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Leather Jacket Making a Comeback – 25 Classy Ways to Style It

Find how to best style a leather blazer with anything you already own in your wardrobe to look cool and super stylish to welcome the new season.

The 90’s leather jacket is making a comeback, again. It looks cool on everyone, including you. You can wear it in so many ways – you can dress it up with dresses or skirts, go low-key with jeans, or simply commit to the all-black theme. Here, some ideas on how to wear it in style.

1. With Denim and Sneakers

You can never go wrong with denim. Wear it with casual denim pants or shirts, then complete your look with a pair of comfortable sneakers. You can wear them for casual occasions.

To make your street style look cooler, you can use a leather jacket with denim and a sweater. sneakers are footwear that you can use together. Leather jacket with denim from fustany.
Use a leather jacket as an outerwear idea for a touch of style. Cover this jacket with knit sweaters, ripped jeans and sneakers to give your appearance a pop of color. Ripped jeans and sneakers from theunstitchd.
Street style that is not boring with a black leather jacket. ripped jeans and sneakers make for a simple yet classy outfit. Black leather jacket from stylecaster.
Leather jackets are great outerwear for you to wear. You can pair it with pineapple and sneakers for a stylish look. Leather jacket from thejeansblog.
Complete your look using a leather jacket paired with denim and sneakers. Add a gray scarf and sunglasses to make you more fashionable. leather jacket with white sneakers fom thejeansblog.

2. With White Blouse and Boots

Dress it up with a white blouse and high waisted pants. It is versatile, and you can wear it to formal occasions or just a casual out. For a more edgy look, you can tuck in your pants in ankle boots.

This striped blouse, denim, and ankle boot makes you stylish. The leather jacket is added to complete your look. Striped blouse from fashiongum.
A white blouse top combined with a leather jacket makes you even more tender. Denim pants, boots complete your look. White blouse top with leather jacket from fashiongum.
Combining a white blouse with a brown leather jacket is an interesting idea for you to try. Complete the look with boots and black leather pants. White blouse with a brown leather jacket from joandkemp.
This sheer white blouse goes great with a leather jacket and ripped denim pants. Boots with a leopard pattern are added to complete your look. Sheer white blouse and leopard ankle boot from myneonrock.

3. With Midi Dress

You can look cool and cute at the same time, dress your leather jacket up with a beautiful midi dress, a pair of sneakers, and sunglasses. The jacket can be paired with mini and long dresses too, from a plain to the printed one.

The simple terracotta midi dress can look attractive and trendy thanks to the touch of the leather jacket that wraps the body. Terracotta midi dress fom merricksart.
This floral patterned midi dress looks great with the addition of a leather jacket. Capture the look with a two-strap ankle boot and a painter’s hat. floral patterned midi dress from couturezilla.
Use a black midi dress combined with a black leather jacket. Your look will instantly stand out if you add an ankle boot and tote bag. Black midi dress from becomechic.
A midi dress with this pattern will look stylish, complemented by a blue leather jacket. It doesn’t have to be expensive to dress up a successful dress. Midi dress with blue leather jacket from becomechic.
The midi lace dress with the addition of a black leather jacket looks very cute. Don’t forget to add a leather belt and boots to enhance your look. Midi lace dress from becomechic.

4. Cropped Leather Jacket

Take a basic style to another level, go for a white top, printed pants, and a cropped leather jacket. Go for wild print—such as animal prints—if you like. For your footwear, opt for a simple option like point-toe slingbacks.

Be casual in a casual style. You just need a cropped green jacket with a plain white t-shirt and faded jeans. Make it all about being casual but don’t forget to be stylish. Cropped green jacket from outfittrends.
In a black cropped leather jacket with a white crop top, ripped jeans, and black boots. It’s one of her best street-style looks. Black cropped leather jacket from outfittrends.
This short dress striped with a cropped leather jacket looks great for a street style. Boots are added for a stylish look. Short dress with cropped leather jacket from styleoholic.
Wearing a cropped leather jacket with a purple shirt and patterned pencil skirt will give your appearance an elegant look. This black crop leather jacket adds to the look. Cropped leather jacket from styleoholic.
You could try pairing a cropped leather jacket with green mini dres, adding a belt at the waist for a more sleek and casual look. Cropped leather jacket with green mini dres from styleoholic.
This black cropped jacket and red striped midi dress make you look beautiful on the streets. Sneakers are added to protect your feet and look stylish. Black cropped jacket and red striped midi dress from styleoholic.
A high waist brown suede skirt, and a cropped leather jacket for a rocky yet feminine look. A black lacy top will dress your look. Brown suede skirt and cropped leather jacket from styleoholic.
A black and white grooved top, black cropped jacket, black skinnies, and black velvet boots will complete your look. Don’t forget to add a belt and tote bag. Black cropped jacket from styleoholic.

5. With a T-shirt and Knee-high Boots

Simplicity is the key – a simple white t-shirt and knee-high boots can be a great combo for daytime wear. It’s so casual, stylish, and surprisingly comfortable, you can also add accessories such as sunglasses and a leather sling bag.

The white t-shirt top and knee high boot add a cool look to your street style. A leather jacket, denim pants and a tote bag will complete your look. White t-shirt top and knee high boot from fmag.
Look simple but still stylish with a combination of a white top and knee-length boots. This leather jacket will complete your look. Knee-length boots from stylishlyme.
For a street style look with a leather jacket, pair it with a white T-shirt and knee high boots. Long black pants will complete your look. Leather jacket and white t-shirt from glamour.

Dress up with almost any outfit, and a leather jacket will always make your appearance outstanding, beautiful, yet comfortable. Now, which one from these mix and match ideas is your favorite to copy?

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