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25 How to Fashionably Wear a Wool Blazer

A blazer for men can elevate the overall look with ease. If you’re looking for an idea about how to wear a wool blazer, here are some recommendations.

When you have a wool blazer in your wardrobe that is desperately waiting for mix and match, but you’re still figuring out how to get either a casual or formal look, then take a look at the simple tips below.

Wear It with a Polo Shirt

It may be the last option that came to your mind when you think about what’s best to wear under a blazer. First of all, lots of men considered a polo shirt as a wardrobe staple. You can simply tuck it in with a belt.

A polo shirt will become a casual outfit when covered with a wool blazer. You can choose a blazer in dark colors and under clothes in bright colors. This combination will look elegant. Polo shirt layered dark color blazer from dmarge.
The black and red of the polo shirt and blazer provide such a bold color contrast that makes you stand out from the crowd. Wear plaid pants for the perfect mix. Black and red of the polo shirt and blazer from dmarge.
Black polo shirts, wool blazers and chinos work best when worn for formal events. No need to wear accessories excessively to make it look more minimalist. Combination of black polo shirt with wool blazer from ashleyweston.
Make your appearance more impressive than the previous day when you go to the office, plaid wool blazer with an inner button polo shirt is a casual outfit idea that you can try. Green pants are the perfect mix. Plaid wool blazer with inner polo shirt from ashleyweston.
Wool blazer is an outer garment that can warm you when the weather is getting cold, choose and wear a polo shirt as underwear that is easy to find in your closet. Send the color of the sneakers with the inner workings you wear. Outwear blazer with inner polo shirt from theunstitchd.

Flannel Shirt and Jeans

Men’s flannel shirts today come in a wider option – from heavy and warmer for winter, to thinner and more summer-friendly. Pair your blazer with a flannel shirt and jeans for a stylish yet casual look.

Flannel shirts are always suitable for casual and formal events. To attend office events, you need to cover it with a black blazer equipped with a wool tie. This outfit looks very elegant. Flannel shirt with black blazer from dmarge.
To highlight your appearance when you are in a crowd, using a colorful flannel shirt as an inner is a smart idea. You can pair it with a plaid blazer and black cloth pants. Colorful flannel shirt with plaid blazer from hespokestyle.
Two fabrics with the same motif but different colors make your appearance even more passionate. You can wear a plaid white and blue flannel shirt with a dark color plaid blazer, this outfit idea is perfect for you when you go to the office. Plaid white and blue flannel shirt with a dark color plaid blazer from tetinotete.

A Well-Made Men’s Dress Shirt

Available at its best quality, a well-made cotton dress shirt under a wool blazer is a great choice and super comfortable, especially if the shirt doesn’t wrinkle, stretches, and is lightweight. With a tie and leather shoes, you’ll get the best formal look.

When you are already using a plain blazer, the pattern shirt is a smart idea that you can try. The combination of the two brings you to be more casual and elegant in appearance. Plain blazer with pattern shirt from apetogentleman.
A striped suit combined with a plain white shirt is ready to accompany you to work all day long. Choose a shirt with cotton material so that it is not easily stifling when you wear it. Striped suit with cotton shirt from apetogentleman.
This all-black outfit makes you look cooler and more casual. One color tone for this blazer, shirt and trousers is perfect for those of you who want to look simple but still attract attention. All black outfit from apetogentleman.
The wool that is worn on the blazer adds a warm impression, you can wear a plain white shirt as an inner garment that is comfortable to wear while working. Jeans are a down garment that fits any style. Wool blazer with plain white shirt from themodestman.
Not only wearing a plain shirt, to change your style instantly, you can try a checkerboard shirt covered with a brown wool blazer. You can try this outfit mix with ease. Checkerboard shirt covered with brown wool blazer from themodestman.
You can complete this stylish dark trousers with a wool blazer and light blue cotton shirt. Suede boots are comfortable footwear to use all day long. Wool blazer and light blue cotton shirt from outfittrends.
The striped blazer adds color to your casual appearance, mix it with a plain colored shirt, tie and pants. With this you will enjoy your appearance perfectly. Striped blazer with plain shirt and pants from outfittrends.
You can combine a wool blazer with gray color with a brighter inner color. For lower clothes, you can wear black jeans which are a favorite for men in casual style. Gray wool blazer with brighter inner color from outfittrends.
You can make this casual look style a formal outfit idea but still highlight the casual side. You can wear a long-sleeved wool blazer and a collared shirt. Replace your leather shoes with basic sneakers. Long sleeves wool blazer with collar shirt from gentlemansgazette.
Matching the color and material of the blazer with a tie to match your casual outfit, dark pants are a favorite choice that you can wear when you go to the office. Match color and material blazer with tie accessory from gentlemansgazette.
The tie becomes an accessory that adds an elegant impression to the suit you are wearing. Choose a suit in a neutral color like gray to make it easier to match it with a cotton shirt in whatever color you have. Wool suit with tie accessory from gentlemansgazette.

A Simple T-Shirt

A good quality yet simple t-shirt can look gorgeous under a blazer. You can wear a simple T-shirt with a button-up or leave it undone. Try to pair them with chinos and casual shoes.

You can apply a casual appearance by wearing a wool blazer, t-shirt and plain black pants. The combination of these clothes becomes smart casual which is neat and gives a relaxed impression. Wool blazer, plain black t-shirt and pants from outfittrends.
Give a different impression to your casual style by combining a button wool blazer and a plain white shirt. This outfit idea is suitable for use for formal and non-formal events. White sneakers make for comfortable footwear. Button wool blazer and a plain white shirt from manofmany.
Striped t-shirt is an inner garment that is easy to get, wool blazer with neutral colors becomes a very memorable outerwear. You can try chinos to give you more freedom when moving. Striped t-shirt with wool blazer from manofmany.
Match the color of the t-shirts you wear with fabric pants and sneakers to get a harmonious and elegant color tone for your clothes. Add a different motif by wearing a plaid blazer with button accents. Match color of the t-shirt, pants and sneakers from fashionbeans.
The black blazer lined with a cotton t-shirt makes you feel comfortable and doesn’t get hot when you wear it all day long. Chinos and sneakers are a perfect match and can be worn for formal events. Black blazer lined with a cotton t-shirt from fashionbeans.
The all black outfit paired with a different colored wool blazer gives a beautiful color impression. You can wear shiny leather shoes as comfortable and luxurious looking footwear. All black outfit with blue blazer from fashionbeans.

These are all simple guides to find the best pair to style your wool blazer. Rule of thumb when buying a blazer: always try it on before purchasing so you’ll get the right quality and cut you want.

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