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30 How to Style for a Casual Occasion

Whether it is just a date or hanging out with your pals, choosing the right outfit is essential. Here are some ideas to dress for a casual occasion.

Spending your weekend by having a casual occasion such as a party, date, picnic, or shopping is always full of fun. You can do whatever you want and relieve all the stress from work or school. To complete your outing day, you might want to dress up appropriately to boost your mood as well as your confidence. If you are still wondering how to look casually fashionable, here are some tips to slay your outfit of the day.


Choosing denim as your outfit never fails your style. It is super comfortable and wrinkle-resistance. You can flexibly match it with any top-wear such as a t-shirt or sweatshirt. If it is cold outside, you can complete your outfit more with a denim jacket.

Wear baggy denim pants with a white T-shirt top for a casual look. Adding white sneakers, sunglasses and a tote bag will complete your outfit. Baggy denim pants from lovika.
Pair denim with white blush for a casual look. You can complete your outfit with sandals, sling bag and sunglasses. Denim with white blush from lovika.
This ripped denim with an off-shoulde white coat makes for a more casual look. High heels and a tote bag will complete your look. Ripped denim from lovika.
A striped shirt with light denim will create a casual look. You can match it with blue sneakers and a sling bag. Light denim from lovika.
Choosing denim and white t-shirts will really make you look stylish. Don’t forget to add a belt, sneakers and sling bag. Denim and white t-shirts from lovika.
Using denim combined with a white tank top will look very comfortable. You can add a cropped denim jacket to protect your body from the cold. Denim and denim jacket from becomechic.


Wear some accessories to shine a more cheerful aura. There are a lot of kinds you can choose to match with your outfit. A hat, bracelet, watch, ring, or sunglasses adds a chic and stylish finishing to your look.

Using accessories such as necklaces, bracelets and sunglasses will complement your casual appearance. This will add some style to your look. Bracelets and sunglasses from lovika.
Necklaces and bracelets add to your casual look. Sleeveless blush and denim will make you look stylish. Necklaces from lovika.
Complete the look with accessories in the form of sunglasses to give the perfect look. This will add some style to your look. Sunglasses from lovika.
Long necklaces and sunglasses are an easy way to make casual clothes stand out. Long necklaces from lovika.
Silver is the accent color that ties everything together including the earrings and bracelet paired with a white blush top and denim. Silver earrings and bracelet from lovika.
Here, wearing a round hat with a white t-shirt and matching ripped jeans is a bold way to look stylish. Round hat from lovika.


Footwear is important to perfect your whole look. There are several kinds of footwear that you can choose to wear for your non-formal occasion. A pair of sneakers, flat shoes, or slip-on shoes are the most common casual footwear that is loved by many people.

This leopard pattern flat shoes gives you your signature, combined with casual clothes. A round hat and tote bag complete the look. Leopard pattern flat shoes from stylemotivation.
A leopard print flat pair with ripped jeans and a turtleneck sweater will look cool. This footwear is most commonly used and loved by many people. Leopard print flat shoes and ripped jeans from fustany.
Pairing sneakers with denim just above the ankle can be a trend. Complete the look with a white t-shirt and jacket for a stylish look. White sneakers from fustany.
Look casual with the addition of stiff white sneakers combined with a black midi dress and a denim jacket to make you look stylish. You can add a snapback and a sling bag. White Sneakers and midi dress from fustany.
This silver slip-on will protect your feet and make you look more stylish. Light denim and a blue shirt make you even more charming. Silver slip-on from fustany.
The choice of black pants, white shirt and coat combined with a pair of sneakers will make you look even cooler. Black sneakers from fustany.

Feminine Style

If you want to embrace your feminine self, you can pick a casual dress to wear, such as blouson, shift dress, tunic, or tent dress. Match it with the right footwear such as sneakers or flat shoes to keep your simple look full of fashion.

Wearing a white tunic and denim brings out your feminine style. Shiny flat shoes are added for a simple yet neat look. White tunic from diversecitystyle.
Green tunic top and leggings add femininity to your casual look. Match it with black flat shoes to make it look simple and stylish. Green tunic top from outfitideashq.
The tent dress with puffed sleeves makes your casual look look feminine. Complete the look with a gold bracelet to make you even more attractive. Tent dress with puffed sleeves from purewow.
This patterned tent dress provides a feminine style combined with nude high heels. The mint handbag gives a stylish look. Patterned tent dress from purewow.

Masculine Style

To rock a masculine style casually, you can choose a lot of piece of clothes. As the top wear, you can go with a hoodie, leather jacket, shirt, or t-shirt. Match it with the proper bottom wear such as jeans, chino pants, or cargo pants. Do not forget to style your hair to add more manliness.

You can try wearing a masculine style to appear casual. Use gray chinos, white shirts, and black blazers. Derby shoes have been added to complete your look. Gray chinos and white shirts from femaline.
Sleeveless blouse with navy trousers, you can add suspenders for a casual look with a masculine style. Sleeveless blouse with navy trousers from femaline.
A white shirt, gray vest, trousers, and dark gray blazer complete your masculine style. Brown leather shoes add to your casual look. White shirt and trouser from femaline.
A black suit combined with a white top and oxford shoes makes you more stylish. You can add a masculine style and still look beautiful. Black suit from femaline.


A unisex style is quite flexible to nail. Just like its name, both men and women can smoothly wear this look. Clothes that commonly go well with this style are sweatshirt, t-shirt, denim jacket, or sweater.

A unisex style can be used on a casual look. A white hoodie, black coat, black jeans and sneakers will look smooth. White hoodie and black coat from pinmagz.
Using an army hoodie and black leggings will make you look more stylish. Knee length boots were added to complete the look. Army hoodie from pinmagz.
Wearing an oversized sweatshirt and ripped jeans is an obvious choice for a unisex style. Sunglasses and handbag give an attractive appearance. Oversized sweatshirt from pinmagz.
A denim jacket and white shirt add style to your casual look. Two strap boots provide the best look. Denim jacket and white shirt from outfittrends.

Have more fun on your outing day with those simple and trendy casual outfit ideas to boost your confidence!

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