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Snatch Your E-Boy and E-Girl Look with These 55 Pastel Bucket Hats

Keeping up with the trend by dressing yourself as an e-boy and e-girl with these inspirations of bucket hat and enjoy your glow up.

For the past year, the term “e-boy” and “e-girl” has reached its popularity and is mainly used by the millennials. It is a youth subculture that mostly inspired by the internet and social media such as TikTok, YouTube, and Twitter. Many youngsters are now following the emo look that comes from the combination of hip-hop, anime, skater culture, and early 2000s style. One of the items that characterize this style is the use of bucket hats. With any kind of color, you can snatch your own e-boy and e-girl these fashion ideas with pastel bucket hats.

All-pastel Outfit

A pastel color palette is always beautiful and calming; they do not look too bold but still can give a vibrant and colorful ambiance. You can rock an all-pastel outfit by matching it with your bucket hat. Make sure you play with different pastel tones such as peach, beige, or soft grey to complete this trendy style.

Orange Bucket Hat and Blazer from howtowearfashion
Lilac Bucket Hat and Sling Bag from howtowearfashion
All Pink Outfit with Bucket Hat from thetrendspotter

Mix and Match

Mix and match are always full of fun when it comes to choosing an outfit. Your bucket hats can always be combined with different styles. For example, match your ash grey, plum, or white smoke hat with any kind of tops you have and denim overalls or pants. Add some accessories such as necklaces and rings to nail your e-boy and e-girl look.

Wool Bucket Hat with Flare Jeans from howtowearfashion
Bucket Hat with Wide Sides from howtowearfashion
Thick Fabric Bucket Hat from howtowearfashion
Bold Pattern Bucket Hat with Plain Jumpsuit from howtowearfashion
Bright Outfit with Bucket Hat from howtowearfashion

Statement Bucket Hats

Many people love a statement style, and it is worth the hype. With simple words or short sentences, a statement bucket hat can give such a look. You will find any slogan or tagline that suits your personality the most. The customized statement can be a form of an individual’s creativity and turn it into a high fashion.

White Plain Bucket Plain from styleoholic
Leather Bucket Hat from styleoholic
Ripstop Bucket Hat from styleoholic
Polyester Bucket Hat from crfashionbook
Logo Bucket Hat from pretty
Elegant Bucket Hat from crfashionbook
Leopard Print Bucket Hat from crfashionbook
White Bucket Hat from crfashionbook
Plaid Pattern Bucket Hat from crfashionbook
Drill Bucket Hat from crfashionbook
Personalized Bucket Hat from crfashionbook
Tie Dye Bucket Hat from pretty
Casual Bucket Hat from pretty
Black Matte Bucket Hat from howtowearfashion
Thick Canvas Bucket Hat from howtowearfashion
Black Bucket Hat and T-shirt from howtowearfashion
Dark Color Bucket Hat from howtowearfashion

Get inspired and make yourself the trendiest by snatching the popular look with those ideas of bucket hats!

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