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30 Most Popular Types of Fashion Styles 2021, Which One is You?

To figure out your favorite fashion style that can represent the best of you, here is the inspiring list of the most popular styles in fashion 2021.

Fashion trends are constantly evolving, but there is always a certain fashion style that’ll make a comeback over and over again. Let’s find more about some different styles in fashion that influence the happening trends; one or two of them could be your favorite.

Casual Style

Think simple t-shirts, sneakers, and jeans; casual style is a timeless trend that looks good for everyone, incredibly comfortable and incorporates comfort and elegance.

A white t-shirt top covered with a black leather jacket will match even more when equipped with basic sneakers in matching colors. This casual look looks neater and cooler. White t-shirt top covered with a black leather jacket from fashiontrendwalk.
You can pair of washed pencil jeans with a plain black t-shirt for casual casual events or hangouts. White sneakers complement your neutral color look. Washed pencil jeans with plain black t-shirt from fashiontrendwalk.
Not only wearing long jeans, here you can also use short jeans with light colors. A long sleeve black t-shirt with sunglasses is a casual style that is easy to imitate. Short jeans pants with long sleeve t-shirt from greenorc.
A logo t-shirt with a cropped style is suitable for formal events, you can use a flannel shirt that is tied at the waist. A practical and cool accessory is sunglasses. Logo cropped t-shirt with sunglasses from okchicas.
Buy and wear basic sneakers with bright colors like yellow. You can also use t-shirts with your favorite images, for example the mickey mouse. Jeans are always an underneath that goes well with anything. Yellow basic sneakers with mickey mouse t-shirt from okchicas.
As well as the color of your t-shirt with the sneakers that are worn simultaneously, short jeans give a more appeal to your current casual appearance. No need to use excessive accessories. White t-shirt and sneakers from outfittrends.

Streetwear Style

Inspired by skater and hip-hop style, it’s a popular 90’s style and considered as one of the casual types. This style is about trendy yet comfortable clothing such as crop tops, logo t-shirt, baggy pants, hoodies, and lavish sneakers.

You can mix and match crop top with short denim pants. This outfit idea looks simple and effortless, making it perfect for sweet streetwear styles. High sneakers are comfortable footwear to use all day long. Short denim pants with crop top from fashiontrendwalk.
This white crop top is perfect for those of you who have a slim and petite body posture. Ripped denim pants make you look taller. You can try this outfit idea right now. White crop top with ripped denim pants from fashiontrendwalk.
If you need casual streetwear ideas, then trying to combine long jeans, striped t-shirts, gray sneakers is an idea that you can try. Don’t forget to use a leather jacket as a cool outwear. Long jeans pants with striped t-shirt from fashiontrendwalk.
Denim shorts are always a favorite and cool underneath to wear. Oversized jeans jacket and white sneakers are a suitable combination for you to wear together. Denim short pants with oversized jeans jacket from fashiontrendwalk.
Change your streetwear look by wearing a light lavender hoodie and pencil jeans pants. White sneakers change your look instantly. Light lavender hoodie with pencil jeans pants from outfittrends.
Streetwear styles with a monochromatic touch are easy to wear. You can put the black color on the pants and outwear with a cotton t-shirt and white sneakers. Monochromatic streetwear styles from outfittrends.


A blast from the past is always interesting. Vintage is an adorable, one-of-a-kind fashion style that will elevate your look. Go for denim shorts, floral dresses, blazers with shoulder pads, retro knee-length puffy skirts, and bright red lipstick to get a vintage look.

Change your look to be more feminine by wearing a mini floral dress. The black belt at the waist adds a sleek feel to your body, the accessories are a sweet finishing touch. Mini floral dress from justthedesign.
To perfectly complement your vintage look, then wearing short denim pants is an idea that you can imitate, here you can simply combine it with a white crochet top and a straw hat. Short denim pants with crochet top from justthedesign.
Besides getting a vintage look, here you also get an elegant and casual impression. You just have to wear shorts denim with a striped t-shirt top covered with a plain black blazer. Striped t-shirt layered with plain blazer from justthedesign.
This blazer with shoulder pads provides comfort when you wear it all day long. You can choose it in a neutral color like white to make it easier to combine it with whatever subordinates you have. White blazer with shoulder pads from outfittrends.
Floral dresses with off shoulder will never fail to make your appearance more elegant and feminine. Sneakers are also suitable footwear that can be combined with any tops. Off shoulder floral dresses from outfittrends.
When you need OOTD in summer with a vintage feel, then try a logo t-shirt combined with short denim pants and a black leather jacket. Sunglasses accessories are perfect to complement your look. Logo t-shirt combined with short denim pants from outfittrends.

Bohemian Style

Bohemian or Boho, is about artsy patterns, earth tones, and natural exotic textures. Hippie and gypsies can be characterized as Boho-inspired style. Maxi dresses, bell-bottom pants, long skirts, suede, fringe, slouchy handbags, and large-brimmed hats are the hallmark of this chic style.

If you are inspired by bohemian clothing, try a floral maxi dress with a swing style that frees your movement. This dress makes you more feminine and doesn’t make your look feel flat. Swing maxi dress from bohoandflower.
You can wear maxi dresses with familiar boho motifs. Brown is an earthy color that looks warm and sweet to use. Choose a sheer fabric to emphasize your bohemian style. Sheer boho maxi dresses from bohoandflower.
Bohemian clothing style looks simple and not exaggerated. Bohemian long skirts with colorful colors make your appearance even more passionate. A plain pliers top neutralizes the skirt you are wearing. Bohemian long skirt from outfittrends.
The colorful long skirt with a large brimmed hat gives it the hallmark of vintage bohemian style. A crochet scarf in bone white makes for a warming accessory. Colorful long skirt with a large brimmed hat from outfittrends.
Bell bottom jeans pants fitted with a long satin cardigan give a luxurious impression that is not too much. You can choose floral motifs to bring out your look even more. Bell bottom jeans pants from outfittrends.
Complete your bohemian style outfit with floral bell-bottom pants, the plain black pliers top with cotton material doesn’t make you feel hot. The two of them are a perfect match. Floral bell-bottom pants from outfittrends.


Artsy style is a great way to show your creativity. A person who likes this style is usually not a follower, but he is the creator of his own fashion style. This style is also about texture and wild and bold patterns.

The next outfit you can try is a short-sleeved shirt with colorful and beautiful 3D flower embroidery. Striped texture olive pants give a unique impression that is suitable for you to try. 3D flower embroidery shirt from stylevore.
The abstract and colorful patterns on the mini dress are perfect for a pretty and casual artsy outfit idea. Add a yellow belt for a sleek look to your look. Colorful abstract mini dress from outfitideashq.
The midi skirts with colorful floral motifs make for a pretty and feminine underneath. You can match it with a plain top and gold glitter heels. Colorful floral mini skirt from outfitideashq.
The bold pattern on your oversized shirt makes for an artsy outfit idea that gives off a simple impression. Here you can simply pair it with white jeans and black leather high heels. Bold pattern oversized shirt from outfitideashq.
You can wear this look for formal events. Abstract vests with tassel accents become bohemian outwear that inspire you to try them. Wear yellow chinos for a sweet mix. Tassel abstract vest from outfitideashq.
Try wearing a white mini dress with perforated accents on the chest and arms, this hollow accent gives a unique and different impression from the others. Don’t forget to use head accessories to enhance your look. Mini dress with perforated accents from outfitideashq.

Now you may find one fashion style that suits you the most, make use of it to stand out, and walk with full confidence in the crowd, allowing them to find out about the true you.

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