum dress from weddingomania.

Swing Dress

If you plan to steal the attention in a party elegantly, then swing dress is your perfect attire. This dress fits the top of your body and flares down from the bust. All eyes will set on you as you walk since this dress will swing, hence the name, and show your pretty legs. Even though back in the 1950s this dress was worn daily, it still looks elegant for your party.

The black swing dress which is equipped with button accents makes the appearance more unique. With this dress you will be more free to move, sneakers are a cool mix that you can try. Button swing dress from lugako.
Match the color of the swing dress with sleek leather boots to match the color tone of your clothes. Bell-style the sleeves for a more beautiful and unique impression. You can try this dress at an evening party. Match color swing dress with sleek leather boots from lugako.
You can choose to buy a pink swing dress with subtle lace material. The belt at the waist with this matching color makes the lower skirt look more swingy when used. Lace swing dress from lugako.
Get a casual dress with a color that is not too flashy. A mini swing dress in a light peach color makes it great for a simple occasion. Give a darker color to the scarf, sling bag and heels. Mini light peach swing dress from lugako.
To free your steps while walking, a plain cotton swing dress is a suitable party outfit idea that you can wear. Complete with a ribbon strap at the front of the waist as an accent to sweeten the look of this dress. Plain cotton swing dresses from lugako.
The floral satin fabric is no less cool when worn for a feminine swing mini dress. Choose suede boots for a more elegant and luxurious style, this outfit idea is ready to accompany you to the party with passion. Floral satin swing dress from sydnestyle.

Sheath Dress

A sheath dress is a fitted dress that offers a streamlined silhouette. It is simple yet appealing and promotes an hourglass figure. This dress was trendy in the 1950s and continued to become a trend in 1960s.

When you wear a mini sheath dress with black plain fabric, then adding a gold belt accent as a belt becomes a glamorous style that you can try. Wear heels and a leather bag with matching colors. Mini sheath dress with gold belt from fmag.
You can wear a glamour dress at once different from the others while attending your friend’s party. A black leather sheath dress lined with an oversized blazer protects your body from the extreme weather that comes suddenly. Black leather sheath dress from fmag.
The combination of cotton spandex with lace on the sheath dress makes your appearance even more feminine. This dress will show your curves beautifully. Combination of cotton spandex with lace sheath dress from fmag.
You can get a luxurious and elegant look by wearing a sequins sheath dress that looks sparkling during the day or night. Also use shiny leather heels as stylish footwear. Sequins sheath dress from fmag.
Try a mini sheath dress in black that has sheer lace trims on the sleeves and chest. This dress looks absolutely stunning to wear on a romantic evening. Mini sheath dress with sheer sleeves from fmag.

Halter Dress

Halter dress focuses on the neckline. This neckline is typically backless with strap on the neck. This dress is not always showing so much skin, and you may opt for more coverage in the neck and back area. Halter dress offers you both an elegant and sexy look. Even though originally in the 1940s this dress was too sexy, nowadays it becomes an appealing dress.

Pink is one of the sweetest colors, you can use a halter dress which is completed with glitter accents on the polka dot motif. Silver heels become footwear that glamour and attracts attention. Glitter polka dot halter dress from styleoholic.
Attend your friend’s party with a halter maxi dress made of tulle so it will look elegant and luxurious when used. High slit makes the appearance more appeal. Tulle halter maxi dress from styleoholic.
Not only using a plain halter dress, you can also use floral motifs to make it seem more passionate. Off shoulder sleeves with sheer fabric make you appear more feminine. Off shoulder halter dress from styleoholic.
Give a different look to your party day by using a floral halter dress. This dress has the characteristic of a unique collar, the strap heels are a perfect combination when used together. Floral halter dress from styleoholic.

Vintage is about simplicity, and nothing is more appealing than being simple but elegant and glamour at a party. Let’s impress everybody with our vintage fashion dresses party ideas.

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