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Express Your Personality with These 50 Glamorous Fashion Style

Elegant, beautiful, and manners – the glamorous fashion is about balancing the glitzy side of you. Find out how to make use of it to express your personality.

The glamorous fashion style is not only about the fine look, but also more about showing the best of your personality that can inspire the others. You like to make a statement with your presence and make everyone stare in awe without looking tacky. Read more to know about this fashion style.

For You Who’s Not Afraid of Prints and Colors

Think dramatic prints like bold florals or leopard print. Not only for the tops, but also pants, skirts, and accessories, if you love rich colors more than pastel shades, glam style is just right for you.

Faux Fur Leopard Blazer from dreamingloud
Colorful Leopard Maxi Dress from gorgeautiful

Texture Lover

How much you love beautiful colors, that much you love the texture as well. You love it to have texture in your outfits such as faux fur, cashmere, leather, velvet, and sequin.

Soft Velvet Jumpsuit from stayglam

Glamorous Dresses

You like it long or short, texture like sequins and lace on your dress will make you look super glam and lovely. Complete the look with a matching hand or shoulder bag and bright jewels.

Black Sequin Long Sleeves Dress from fashionmakestrends
Gray Sequin Mini Dress from fashionmakestrends
A-Line Sequin Dress from fashionmakestrends
Backless Sequin Midi Dress from fashionmakestrends
Sequin Maxi Dress from outfittrends
Slim Fit Sequin Dress from outfittrends
Ruffle Sequin Mini Dress from outfittrends
Backless Sequin Dress from beautyandu
Sequin Slim Fit Dress from beautyandu

Glam Tops

The perfect tops for glamorous fashion are animal print, lace, and sequins. You also need to invest a classic white shirt in your wardrobe to wear with leather pants, sequin skirt, or even print jeans, without looking overdressed.

V-neck Sequin Blouse from styleoholic
Silver Sequin Blouse from styleoholic
White Shirt with Short Sequin Skirt from fashionmakestrends
Sequin Sweater with Satin Ball Skirt from fashionmakestrends

Forgo Flats for Heels

Flats are comfortable, but to maximize the glam vibe of any outfits you’re wearing, a pair of beautiful heels are always a fabulous option. Heels also help to make you look leaner, and your legs look longer.

Silver and Glitter Platform Heels from fashionmakestrends
Strappy Leather Heels from fashionmakestrends
Black Suede Heels from fashionmakestrends
Pink High Heels from fashionmakestrends
Suede Black Matte Heels from styleoholic
Navy Blue Platform Heels from styleoholic
Bold Color Orange Heels from styleoholic

Accessories to Go with

For a glamorous personality, you’ll never feel fully dressed without accessories – statement jewelry, designer handbags, even scarves.

Watch Accessories from 40plusstyle
Gold Jewelry and Wallets from beautyandu
Pom-Pom Earrings from beautyandu

Glamorous fashion also means well-grooming, make sure you take care of your body, including skin and nails to invest the glam look from the inside.

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